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BeamPro™ with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera and Laser Pointer (BeamPro PTZ+L)
BeamPro™ PTZ+L combines mobility without boundaries, safety, and
superzoom-supported video conferencing to bring you face-to-face with
your patients and colleagues.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom to Zero In on the Details
Pan-tilt-zoom camera and eye-safe laser pointer with 3D camera-assisted
tracking facilitate accurate observation, capture, and recall of details, allowing
you to effectively serve patients and trainees alike.

Expand Your Reach
Collaborate remotely with specialists, serve geographically dispersed patients,
or train out-of-town professionals without spending time on travel.

Stay Connected
Efficiently address patient and colleague needs, and perform follow-up

Leverage Remote Mobility
Break free from the conference room wall and rely on LIDAR obstacle detection
as you maneuver safely throughout the ADA-compliant care site and benefit
from face-to-face interactions.

Interact Effectively
High-quality audio and video capabilities allow you to clearly communicate your
expertise, while allowing you to listen and respond as if you were right there in
the room.
The BeamPro PTZ+L Smart Presence™ System (SPS)
The BeamPro PTZ+L SPS comprises the BeamPro PTZ+L device, BeamPro charging dock, Beam
App, and dedicated Beam network, facilitating effective remote* interactions.
Optimal Interaction:
• PTZ camera with 170° pan, 120° tilt (90° up, 30° down), 12x zoom, and wide dynamic range
• Eye-safe laser pointer with 3D camera-assisted tracking, along with point-and-click and
positional recall capabilities
• Custom echo-canceling microphone array, with adaptive noise reduction and full duplex audio
• Front loudspeaker capable of producing sound levels of up to 90 dB
• Two dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless radios for operation in multi-room environments.
• Point-to-point communication between user and Beam minimizes latency.
• Two continuously operating wide-angle HDR video cameras with 3X digital zoom for safe
• Safety features include stable 5-wheel chassis, LIDAR-equipped Assisted-Driving System,
and powerful direct-drive motor appropriate for travel on ADA-compliant ramps
Ease of Use:
• Simple, common app allows for trouble-free use of multiple Beam products
• Predetermined access privileges and fully remote operations facilitate drops-ins and meetings
• Ability of Beam owner to tightly manage access, along with encrypted point-to-point
communication that bypasses servers, minimizes potential for data leakage
• 17-inch (4:3) LCD display
• 72 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 25 inches deep

The BeamPro Charging Dock
The BeamPro dock charges the device between uses, and is compatible with standard 120V
outlets. The Assisted-Docking Feature is activated when the BeamPro approaches the dock,
simplifying docking and battery charging.

The Beam App
The Beam App allows for straightforward management and setup of all Beams in your
When you’re ready to beam in, the user interface promotes safe, effective operation via dual-
navigation camera view, predictive path feature, and toolbar.
Additionally, it supports effortless camera panning and zooming, with a 3D camera-assisted
tracking laser pointer that ensures precise positional selection and recall of visual details.
Pilot View

Network Infrastructure
Beam’s dedicated network facilitates administrative tasks such as assigning user access, supports
uninterrupted interactions, and optimizes security through encryption of all communications.
*Requires 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi network (5Ghz recommended) or 4G LTE for connectivity. For more information see ourr Beam® Requirements Guide.
**Besides a personal computer or laptop, an Internet connection is required for accessing and operating a BeamPro. Software requirements for operation are Windows 7
Detail View (or higher) or OS X 10.7 (or higher). Use of a wired Internet connection is strongly recommended.
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BeamPro™ PTZ+L.

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