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Assignment 2a

Name: Tsotetsi y

Student Number: 909742201

Question (a)

Software Evaluation Rubric

Soft ware 1 2 3 4 5
Feature Poor Below Average Average Above Excellent
Age /grade level Product is not Many features are Some features are Most features are Product is suitable
suitable for the age unsuitable for the suitable for the age suitable for the age for the age and
and grade level age and grade level and grade level and grade level grade level
Learner Does not provide Provides minimal Provide some Provides adequate Appropriate
Engagement feedback on feedback feedback feedback feedback
Interactivity throughout the throughout the throughout the throughout the throughout the
instruction instruction instruction instruction instruction
Adaptability & Content and does Content Content Most content Product
Accessibility not accommodate accommodates accommodates accommodate accommodates
unique learning minimal unique some unique unique learning unique learning
styles and various learning styles and learning styles and styles and various styles and various
ability levels various ability levels various ability levels ability levels ability levels
Lay out Layout is illogical Layout is frequently Layout is logical in Layout is logical in Layout is logical
and unpredictable illogical some cases most cases
Curriculum No prerequisite List minimal Outlines Outlines most List all prerequisite
Connections knowledge prerequisite prerequisite prerequisite skills
requirements are knowledge knowledge knowledge
given necessary for necessary for necessary for
success success success
Teacher &Learner Teachers and Teachers and Teachers and Teachers and Teachers and students
Support Material students are not able students can students can students frequently can easily track a
to track progress sometimes track a frequently track a track a student's student's progress
student's progress student's progress progress through through feedback or
through feedback or through feedback or feedback or other other documentation
other documentation other documentation documentation
Instructional Purpose is unclear Content lacks sense Content have sense of General purpose is All information
Content of purpose or purpose or central identified relates to the
central theme theme stated purpose and
learning goals

Technical Aspects Web site is often Web site is unreliable Users are able to Users are able to Users are able to
down or unreliable; or software is hard to access web site or access web site or access web site or
software installation install properly install software with install software install software
often results in minimal effort with ease
aborted efforts or
Flexibility Cannot be Some aspects of Most aspects of the Most aspects of the All aspects of the
integrated into the software can be software can be software are software can be
classroom activities integrated into integrated into integrated into easily integrated
classroom activities classroom activities classroom activities into classroom

Assessment It is not clear how to Teachers must Teachers sometimes Teachers assess Teachers can easily
assess the learning in develop their own can assess students' students' progress assess students'
this product assessments progress using using established progress by
established methods methods of evaluating the
of assessment assessment outcomes provided
within the product

Type of Computer: Peripherals

Rating code: 5-Excellent; 4- Above average; 3- Average; 2-Below average; 1- Poor.

1 2 3 4 5 Comments
1 Age /grade level x Most features are suitable for
the age and grade level

2 Learner Engagement x Appropriate feedback

Interactivity throughout the instruction

3 Adaptability & Accessibility x Product accommodates unique

learning styles and various
. ability levels

4 Lay out x Layout is logical

5 Curriculum Connections x Outlines most prerequisite
knowledge necessary for
. success

6 Teacher &Learner Support x Teachers and students can easily

Material track a student's progress through
. feedback

7 Instructional Content x General purpose is identified

8 Technical Aspects x Users are able to access web

site or install software with
. ease

9 Flexibility x All aspects of the software can

be easily integrated into
. classroom activities

1 Assessment x Teachers can easily assess

students' progress by evaluating
0 the outcomes provided within the


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