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Human Resource Management.

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The promotion policy of Texas university:
For the Texas university, Promotion means an advancement involving a change of
classification for an individual, within or between budgetary units, and may or may not
involve a salary increase. A promotion for the individual may result from a reclassification of
a position.
A promotion is the advancement of an employee's rank or position in an
organizational hierarchy system. Promotion may be an employee's reward for good
performance, i.e., positive appraisal. Before a company promotes an employee to a particular
position it ensures that the person is able to handle the added responsibilities by screening the
employee with interviews and tests and giving them training or on-the-job experience. A
promotion can involve advancement in terms of designation, salary and benefits, and in some
organizations the type of job activities may change a great deal.

Criteria for promotion:

1. The vacancy for the entry level job positions should be published.
2. The candidate which are eligible for promotion should be some qualified personnel
3. One of the most important criteria for promotion is the successful completion of
probationary period and here in this case it is 180 days.
4. Promotion of a particular employee should be accepted or approved by a concerned
vice president.
5. In those situations, when a worker with in the institution is not chosen for the
position, a request to Advertise must be submitted to the HR office showing the
vacancy of the position.
6. Equal consideration should be given to both internal as well as external applicants.
7. Any type of promotion which is given to employees should be approved by the
concerned director or vice president before communicating to the applicants.
8. The promotion should follow the policies and procedures of the organization.
9. With the prior acceptance of appropriate executive officer a vacant position is
designated as internal posting only.

Types of promotion:
Cross College/Division Promotion:
A cross College/Division promotion happens when a dynamic employee inside the University
is advanced into an open/vacant position in a higher pay extend in another College/Division
inside the University. These sorts of advancements are filled by means of the occupation
posting program. These positions must be posted for at least five (5) work days
Inter/Intra departmental Promotion:
An intra-departmental promotion happens when a active worker in an office/department
element is promoted into an open/vacant position in a higher compensation extend inside a
similar division/spending substance. These positions must be posted for at least three (3)
work days.
Internal College/Division Promotion
An internal promotion occurs when an active employee, within a College or Division is
promoted into an open/vacant position in a higher salary range within the same College or
Division. These positions must be posted for a minimum of three (3) working days.

What is the importance of the appointment of appropriate authority to deal with the
Promotion related issues? Explain.
Promotion in every organisation contrast as per the organization policies and the procedures
of the supervisor. A few associations may offer preference to employees interest and in other
hand some offer interest to the scores a man has procured by the parameters gave by the
organisation. Selecting a appropriate expert to manage the promotion related issues will be a
decent practice since this will bring the promotion related issues at one space and simple for
the organisation too to manage promotions.
Appointing a separate team will reduce the workload of the normal HR people along with the
other jobs and these team should also be given the authority of communicating with the
individual regarding the promotion. Normally if a person applies for a promotion once the
background check is conducted there is an offering to the person for different benefits if (s)he
might get if the promotion offer is retrieved. Even still the individual is insisting on the
promotion then all the details regarding the promotion should be provided by this team
including the timing, date, position, work to be done etc.
They should also contact the concerned authority and make sure that , now vacant seat can be
filled as soon as the person joins the office.