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We do not just buy mobile phones.
By integrating intrinsic functionality
with predefined meaning we
create and express the master
narratives of our lives.
We derive the maximum value from
narratives that are automatically identifiable
and viscerally classifiable as evolving parts of
our human experience
What deeply engages us always
fulfils some fundamental motive, the
evolutionarily-preserved dispositions
that have helped us survive and grow
Concepts are neural
structures that allow us
to order and categorise
all stimuli around us
Our psyche consists
of a code. We are an
ordered pattern of
fundamental motives
capable of generating
Successful brands
coherently express
the very patterns
of our psyche
Using , for the first time, a
multidisciplinary approach,
including brand communication
decoding, motivational research,
psychology, affective neuroscience,
cognitive linguistics, cultural
anthropology, sociology,
philosophy and their proprietary
studied the motives underpinning
buying behaviour in over 70 global
categories of goods including
mobile phones
Beneath all the
phantasmagoria of
global marketing
communication, lies
order and rhythm, the
source code of our
human behaviour
What follows is a brief analysis of
the deep motives for buying
mobile phones. The motives are
presented in order of increasing
relative importance in line with
their power to influence our
buying decisions. The further we
read, the stronger the associations
they build in our mind, the more
powerful their influence on the
sales and profit in the mobile
phone category.*
* A book will shortly be published, extensively
analysing the motives underpinning 33 categories of
everyday consumer goods and our fundamental
human motives. It puts forward the most integrated
platform for engaging people to date.
PROTECTION: On an initial layer of
motivation, what makes mobile phones sell
is their capacity to connect us to friends
while protecting us from everyone else.
Mobile phones act as symbolic bodyguards
and umbilical cords. Existing in others
phones, we feel we are not abandoned.
Having the phone close to us is always
reassuring and tells others we are
unassailable. Mobile phones help us show
our care for others, display our affection.
Through them, we make ourselves available
to those we love on an ongoing basis.
INTELLIGENCE: More significantly,
mobile phones enable us to optimize
the benefits of the use of information
in our environment and to make
sense of our universe. Mobile phones
offer us simplicity in the handling of
information, through which the brain
economizes both work and energy.
Ultimately, mobile phones expand
the capacities of the brain.
SENSUALITY: On a yet deeper
layer, we actually buy and use
mobile phones for their capacity
to give us a sense of being
together with loved ones, and to
even become our ephemeral
lovers. We want our
relationship with our mobile
phones, which are themselves
products of incomparable design,
to be intimate.
SUBVERSION: Mobile phones are so
successful because of their perturbatory
power. The mobile phone is a medium
of disorganization: It intrudes, erupts at
any moment. It moves power from the
institutions to individuals. The mobile
phone makes it easier to translate
psychological dispositions into overt
behaviour. It is a means of attracting
attention through provocation in public,
and expressing disrespect and
disengagement. The mobile phone
becomes a type of protest or rebellion
against a ruling homogeneity and as a
result it is thought of as violent
SECURITY: Proceeding into an even deeper layer of motivation, as we
need to communicate continually for reassurance, mobile phones
promise perpetual safety and comfort. By our very nature, we have a
great need to talk, we actually develop through talking; talking is a
balm to our psyche. Our telephone contains - in both a direct and a
symbolic manner - the information that tells us were at home,
reinforcing a regression to an infantile state.
CONTROL: What makes us buy mobile phones, is
their appeal to our motive for organization and
regulation, helping us to systemise our universe.
Mobile phones enable the real-time integration of
information and a myriad of coordination
processes, making us feel like gods nowhere in
space, everywhere in spirit. Being effective
surveillance and organizational devices, tools that
make others always available, they acquire a
strategic role in our life: Control from a distance.
Mobile phones are devices for managing feelings,
such as loneliness, boredom, happiness, coping with
awkward situations, deliberately absenting oneself
from the present environments and so keeping
people at a distance, or articulating the dignity of
the situation by switching off the mobile etc.
deeper motivation, a mobile
telephone is intrinsically a work
tool which greatly facilitates
and increases efficiency. It acts
as a device of action and instant
materialization: Since we think
something and we have the
mobile phone in our hands, we
do it. The mobile phone changes
the sense of speed: It speeds
things up, introduces a sense of
urgency. The devise itself
becomes a prolongation of the
body and the self.
SPONTANEITY: Even more significantly, mobile
phones promise a life thats always-on as
their own territory. A mobile phone enables
us to live more spontaneously, it favours the
manifestation of our extroverted nature. The
instantaneous impact of the mobile phone
satisfies the impulsive need of the user to
externalise emotions at the moment they are
felt. Its entertaining nature and cool culture
of gossip which encourages a more superficial
and playful behaviour.
TRANSFORMATION: Embodying the continual
presence, on, or close to the body, and the always
on properties of the mobile phone device, some of
the most successful brands of the category, have
led it to become a remote control for ones life.
Mobile phones enable us to reconstruct space and
Magically, mobile phones
allow absent subjects to
exercise a constant presence.
Without changing location,
mobile phones grant us the
capacity to voluntarily
suspend ourselves and to
create hybrid personalities
that continuously flow from
one role to another.
EXPLORATION: The success of mobile
phones is based on our desire to be free.
Offering us freedom of movement,
autonomy, increased privacy and a
sense of independence they allow a
flexible and mobile self to be shaped.
Through their portability, malleability,
outdoor nature and their many
functions, mobile phones trigger
discovery. Mobile phones promote
flexible working and cosmopolitanism
allowing us to stray into areas of terra
incognita without almost any other
purpose but to explore.
significantly, by adapting the
mobile phone to our schedule,
purposes and connectedness
to our network, it enable us to
personalise our space and
time. Personal, intimate and
worn openly, the mobile
phone becomes one of the
most significant symbols of
CONNECTEDNESS: On the innermost
layer of human motivation, being
one of our most obvious relational
artefacts, the mobile phone acts as
our link with the world. Through its
use, we are subsumed into a
collective rhythm, our voice is
synchronised with the cosmos.
Mobile phones enable us to return to
primordial patterns of natural
communication. The spontaneous
sharing of thought, visual information
and images of reality help us return to
collective thinking. Having access to
that network, we feel in the loop.
Once connected, we feel our
existence. The self is immersed
into the broader social flow.
This map
illustrates the way
some major
brands in the
global market of
mobile phones are
positioned in the
consumers mind
Deep category understanding is just
the first step in creating engaging
narratives. To build a proposition that
is deeply engaging, the brand must
germinate the bare motives that drive
the category in a unique and
profoundly human way.
Having captured, for the first time, our
fundamental human motives at the
deepest levels of their deployment, all
the way from:
their biological value
to the neurosystems they engage
to the cognitive operations and
psychological states they activate
to the major social reinforcers they
cause and
to the rich hierarchy of inherent
concepts they infuse into our
everyday life,
BRAND AVIATORS helps marketers
develop Intrinsically Engaging
Based on in-depth research and
practical implementation, BRAND
AVIATORS helps marketers
develop brands with a solid
inner architecture deeply rooted
in the fundamental human
motives, using a three-phase
Phase 1: Map the territory
The first phase of the methodology deconstructs
the fundamental human motives driving the
sales and profit of the category, establishes the
relevant psychographic territories and reveals
the way that the brands are mapped in peoples
Phase 2: Give soul to your brand
To be authentic and engaging, narratives must always
be sourced from the core of the brand. The second
phase captures the core of the brand, and mobilises its
genuine codes in order to satisfy our common
motivations relative to the category.
Phase 3: Enrich
peoples lives

Powerful strategies require

effective articulation. In this
third phase, the consumer
proposition is translated into
ownable experiences written
in the language that uses our
primary emotions as structural
There is a direct correlation
between our fundamental
human motives and the level of
sales and profit
Nothing fuels creativity
more than understanding
and mobilising our
fundamental motives and
the rich hierarchy of
inherent concepts they
infuse into our everyday
The efficiency of communication
budgets is maximised when the
authentic codes of the brand match
the deepest motives which drive
sales and profit in the category.
Nowadays, we have no excuse for
saying that we waste half of our
advertising budget but we dont
know which half.
Above all, by founding brand strategy on our fundamental human motives,
and by embedding Intrinsically Engaging Narratives the brand becomes
deeply humanistic in that it offers holistic, universal experiences that no
longer simply satisfy some individual needs but the needs of the species
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