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STAFF Meeting Date: Council April 17, 2017

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City of Dryden
Report No. AD-2017-23

Date Submitted: April 13th, 2017

Title: Dryden Fire Service Model Change

Prepared by: Ernie Remillard, CPA, CGA (CAO)

Department: Administration


THAT Council approves the closure of Fire Hall #2 within the Dryden Fire
Service effective July 1st, 2017.


The Fire Chief and CAO have determined that the annual costs of operating the #2 Fire
Hall in the old Barclay region is in the $75,000 range. This is inclusive of Capital and


After much research it has been determined that many Municipalities our shape and
size do not have a second Fire Hall. It has been determined that the City of Dryden
could operate their Fire Service out of one Fire Hall and not have reduction in
emergency fire service. The insurance industry continues to market/advertise a 13km
radius from a Fire Hall for a certain insurance rating. These synergies created within
fire service will only help address our current concerns and help offset the costs of
education, training & inspections in the community. A few factors to consider:

NWO insurance industry grading/rating position (13kms)

The studies (OFMEM/FUS/Internal) is leading Dryden Council to strengthen
proactive, education, enforcement, and emergency management program
priorities to the citizens, over reactive emergency response
We propose July 1st, 2017 as the official closing
After much analysis and benchmarking most communities only have one Fire Hall
to service a community our size and with the area we service in Ontario/Canada

Fire Hall #2 Recommendation

This recommendation falls in line with one of the recommendations KPMG made
in their 2013 findings
This alleviates the pressure on the community to have to purchase a $400,000
Pumper Truck every 20 years and provide apparatus to it
In time will free up an Asset to market and attempt to sell with potential to
increase Cash
Alleviates the requirements of tax dollars to maintain and repair the Building and


CAO looking for Council to approve the closure of Fire Hall #2 based on the Fire Chief &
CAO findings.

Best Regards,

Ernie Remillard, CPA, CGA

CAO, City of Dryden

Fire Hall #2 Recommendation