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$ERIE3 SATB (di,risl)

O Magnurn Mysterium
commissioned by Marshall Rutter in honour of his wife, Terry Knowles, and first performed
by Los Angeles Mnster Chorale, directed by PauI Salamunooich,
in Dorothq Chandler Pnailion, Los Angeles, on 18 December 1994

O magnum mysterium
O great mystery, and wondrous sacrament, thøt animals
should see the nezu-born Lord, Iying in their mønger!
Blessed is the Virgin whose womb was zoorthy to besr the
Lord lesus Christ. Alleluia!


Adagio, molto legato e espressivo Q: c.72) rit. a tempo
PP //w

o mag- num mys- te 11-um, o

pp /^ // Pp

o_ mag - num mys - te o

PP //

o mag-num mys- te r1-um, o_

pp A //ry

o mag-num mys- te 11-um/ o

Adagio, molto legato e espress ivo Q = c. 72) dt. a tempo

(for rehearsal only)

\lusic O copvright 1995 by Southern Music Publishing Co., inc.
A1l Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.
This edition published in 2002 by Faber Music Ltd as exclusive licencee in UK Eire, This music is copyright.
Australia, Nerv Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa. Photocopying is ILLEGAL and is THEFT.
mag - num mys - te ri - um, cra -


mag - num mys - te ri - um, et ra-bi-le SA cta -


mag - num mys - te rl - um/_-

mag - num mys - te r1 - um, cra -



- men - tum, et ad-mi - ra bi - le,- et ad --t

. ---=...-.\-
-mP \\_/ ---
- men - tum, et ad-mi -
ra bi - le,- et ad

- men - tum, et ad-mi - (a ad

,71 4P.-'-=.---'>. .=...->'
- men - tum, et ad-mi - ta et ad
mi-ra-bi-lesa cra-men - tum,


mi-ta-bi-lesa cra-men - tum,

,^ 'p A

mi-ra-bi-lesa cra-men - tum,

.l,P A

mi -ra-bi -lesd cra-men - tum,


Poco piri mosso Q= c.76) poco rit. a tempo

mag - num mys - te

o mag - num mys - te ri - um,

mag - num mys - te 11 - um, o_

O mag - num mys - te ri-um, O

Poco piri mosso | = c.76) poco rit. a tempo
mag - num mys - te

mag - num mys - te ri - um, ut

mag - num mys - te r1 - um/-

mag - num mys - te vi-de-rent

Do-mi-num,ut a-ni - ma Ii - a- vi-
,--= ,!f

Do-mi-num, ut a - ni ma

Do-mi-num,ut a-ni - ma
Do - mi - num, ut
-de rent Do - mi - num na - tum, ja - cen - tem in prae - se


rent Do - mi - num na - tum, ja - cen - tem in prae - se - pio!-


rent Do - mi - num- -.l, - tum, 1'a -
na cen - tem in prae - se


rent Do - mi - num- na tum, ja - cen - tem in prae - se

tit. a tempo

rit. Tempo primo

Be-a-ta Vir vls-ce-ra
_____ pp

Vir cu - jus ws-ce-ra

- Vir cu - lus vls-ce-ra

t PP-

- Vir cu - jus vls-ce-ra
Tempo primo
poco rit. a tempo

-e - runt,Be-a-ta Vir go, por-ta - re Do-mi-num

-e runt, go, por - ta - re Do - mi - num_-
, CreSC.

runt, Vir go, por-ta - re Do-mi- num
, CfeSC.

Vir go, por-ta - re Do-mi -num
poco rit. a tempo

molto rit. a tempo/ poco deliberamente
,!f_,-- ,

Chris- tum. 1u Al-le-
5.2 (cresc.) ,r!f

Chris - tum.- mag - num mys te

A. (cresc.)

Chris - tum.- o_
mag - num mys - te

Chris - O mag - num mYS - te ri-um,

B. kresc.) n!fz--.t t, ttl

Chris - tum. Al - ie iu

molto rit. _ a tempo, poco deliberamente
a tempo


o mag - num mys

.-.[ f
ma8 - num mys ad-mi-

O- mag ntlm mvs te

-==.----- --.-----

,_-=:.__-_ nf-

sa - cra- men-tum,ut a-ni - ma
,-:= nf

, q/f-- -----l.\-_


58 itp

rent Do - mi - num-



Do-mi - num- na


poco rit.
molto rit. a tempo

- cen - tem in Prae - se

e e
- cen - tem in Prae - se pio,


- AI
- cen - tem 1n Prae se

poco rit.
molto rit.

Al - le- lu


cl 4Pt


AI ia!
pp pw

-lu ia!

Meno mosso

(Duration: 5'45" )
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