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Maddie Koontz Subject/Topic: Language-Functional Writing (Unit) Grade: 4th

Time: 12:45- 1:15 Date: Monday February 13th - Friday March 3rd.

SOL: 4.7 The student will write for a variety of purposes. (Functional Writing)

Content Outline: The purpose of this lesson is to inform students about how to write
functional by listing steps through the writing process.

Rationale: This information is important because being able to write functional and
writing step-by-step directions are an important life skill when trying to give directions or
complete an activity.

Objective: After this two to three weeklong unit, students will be able to know how to
form contractions by combining two words together. The students will be able to write
sentences forming contractions.

Lesson Opening: I will open the lesson by showing students two plates with hole
punches in them and a picture of the completed activity on the board. I will ask the
students to give me directions on how they think with the materials in front of us we can
complete the activity. Students will make a bag for their valentine day cards.

Connection: The new information being taught is connected to prior knowledge because
students have been able to verbally follow step-by-step directions and now they will
transition to write them. Functional writing tells them how to do things. We will practice
how to give directions by writing them out.

Instructional Strategies/ Processes:

** See chart attached**
1. Begin lesson with opener
2. Transition into activity
3. Refresh material we discussed
4. Close lesson and prepare for the next day

Products: The products students will have will be completing will be

Assessment: Informal assessment will occur throughout the week when students work
together with partners and complete assigned activities. I will monitor the students
throughout the week. Formal assessment will be when students will complete their own
functional writing and present their project to the class.

Closure: At the end of the week students will be assessed to see how well they
understood the material taught throughout the weeks by providing a how to project to the

Homework: Final Assessment

Differentiation: Can alter lesson to meet student needs by grouping the students based
upon instructional level. I can also alter the type of work or shortening the reading or
activities for students who make take a little longer and add work or reading for students
who are ahead.

Materials/ Equipment:
Paper Plates/ String
Dirt ingredients
2/13 2/14 2/15 2/16 2/17

Introduction- Valentines Discuss giving Making Review

Students will Day party. No directions. dirt functional
complete the language. Transition into with writing.
valentine day bags Book Buddies. partner shared students. Students will
on how to writing of how to partner up to
instruction. make a peanut create own
butter and jelly how to.

2/20 2/21 2/22 2/23 2/24

Functional Shared draw After written Quick write Students will select
Writing with writing. Pick a directions. ideas for games a game and draft
drawing cartoon and Students will students know directions. Students
cartoons write correct (edit) how to play. will partner, correct
directions for a partner Then students directions then play
partner to directions. will write ideas the game their
follow. for their games. partner created.

2/27 2/28 3/1 3/2 3/3

Students will Students will Final Final Final

be able to be able to Assessment. assessment. assessment.
work on final work on final Students will Students will Students will
project. project. present how tos present how tos present how tos