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Tittle page-project title



1.0 Introduction
1.1 Company background-CHAN
1.2 Project Description-K.BELL
1.3 Scope of Works-K.NURUL
Design of structural part includes designing structural elements as below:
Continuous beam
Simply supported beam
One-way slab
Two-way slab
Foundation-pile and pile cap
Shear wall
Curve beam

Design process involve both application of esteem software and manual calculation

1.4 Main code of practice and standard-ADDA

Design code of practice for designing structural element

Design code of practice Description

BS EN 1990-2002 Eurocode :Basis structural design

BS EN 1992-1-12004 Eurocode 2:Design of concrete structures-part
1-1: general rules and rules for buildings
BS EN 1991-1-2002 Eurocode 1:Actions on structures part 1-1:
general actions-densities, self-weight, imposed
loads for buildings
BS EN 1991-1-2-2002 Eurocode 1:Action on structures-part 1-2:
general actions-actions on structures exposed to
EC2-CEN EN1992-1-2 Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures-part
1-2: General rules-structural fire design
MS 1553: 2002 Code of practice on wind loading for building
Design code of practice for designing infrastructural

Scope of work Design code of practice Description

Earthwork Akta (perancangan )
wilayah persekutuan kuala
lumpur 1982
Grid method Design for cut and fill
EC2-CEN EN1992-1-2 Design retaining wall
Drainage MSMA Urban Storm water
Management Manual For
Sewerage MS 1228 Code of practice for design
of sewerage systems
EQA 1974 Sets the standards for
(Environmental Quality pollution control and
Act) environmental protection
The Department of
Environment is the
enforcement agency to
monitors pollution/Effluent
quality from STP
SSA 1993 Enactment in September
(Sewerage Service Act)
SPAN 2006 Provide policy direction,
(Suruhanjaya goals & targets in line with
Perkhidmatan Air Negara) national needs
WSIA 2006 Integration of water &
(Water Service Industry sewerage services and
Act) management
Town & Country Planning Proper control and
Act regulation of town and
country planning in local
authority areas.
Responsible for the general
policy in respect of land
use planning
National Land Code
Local Government Act
Water supply Pressurized system Using pressurized system
for design system
1.5 Design Criteria-K.IRA
2.0 Structural Design
2.1 Structural Key Plan
2.2 Manual Calculation for Structural Elements
2.2.1 Slab Design One way spanning slab-K.IRA Two way spanning slab-K.NURUL
2.2.2 Beam Design Simply supported beam-CHAN Continuous beam-K.BELL
2.2.3 Column Design -ADDA
2.2.4 Deep Foundation Design-K.IRA
2.2.5 Staircases Design-K.NURUL
2.2.6 Shear Wall Design-ADDA
2.2.7 Retaining Wall-CHAN
2.2.8 Curve Beam-K.BELL
2.3 Computation by Esteem Software for Structural Elements
2.3.1 Parameters and setting up
2.3.2 Beam Design
2.3.3 Slabs Design
2.3.4 Staircases Design
2.3.5 Column Design
2.3.6 Shear Wall Design
2.3.7 Foundation Design
2.4 Comparisons between manual calculation and Esteem software
2.5 Summary

3.0 Infrastructural Design

3.1 Earthwork Design-K.IRA
3.1.1 Scope of work
3.1.2 Layout plan
3.1.3 Design criteria Cut and fill Temporary earth drain Silt trap
3.1.4 Calculation
3.1.5 Detail drawings/Detailing
3.2 Drainage Design-K.NURUL
3.2.1 Scope of work
3.2.2 Layout plan
3.2.3 Design criteria
3.2.4 Calculation
3.2.5 Detail drawings/Detailing

3.3 Sewerage Design-K.TIQA

3.3.1 Scope of work
3.3.2 Layout plan
3.3.3 Design criteria
3.3.4 Calculation
3.3.5 Detail drawings/Detailing

3.4 Water Supply Design-ADDA

3.4.1 Scope of work
3.4.2 Layout plan
3.4.3 Design criteria Water reticulation
3.4.4 Calculation
3.4.5 Detail drawings/Detailing

4.0 Construction Management-CHAN

4.1 Taking off
4.2 Bill of Quantity
4.3 Estimation
4.4 Project Planning
5.0 Conclusion