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| As of 11:30 this morning, Thursday, April 20, several South Burlington High School staff received another more detailed message of a threatening nature. South Burlington Police Department officials were immediately informed and administrators initiated school safety protocols. At this time, the South Burlington High School building is in lockdown to ensure the safety and security of all present. Police have secured the entrances to the high school and are preventing all movement within and access to the high school building. ‘A message fom SOUTH BURLINGTON SCHOOLS DISTRICT OFFICE Mh ‘Due to the close proximity of the Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School to the high school all outside middle school activity has been moved indoors and security protocols are in place No threat is present at Chamberlin, Orchard, and Rick Marcotte Central School. The school day will continue as usual ff, at our three elementary schools. Burlington City Hall. Students will not be permitted to exit or enter the South Burlington High School at this time. More information will be provided at approximately 1:30 p.m. David Young 7 Parents and guardians who would like additional information can come to the first floor conference room of the South