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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 6th

MONTH: April
Colegio New England

-Final Destination
-Listen and mark the symbols to
the locations
-Track 33 -Listen and match
Asking for and -Speakers -Listen and place
giving directions. -Whiteboard Activity Book
Writing formal -Students Book Awareness: Being Friendly to (page 56) A
April 3rd 1:00 On the Road directions. -Markers 56 Visitors and B.
-Follow the compass
-Read the directions
-Write a publicity leaflet
-Make a school publicity leaflet
-Students Book
Asking for and -Activity Book Activity Book (page 57)
giving directions. -Whiteboard -Read and circle
Writing formal -Markers -Write and rewrite
April 4th 1:00 On the Road directions. 57
-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
conventional -Markers
April 5th 1:00 Spelling Day spelling. -Worksheets -
April 6th 1:00 Project Day: Creating a town - 1. Invent a Town
A Town Guide guide. One sheet of 2. Create a Guide
colored 3. Present your Guide
construction 4. Role-play
paper, markers,
colored pens and
pencils, photos
from old
magazines (per

-Class Discussion
-Before reading activities
-Listen along
-After reading activities
-Label the layers of the rain
-Students Book -Mark the sentences
-Reader -Present a product
Why Rain Learning about the -Speaker -Complete the chart
Forests Are importance of -Whiteboard
April 7th 1:00 Important rainforests. -Markers 58 Awareness: Being Earth-Friendly

April 10th

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

April 14th

April 17th

April 18th

April 19th

April 20th
April 24th 1:00 Why Rain Learning about the -Activity Book 59 -Make a word web
Forests Are importance of -Reader -Review the text
-Read the story as a class
-Write the name of each animal
-Complete the sentences
-Students Book -Protect Rain Forest Animals
-Whiteboard Activity Book (page 59)
-Write the facts from Readers
Important rainforests.
-Students Book -Think and match
-Speakers -Listen and underline
Why Rain -Whiteboard -Complete the sentences
Forests Are Making deductions. -Markers -Game: Bingo Activity Book
April 25th 1:00 Important Describing facts. 60 (page 60) A.
-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
conventional -Markers
April 26th Spelling Day spelling. -Worksheets -
-Game: 20 questions
-Read the passage and answer
the questions
-Make a Quiz
-Rain Forest Animal Encounter
Why Rain -Students Book
Forests Are Making deductions. -Whiteboard Activity Book (page 61) Activity Book
April 27th 1:00 Important Describing facts. -Markers 61 -Mark and complete (page 60) B.
-Game: Hangman
Learning about rain -Complete the sentences
forest products and -Students Book -Play Memory
their uses. Talking -Memory Set -Game: Invisible Crossword
about the -Whiteboard
Why Rain consequences of -Markers Awareness: Appreciating
Forests Are rain forest Rainforest
April 28th 1:00 Important destruction. 62
Don't just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts