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Department of Teacher Education & Learning Sciences

Elementary Education Program

Formal Observation Reflection

Directions: Complete the reflection questions and submit your response to your observer prior to having a post-
conference to discuss the observation. If a conference is held immediately after the observation you will submit
your responses to the observer the following day via email.

Name:Delaina Hawkins Date:4/7/17

1. To what extent were learning outcomes appropriate and achievable to your students?
Learning outcomes were appropriate and achievable with necessary scaffolding provided.
2. How effective were your instructional strategies? What changes would you make in
your instructional approaches if you taught this lesson again? Why?
If I taught this lesson again, I would not have the students sit as long as they did on the carpet.
I would also provide an example of a made up legend to give them a better understanding of
my expectations.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of your oral and written communication with students.
(Consider how well you communicated learning objectives, clarity of directions, use of standard English, quality of
questions and effectiveness of discussion techniques.)
I believe I did very well in communicating to my students the objectives of the lesson. I used
standard English when teaching and addressing students. I asked thought provoking
questions that helped them to grapple with the given objectives. I could have improved the
clarity of my instructions for the writing piece.
4. Evaluate the level of student engagement in your lesson . (Consider how you presented the
content/skills, the activities and assignments for students, grouping of students, and structure and pacing of the
The students were very involved and engaged in the read aloud. They loved being able to
participate and share their thinking. Once students understood the writing assignment, most
were very excited to create their own legend,share them with the group, and they even asked
if they could draw pictures to accompany their story.
5. How effectively did you use instructional materials, resources, and/or technology?
I used the smart board to display a powerpoint of images I had put together. I found a book
that fit perfectly with my lesson through using my resources at NC State. I provided the
students with appropriate materials to complete the activity.
6. To what extent were your assessment strategies effective? What changes would you
make in your assessment approach if you taught this lesson again? Why?
I was able to listen to their responses during multiple turn and talks and also the responses
that were shared with the whole group. I was also able to read their legends to assess their
learning in that area as well. I would not make changes to the way that I assessed my
students, as I feel that I gathered a lot of good data that allowed all students to show what they
7. To what extent was your feedback to students accurate, substantive, constructive,
specific, and/or timely?
I gave students immediate feedback to all comments that were shared with the group, as well
as to some of the paired groups. Some students also received verbal feedback on their writing.
All feedback was constructive and positive.
8. To what extent did the classroom management and environment contribute to student
learning? (Consider your classroom procedures, your use of physical space, and the students conduct.)
I had to teach in the Media Center due to threatening storms so the environment made the
class somewhat chaotic. However, I maintained and calmed the students so that learning
could still continue. There were only a couple of students who did not want to behave well.
9. Did you make modifications to your lesson plan during the lesson? If so, what were
they and what motivated these changes?
Yes, I had to modify the movement I had incorporated into the lesson due to the circumstances of a new
space that did not allow for that. I also had to go through my lesson quicker in order to accommodate
the problems with the threatening weather.
10. Was your Teaching Behavior Focus goal met?
I believe that my teaching behavior focus was met during my lesson. I provided appropriate
wait time and called on a variety of students.