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Department of Teacher Education & Learning Sciences

Elementary Education Program

Pre-Observation Form

Directions: This form is to be completed prior to every lesson that will be observed by the mentor
teacher or university supervisor. It is to be submitted no later than 3 business days prior to the actual
observation along with your lesson plans.

Name:Delaina Hawkins Date:April 6, 2017

1. What is the topic of your lesson?

My lesson is combining ELA standards and culturally relevant information about Hawaii
and legends.

2. Why are you teaching this lesson? What is your rationale for teaching it?
I am teaching this lesson to encourage students to make inferences while reading and
use evidence to support their thinking. I also want them to learn more about the
Hawaiian culture.

3. What is your Teaching Behavior Focus? Why did you choose this?
I would really like to focus on wait time and providing response opportunities for all. I
believe that this a crucial part of teaching and I want to make sure that I succeed in
having all students feeling as if they learned and were able to contribute.

1 Why did you design your instruction in this lesson the way that you did? Why did
you choose this way of teaching the lesson (e.g., Was the idea from a methods
course? From your mentor teacher? Another source?)
I based the order of my lesson on the Gradual Release of Responsibility model as well
as what I felt flowed together the best.

1. As you are thinking through this lesson, what do you believe will be the most
challenging part of this lesson for you when you teach it? Why?
I believe that time management will be the most challenging part of my lesson. I have a
lot that I want to do with the kids and they always want to contribute so much. I have a
difficult time cutting them off or moving on.

2. How will you know if your learning outcomes for the students are met
I will know that students understand how to make inferences by listening to heir
responses during the read aloud.
3. How will your classroom management support the learning outcomes?
Allowing students different ways to think and share through raising their hands and
talking with a partner as well as making connections to how they make inferences in
everyday life will support the learning environment.
4. List 1-3 areas which you would like for your observer to pay particular attention.
Why do you want your observer to focus on these areas?
I would like for my observer to pay close attention to how engaged the students are, how
I manage my time, and my classroom management. These are areas that I have
concerns about and would like to have extra feedback on.

5. Is there anything else you would like your observer to know before the
I do not have any other information for my observer.