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My name is Amy Lee and I am thrilled to apply for the Master of Science in Accountancy for fall

2017 at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). I am going to graduate in May 2017 with
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and Management Information System minor from
CSULB. In terms of activities I am currently involved in, I have been a member of the CSULB Health
Care Administration Student Forum. Also, I have participated as a member of Women in Southern
California of Health Care Administration, where I have enriched my skills related to my future career.
Also, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA at CSULB since fall 2015 and received the CSULB Presidents List
honors each semester while at CSULB. Additionally, I am a member of Golden Key International Honour
Association, where I can meet and acquire knowledge from other outstanding students around the nation.
Furthermore, I have interned in the Department of Surgery of UC Irvine (UCI) Medical Center since June
2016. My project there has focused on collecting and analyzing data of reviews and comments regarding
UCI Department of Surgery physicians and local competitors on social media. I have contributed to the
creation of a unified platform physician profile on social media where patients can easily access physician
information, which means that patients can find the right physician and obtain the best care possible. I
came to the United States (U.S.) in 2009 and started to work for Irvine Electronic Ltd in Irvine City as an
electronic assembler for eleven months. My daily duties were to assemble electronic components and
attach hardware to the electronic boards. I also performed assembly operations under the microscope and
other magnifying devices for the electronic boards. Additionally, I had a Bachelor of Science in Finance
and Banking in 2007 from National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After that, I interned and
worked for Nam A Bank in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a bank teller for two years. I had the
responsibility to inform new services and product promotions to customers; also, I provided account
services, recorded transactions, and completed special requests of customers every day. I used to attend a
two-year program about Computer technology in Vietnam from 2001 to 2003; thus, I am proficient with
Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and various social media. By attending required classes for
Management Information System at CSULB, I broadened my knowledge to proficient in Python and
Oracle. Specially, I am bilingual in Vietnamese and English.

I was born in a big family in Vietnam; my father passed away when I was three years old. My
mother had to work hard to raise nine children including me. My brothers and sisters had to stop school
early to support the family and my education. I valued education when was young and was the first
generation being able to graduate from high school and continue college. I received my first BS degree in
2007, but I had to spend ten more years for second BS degree in the U.S. My educational journey was not
as easy as other people because I had to face many difficulties including language-barrier, time constraint,
and financial limitations. Without the support of my husband and the love of my children, I could not
accomplish this achievement. One more time, they encourage me to pursue higher education, and I also
want to reach my full potential. Switching to a different major in graduation level is a challenge for me;
however, I have a desire to gain new knowledge and skill that benefit my professional work. And I
believe an MSA at this juncture would be the best step to further my professional career.

The three main sources of funding for a business are revenues, investor finances, and loans.
Businesses need finances for daily operations and to meet essential expenses and payments. As same as
other businesses, health care needs financial management in decision making and accounting to provide
information for decision makers. Even most of the healthcare organizations are non-profit organizations,
they also need to prepare financial statements; additionally, the preparation and presentation accounting
data need to be regulated as a regular business. As mentioned above, I had a background in Finance in
Vietnam and had worked for two years in that field. I choose another major in Health Care Administration
major because I want to help people specifically children and the elderly. Therefore, I want to focus on
the administrative side of healthcare, which is an indirect way to help the patient. I look forward to having
a rich, fulfilling, and inspiring career that will allow me to integrate my professional and personal goals to
help others.

Beginning from the first time I came to CSULB, I love this school because of its natural and
educational environment. After two years at CSULB, I have met good friends and received tremendous
support and advice from EOP, my professors, my advisors, and school faculties. I found that is not a
school anymore, but it is a family and I am a member of that family. Professors at CSULB are always
willing to take the time to make sure that students understand the concepts and they are committed to
students success. The diverse background of faculties and students has allowed me to learn from them
and learn to work in a diverse setting with responsibility and confidence. Thus, I decided to continue my
graduate degree here. Also, the CSULB Alumni is a large network that would help me in my professional

Regarding my long-term goals, after finishing my graduate degree, I want to work for the
department of finance of accounting of a health care organization in some years to contribute my work for
the help of others. I know my inspiration is to make a difference in the lives of others. I look forward to
having a rich, fulfilling, and inspiring career that will allow me to integrate my professional and personal
goals to help others. Further, I want to be a professor to inspire future students at the university that has
helped me so much.