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ONGC Academy

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited

Kaulagarh Road, Dehra Dun

No. ONGCA/FTG/GL-62/2016-17 February 21 ,2017

To: All Key Executives/HOI/Head of Project/Chiefs of Services/OVL/Training In-charges
Course Title: GL-62 Risk Analysis,Prospect Evaluation &Exploration Economics
Programme Overview & Objective: Venue: ONGC Academy
The course is designed to help Geoscientists and Finance
executives make an appropriate/rationalized decision in E & P Schedule: 27.03.2017 to
ventures that fall under the category of high uncertainty and high 31.03.2017(5 days)
risk. The course has been designed keeping in view the present
scenario in the Oil and Gas Industry Faculty/Institute:
Seat Capacity: 25
1. Introduction to Decision process.
Type : Non- Residential
2. Decision and risk analysis of oil and gas E & P
Who may attend:
ventures and performance measures. Preferably E1 to E6 level
3. Exploration Plays ,Economic Indicators.
(Key Executives may
4. Cash flow analysis and hands on Exercises. nominate suitable
executives of any level)
5. Dealing with uncertainty and Monte-Carlo simulation

technique of risk analysis.

6. Model development for decision and risk analysis (EMV

& Decision Tree with Exercises.)

7. Hands on Exercises on application of Monte-Carlo

Kindly forward dulyFiscal
8. Petroleum approved nomination of suitable executive(s) with technically relevant
background and having proficiency in English and upstream industry experience of Geology &
Geophysics of minimum 5 years by fax at 0135-2758832 or through e-mail at
9. Risk reduction techniques
( to be
or SAP Mail at adopted in oil and
66444 latest gas
by 17/03/2017.

E & P ventures.
Note: 1.Sufficient no. of eligible SC/ST/OBC and female participants may be nominated.
2. The nominated executives may be advised to attend the training programme only after
confirmation from ONGC Academy

Contact No.09410391899
Email id:

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