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1) The point where a material can exist in 3 states (solid, liquid, vapor) at the
same time is called:
a. Critical point
b. Triple point
c. Saturation point
d. Solid vapor liquid point

2) A project initial investment is 2 Million QR. Yearly net profit expected at

150,000. Assuming a yearly APR of 10%. How many years required for the
project to break even?
a. 4.48 years
b. 5.66 years
c. 6.48 years
d. 8.89 years

3) What are the units of linear acceleration

a. Kg/m
b. N/m
c. m/s2
d. kg/m.s

4) What is the worth after 5 years of an investment of one Million Qatari riyals if
the APR is 9% paid monthly?
a. 1,450,000
b. 1,538,634
c. 1,824,320
d. 1,926,248

5) Considering the interdisciplinary nature of engineering projects currently,

which of the below is true:
a. Engineers should be well trained in one specific field of engineering
b. Engineers should be well trained in multiple engineering fields
c. Engineers should have a mild idea about all engineering fields
d. Engineers from a specific field should seek assistance from specialised
engineers I different fields

6) A unit installed within the duct system to control the movement of smoke is
a. Smoke damper
b. Fire damper
c. Louver damper
d. Control damper

7) An airborne material containing liquids and gases and traces of solid resulting
from pyrolysis or fire is:
a. Steam
b. Smoke
c. Vapor
d. Saturated liquid

8) Thermoplastics are material that:

a. Will undergo modification under heat and pressure
b. Will undergo permanent modification under heat and pressure
c. Will not undergo modification under pressure
d. Will nor undergo modification under heat

9) As per NFPA, test frequency of Control Valve is:

a. Monthly
b. Quarterly
c. Semiannually
d. Annually

10) Which is not part of Scope management:

a. Define scope
b. Verify scope
c. Execute scope
d. Create WBS

11) Process to identfy, study, analyze, and rectify Root Cause of incidents
is called:
a. Pareto analysis
b. Risk opportunity management
c. Cause and effect analysis
d. Quality control procedures

12) In the context of time management, which is not a typical type of

activity dependancy
a. Mandatory dependancy
b. Discretionary dependancy
c. External dependancy
d. Multiple dependancy

13) Which is not a resource related to activities

a. Manpower
b. Material
c. Machinery
d. Time

14) Process of decomposing deliverables into smaller, more manageable

components is complete when:
a. Project justification has been established
b. Change requests have occurred
c. Cost and duration estimates can be developed
d. Each work element can be found in the WBS

15) Project life cycle is different than product life cycle in that project life
a. Does not incorporate methodology
b. Is different for each industry
c. Covers different project
d. Describes project management activities

16) Best time to assign a project manager to a project is during:

a. Execution
b. Initiation
c. Monitoring and controlling
d. Closing

17) A system of turbine generator where turbine efficiency is 80% and

generator efficiency is 90% has an overall efficiency of:
a. 80%
b. 90%
c. 72%
d. 170%

18) The heat transfwer around an insulated pipe is affected by:

a. Conduction increase
b. Convection decrease
c. Conduction and convection decrease
d. Conduction decrease and convection increase

19) An open door refrigerator left running in a closed room will:

a. Increase room temperature
b. Decrease room temperatue
c. No impact on room tomperature
d. Depends on prevailing weather conditions