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Participating designers came from Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, France, Germany, Ghana,

Greece, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland

Registered press and buyers visited from China, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic,

Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, London, Poland, Russia,

South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, the Netherlands, the UK, Ukraine and

the USA

200 people worked during 10 days to set up the venue, and more than 500 people helped

make Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin possible

More than 30 hair stylists from LOral Professionnel worked on every show

7,750 make-up products, 282 bottles of hairspray, 21.5 kg of gel and pomade, 1,075 hair-

pins and 350 hair clips were used during 4 days