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Indian Navy surveillance spots Chinese submarines in the Mediterranean | India Defence Sat Aug 12 2006 17:14:43 Europe/Athens



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Indian Navy surveillance spots Chinese submarines in the

Dated 28/6/2006
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New Delhi: Keeping as it does a watchful eye on the rapidly-modernising Ads by Goooooogle
Chinese Navy, the Indian Navy has detected, tracked and photographed three
spanking new Chinese submarines in the Mediterranean region.
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This is the second such instance of remarkable long-range maritime snooping by Compact, Low Cost, Inspection Tool Ideally Suited
the Navy this year. Its TU-142M and IL-38 maritime surveillance aircraft had to Maritime Security
"spooked" a new Chinese destroyer off Yemen's Socotra Island, almost 2,300-km
away from the Indian mainland, as was reported by TOI in February.

This time, four of its warships destroyer INS Mysore, guided missile frigates
INS Brahmaputra and INS Betwa and tanker INS Aditya came across the three Navy Ships Wallpapers
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submarines being transported on board two carrier "mother" ships transversing Repetitive Installations.
through the Suez Canal and Red Sea earlier this month.

"These three Kilo-class submarines, armed with the latest Klub-S cruise missiles,
are the last batch of the eight contracted by China from Russia in a $2-billion deal in 2002," said a top source.

"The helicopters aboard our warships clicked their photographs with remarkable clarity. The first five submarines were delivered by the
end of 2005.

China, incidentally, had also procured four Kilo-class submarines from Russia in the mid-1990s," he added.

As part of India's policy of maritime diplomacy, the four western fleet warships are on an overseas deployment mission during which
they will travel to Alexandria (Egypt), Haifa (Israel), Athens (Greece), Izmir (Turkey) and Tripoli (Libya).

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Indian Navy surveillance spots Chinese submarines in the Mediterranean | India Defence Sat Aug 12 2006 17:14:43 Europe/Athens

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