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Air Pollution

Adriana Trevino, Esperanza Amparo, David

Cabezas, Josmar Gomez
What are toxins and why
do they matter?
Air pollution is a toxin that affects our community.
Air pollution is when a harmful or poisonous
substance is in the air.
Air pollution is composed of a mix of solid
particles, gases, car emissions, chemicals
from factories,dust,and pollen.
This is related to chemistry because we have
learned chemicals and how a mixture of
them may have a negative impact on the

High number of factories in this community

Factories increase air pollution because they may
use chemicals that affect us.
Some chemicals that affect us are Hydrochloric
acid,arsenic, lead, hydrogen flouride gases, etc.
How is Air Pollution emitted?
Air pollution is emitted because of the
burning of fossil fuels. Not only that but
when factories work with certain things
like batteries, metals, etc. they release
chemicals or toxins that affect us and
our community.
Health Outcomes
Fatigue, chest pains,
wheezing, dry throat,
bronchitis, asthma,
cancers, dizziness,
difficulty breathing,
This image shows
that the severity of
health increases with
an increase in air
pollution particles
Short term Long term
Some health symptoms may be short Some long term health symptoms are
term like loss of lung capacity
coughing shortened life span
watery eyes bronchitis
irritation to eyes,nose, throat, asthma
and even skin. cancer
What are the physiological impact of air pollution?

Air Pollution affects the respiratory system. When

we breathe in dirty air, we bring air pollutants
deep into our lungs, so its not surprising that air
pollution causes serious damage to the
respiratory tract.
Air pollutants contribute to serious, even fatal
damage to the cardiovascular system that can
cause artery blockages leading to heart attacks.
How can we prevent and safeguard against

Increase recycling facilities

plant more trees
test your home for dangerous radioactive gases
conserve energy
buy green products
What policies have been implemented due to toxin

Clean Air Act - a federal law that is

used to control air pollution across the
nation. It is the most influential and
one of the first environmentalist laws/
Cross-State air pollution rule - this a
rule that requires states to improve air
quality by removing power plants that
affect the environment.
How has the
community been
In 2013 Exide Technologies
in Vernon were emitting lead
and arsenic into our air. Last
year in March it decided to
close down in order to avoid
criminal charge and agreed
to clean up the plant.
Here in Huntington Park,
CBE is trying to fighting to
expand on metal recycling
What role has career played?

Jobs like painters and fumigators deal with toxins in the chemicals they use to
fumigate and the paint which can be a strong factor that causes air pollution. It is
very harmful to our community because with all the toxins and chemicals being
released into our air it can get us very sick or even cause death.
Physiological effects of air pollution on healthy residents
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