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Stave III

Throughout the story, Dickens uses a large variety of words to describe settings, people, and
events. Much of Stave III reads like one great collage of images. Dickens energetically describes
scenes of plenty and festivity throughout the town: heavily laden tables and, even where such
tables are scarce, light hearts permeate the pages. His vocabulary is so expansive and many of
the words add to the vividness of his description.
Using your own drawn or painted illustrations, computer images, and/or images found in
magazines and catalogues, create a collage that helps define at least three of the vocabulary
words we have studied throughout the text. Ensure that the images you use help define each
word and show how to use it properly. Your collage should be at least 11 x 17 (the size of two
pieces of printer paper stuck together).
Be prepared to share it with the class and explain the artistic decisions you made, including how
they specifically relate to the vocabulary words we have studied.

Vocabulary Collage Rubric (30pts)

- Images used are relevant to the words chosen ___/10
- Images are colorful and draw the eye ___/5
- A variety of images are used to define the words ___/5

- An accurate definition is provided ___/5
- Images chosen help viewers define the images ___/10

Proper Usage
- An example of the proper usage of the word is given ___/5