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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 2nd

Colegio New England MONTH:


-Making a drawing related to

-Colors -Listen and mark the things you
-Markers hear
-Speakers -Complete the sentences
-Track 54
-White sheets -Activity Book (page 95).
04- 2:00 Describing -Students book
January hrs. Christmas Christmas traditions. -Activity Book 95
-My favorite family member
-Listen and match
-Track 14 -Complete the chart
-Speakers -Description chart for a special
-Whiteboard family member Activity Book
-Markers -Worksheet (3F) (page 20)
A Special Describing activities. -Students book -Role-play an interview
05- 2:00 Family Describing physical -Notebook Activities A
January hrs. Member appearance. 20 Awareness: Family Support and B.
-Paper (one
sheet per
student) -Game: Toss the Ball
-Ball -Read and answer Worksheet
Describing activities. -Colored pencils -Draw a picture and write about a (3G):
A Special Describing physical -Students book family member. Crossword
06- 2:00 Family appearance. -Funny People Pictures puzzle
January hrs. Member 21
-Activity Book
Writing -Whiteboard -Punctuation Game
Strategies: -Markers -Circle the commas
The period -Notebook -Complete the text with the Worksheet:
09- 2:00 and the Developing writing commas Period and
January hrs. comma. skills. 21 commas.
-Poster paper
-Markers -Planning the poster
Project: Our Discussing -Crayons -Designing our poster
10- 2:00 responsibilitie responsibilities -Scissors -Decorating our poster
January hrs. s. around home. -Pictures -Posters Exhibition
-Game: Guess the words
-Track 16 -Before reading activities
-Speaker -Listen and read along
-Students book -After reading activities
-Photograph of a *Read and stick
soccer game. *Number the pictures in order
-Eight strips of -Game: Charades
paper Activity Book
Talking about -Makers Awareness: The Importance of (page 22).
11- 2:00 Routines and routines and habits. -Whiteboard Routines Activities A
January hrs. habits. -Reader Book 2 22 and B.
-Game: Pictionary
-Echo read the text
-Routine strips -Write the time on the clocks
- Reader Book 2 -Make a timeline about your daily
-Students book routines Play memory
-Whiteboard - Number the pictures in order with a family
-Markers (Activity Book) member
Talking about -Speakers -Complete the sentences about (Worksheet
12- 2:00 Routines and routines and habits. -Track 16 you (Activity Book) 4A)
January hrs. habits. -Activity Book 23 -Game: Whats the time, Mr. Wolf?
-Track 17
-Clock Faces and
-Scissors -Brainstorm: Time of Day
-Construction -Listen and match Worksheet
paper -Listen and sing 4B)
Talking about -Students book -Picture clock Activity Book
13- 2:00 Routines and routines and habits. -Show and tell (page 24 A
January hrs. habits. 24 -Game: Whats your routine? and B)
16- 2:00 Routines and Talking about -Track 18 25 -Digital Clock Dictation
January hrs. habits routines and habits. -Speakers -Listen and complete the clocks
-Markers -Complete the schedule about
-Color pencils you
-Students book -Interview a classmate
-Activity Book -Activity Book (A and B)
Awareness: Organizing Time

-Clock Faces and

-Digital clock -Make an analog clock
-Analog clock -Read and match
-Stapler -Write Alices activities -Activity Book
-Ball -Worksheet: Analog to Digital (page 26)
Talking about -Students book Activities A
17- Routines and routines and habits. -Whiteboard Awareness: Being Punctual and B. -
January 2:00 habits -Markers 26 Worksheet
Visit the page
and play the


Play the
game. Then
make a
similar board
game on
-Morning, afternoon, evening paper.
-Students book -Complete the clocks for your Remember to
-Printable clock routine write
faces -Make a routine clock book sentences
Talking about -Ball -Show and tell about times
18- Routines and routines and habits. -Whiteboard -Game: Chinese Whispers and your own
January 2:00 habits -Markers 27 -Game: Toss the ball routines.
19- 2:00 Grammar: Present simple: -Activity Book 27
January Present Spelling of third -Whiteboard -Worksheet: Present simple (4F)
simple person singular. -Markers -Activity A: Circle the correct
-Activity B: Complete the verbs in
the table
-Worksheets -Game: Toss the ball
-Printable Jigsaw
Puzzle Template
-Paints 1. Paint a routine
-Paint brushes 2. Clear away
-Pencil colors 3. Draw the Jigsaw
Talking about -Crayons 4. Cut out the pieces
20- Project: routines and habits. -Markers - 5. Do the puzzle
January 2:00 Jigsaw Puzzle -Scissors
-Picture of the
Olympic rings -Brainstorm: The Olympic Games
-Students book -Read and mark the sentences -Activity Book
Sports: -Markers -Complete the sentences (page 28)
Healthy Identifying facts. -Whiteboard -Olympic Games Activity Activities A
23- Routines and Describing healthy -Activity Book -Top Five List and B.
January 2:00 Habits routines. 28
-Paper (one
sheet per
pictures of
healthy and
unhealthy food -Days of the Week
-Magazine -Write the name of the day Lupita
pictures of does each activity
healthy and -Draw an activity
unhealthy -Activity Book (p. 29)
activities *Color the activities that makes
-Mural paper you healthy
-Black marker *Write activities for a healthy
pen week
-Scissors -Healthy and unhealthy collage
Identifying facts. -Glue stick
24- Describing healthy -Colored pencils Awareness: Regular Physical -Worksheet
January 2:00 Sports routines. 29 Activity (5A)
25- 2:00 Sports: Asking about and 30 -Sports Activity -Worksheet
January Abilities. describing abilities. -Track 19 -Listen and match the photos (5C)
-Students book -Listen again and match
-Speakers -Game: Questions of Sports
-Sports Pictures
-Activity Book -Activity Book (page 30)

-Students book -Musical Statues

- Music -Read and complete the
- Speakers sentences
-Activity Book -Interview a classmate
-Whiteboard -Game: Walk about
-Markers Game: Cheat
- Signs with Can Activity A (Activity Book)
26- Sports: Asking about and and Cant -Worksheet
January 2:00 Abilities describing abilities. 31 Awareness: Sport Ethics (5D)
-What can you do?
-Pictures of - Listen and write the players
sports numbers
-Track 20 - Match the questions to the
-Speakers answers
-Paper (one -Baseball Pictures
Describing abilities. sheet per -Activity Book (A and B)
Asking and student) Awareness: Respect for Other's
30- Sports: answering about -Students book Abilities -Worksheet
January 2:00 Baseball sports and activities. -Activity Book 32 (5E)
-Game: Tic Tac Toe
-Dialogue -Role-play an interview
-Track 20 -Read and answer
Describing abilities. -Speakers -Complete the paragraph
Asking and -Students Book -Class Quiz
31- Sports: answering about -Markers -Worksheet (5F)
January 2:00 Baseball sports and activities. -Whiteboard 33
Don't just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts