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242-202 Linwell Rd. | St. Catharines, ON L2N 1S2 | 289-990-3858 |

Ontario College Certificate, General Arts and Sciences Expected May 2017
Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-lake, ON
Related course work: Introductory Psychology, Writing
Strategies, Introduction to Sociology, Nutrition and Wellness,
Multiculturalism and Diversity.
Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Eden High School, St. Catharines, ON
Related course work: Challenges and Changes in Society, Peer Tutoring,
Parenting, Foods and Nutrition, Kinesiology, Business Leadership


Conducting progress reports with head coach and other assistant coaches
to maintain a steady workplace environment.
Reported back to parents after every other class to pass on progress reports
and any tips to help their child continue down the path of progression.
Helped resolve issues with parents and athletes whom are upset or caught
in arguments with both fellow gym members and alternative gym members.
Connecting with children and youth in a way that makes it easy to trust and
be trusted enough to handle certain mental health situations.

Taken a leadership role on many occasions whilst assisting in coaching a group
Integrating an athlete who is on the autism spectrum into a class of children
who are not on the spectrum. All the while maintaining a sense of unity and a
pride in the diversity within the class.

Respite Worker January 2015 to Present
Carrie Morrisette
Responsible for general child care whilst parents are both
absent and present.
Assisting in school drop-offs and pick-ups
Responsible for child whilst he is taking part in a summer
school program
Assisting in the transition from home to school, doctors
office, and stores in order to create a feeling of security for
the child.

Coach and Coaching Assistant February 2014 to Present

Tigers Athletics
Providing leadership to athletes of all ages and skill levels
Responsible for the well-being of multiple children for
extended periods of time whilst at competitions and training
Trusted to run highly populated classes with children who
range greatly in skills and abilities.
Dealing with a diverse group of parents and having to
communicate essential information to them in a professional


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