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Musical Preferences Rubric _____ / 90

Developing Satisfactory Exemplary Score

Content Presentation has Presentation has musical Music is woven skillfully

very little music in examples to supplement into the presentation so
it. their descriptions. that it doesnt feel like a
school project.
1-2 3-9 10

Explanations Presenter is Presenter is able to Presenter is able to create

unable to explain describe how their taste a narrative for how their
anything about the has evolved using musical taste has
musical journey descriptions of the music changed based on
they are being played. musical and life
presenting. experiences.
1-3 4-10 11-15

Examples Music provided Music fits with the Music is used to elevate
does not give a explanation provided by the presentation and is
sense of what the the presenter. Clips are done in such a way that
presentation is tastefully presented and transitions are seamless.
trying to explain. give the audience a good Music speaks for itself.
sense of the music.
1-3 4-9 10

Connections The music is The pathway from one The pathway from one
haphazardly piece of music to another piece of music to another
chosen without contain strong is well laid out and there
any explanation of connections with the are detailed descriptions
how they are pieces preceding and of how the music is
connected. following it. similar.
1-3 4-9 10

Knowledge The presenter has The presenter is able to The presenter lays out the
no background talk about the music that reasons why this music is
knowledge of the is being played. similar to what came
music being before it and is able to
presented at all. point to reoccurring
themes in their musical
1-7 8-17 18-20

Presentation Presentation is Presentation runs Presentation has been

haphazardly put smoothly and gets the well rehearsed and
together and has point across. functions more like a Ted
not been Talk.
1-3 4-17 18-20

Ability to Presenter cannot Presenter is able to Presenter is able to take a

Answer answer any make informed question and use it to
Questions questions asked of responses based on their supplement their
them. research. presentation.
1 2-3 4-5