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Computing and Media faculty

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND

Diploma in Computing and Online distance

Systems Development

Qualification Computer Systems Networking Infrastructure

On successful completion of the programme Function of computer systems Principles of network infrastructure
you will be awarded a BTEC Level 5 HND Design computer systems management
Diploma in Computing and Systems Build and configure computer systems Design complex network infrastructure
Development. systems
Undertake routine maintenance on
computer systems Implement complex network infrastructure `
Awarding Body
Employability & Professional Test complex network infrastructure systems
Pearson Development
Quality Systems in IT
Personal and professional development
Interpersonal and transferable skills Quality assurance in IT systems
Course Description
Dynamics of working with others Standard quality control documentation
This programme will provide you with a range Project management tools
Strategies for problem solving
of skills in a technological and management
context. It is highly relevant to a range of
Systems Analysis and Design Local Area Networking Technologies
careers in the IT sector such as information
system design and management, IT Understand different systems life cycles Impact of LAN technologies
manufacturing, IT maintenance and technical Understand the importance of a feasibility Design LAN infrastructures
services areas, e-business strategy and/or study Implement LAN infrastructures
technical support, systems analysts, software
Be able to perform a systems investigation Manage LAN infrastructures
engineers and developers.
The BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Computing Information Systems in Organisations IT Security Management
and Systems Development can be studied as a
stand-alone programme or can form part of a Information needs within different Risks to IT security
three-year degree programme Anglia Ruskin functional areas of organisations Mechanisms to control organisational IT
University BSc (Hons) Business Computing. Compare information systems security
Successful completion of the HND allows direct Use information systems to produce Manage organisational security
entry to a one-year top-up to Honours Degree. management information
Wide Area Networking Technologies
Network Technologies Impact of WAN technologies
Networking principles Design WAN infrastructures
Online distance learning Networking principles Implement WAN infrastructures
Design networked systems Manage WAN infrastructures
Implement and support networked systems
Course Content (Modules) Network security
Comprises 8 units for the HNC and a further 8 Business Skills for e-Commerce Impact on the social and commercial
units for the HND: environment of network security design
Structure and aims of business organisations
Impact of e-commerce Design network security solutions
Design e-commerce solutions Implement network security solutions
Database Design Concepts Manage network security solutions
Databases and data management systems Website Design
Database design techniques Commercial impact and potential of Internet Server Management
Design, create and document databases virtualisation Internet technologies
Design virtualisation deployments Internet server architectures
Implement virtualisation deployments Implement internet server and services
Manage virtualisation environments Manage internet server and services

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Distance learning proves to my
Manager that I can be serious about
my career progression. I have a broader
understanding of business and I am
learning more about myself at work
and in my personal life through my
study habits.

Gavin Dell, HND Business

(Management) Pearson

Project Design, Implementation Whats Included How to Apply

and Evaluations
RDIs virtual learning environment ilearn is used In addition to a completed application form:
Formulate a project to deliver all resources for this course including:
Copies of your relevant certificates and/or
Implement the project Study materials - Access electronic copies transcripts.
Evaluate the project outcomes of your learning materials and important One suitable reference. Please note we can
Present the project outcomes information, such as assessment only accept academic and/or professional
instructions, whenever and wherever you work references.
Assessment are. Copy of you CV detailing your work history
Tutor support - Tutors use live chats and (if you do not have A Levels).
Assessment consists of a mix of assignments
forums to stimulate discussions, request
and a project. Proof of English language ability equivalent
input and highlight external sources.
to IELTS 5.5
External resources - Links to external
Duration of Programme
sources can include key journal articles,
This course is expected to be completed within your universitys online library, sites of
3 years. However, our online distance learning topical interest, etc. Apply Online
students have flexibility in setting their own Discussion with other students - Forums
Visit our website:
pace of study, which means that the course can allow students to come together, share
be completed in a minimum period of 2 years. thoughts and ideas and you can initiate
Email Us
topics that you want to discuss with your Email
Please note that the certificate end date for this
fellow students.
programme is 31/08/18. This means that you Call Us
will need to successfully complete all of your Contact us today on FREEphone
modules by no later than May 2018. Workload
0800 COURSES / 0800 268 7737
We recommend an average of 8-10 hours study
Entry requirements time per week for this programme.
The standard entry requirements are as follows: What You Could Study Next
An A Level pass or equivalent. Successful completion of the programme may
No exemptions are allowed for this programme. allow you entry to:
English language ability equivalent to IELTS
5.5 Anglia Ruskin University BSc (Hons) Business
Enrolment dates
Applicants whose educational qualifications Computing (Final Year Top-up)
do not meet the standard entry requirements November, February, May and August
but have at least two years full-time work
experience will be considered on an individual

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