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skinny pob

Green A Skinny & corn cho lano pepper


This soup is the perfect solution to
Looking for something new to try?
tbsp olive
large onio
n, diced
6 cups fat-fre
eating your green veggies. Its gluten Have some chowder! This chowder 2 cups peele
d and chicken sto
and grain free, making it an ideal is hearty, full of vegetables and has diced carr ck
ots 2 cups peele
soup for a satisfying lunch. One taste a little kick thanks to the peppers. If 2 cups diced d and
celery d iced Yuko
and youll be craving it for the rest of you like spicy food, this might just n
1 large pobla gold potato
the season. become your new favorite. no es
pepper, rib 4 cups froze
s and n corn
seeds rem kernels
finely dice
d 6 tbsp unsalt
2 cloves garl ed
ic, b utter
1 cup all-pu
1 tsp dried th rpose
yme flour

ro coli Salt and p

epper, to 2 cups whole
b ach taste heated

spinp A couple o
souups steamed
dashes of
c sauce (opti
3 oli onal)
brocc inach Fresh pars
s f re sh sp a ley, to
cup erve garnish
1 s (res
leave garnish if
few f ) In a 6-quart
Dutch oven
de r s i
flat other heav , or
s p r igs of ms oil over me
y pot, heat
Few , ste dium heat.
f p a rsley onion, carr Add
lea ots and cele
ved Cook until ry.
remo veggies be
As November
shelle to get tend g in
t b sp of ds heese
, er and onio
1 see feta c on top becomes tr
rolls in and h e m p
a sma ea
ll 1
o z
bled poblano pe
pper and g
A dd

thoughts 1
ts p
h of fin
e s
F reshly per
d lic. Stir, an
d cook unti
l gar-
of summers
p i pep lic become
salt black pepper. (Sta dried thym
s fragrant.
A dd
sweltering heat are
t wat rt with 1 ts
e and salt
c up ho in adjust later
if more is n
salt and a 1/4 nd
1 a virg tsp pepper,
a faint memory, everyone
e e
p o f extr nish diced pota
toes and fr
ded.) Add 6
cups of sto
an d
t s fi ley, ozen corn. ck,
oil to
n a c h , pars turn down
to simmer. B ring to boil; th
rejoices in the fact that its finally getting cooler sh sp high- toes and re Continue to en
o c c o li, fre cher of a st of the ve
getables a
simmer un
til pota-
it butter in a
outside. Around the house, theres a crisp ed br the p water an ntil
d medium-siz re fork ten
l a c e steam d salt in h o t o ru Sprinkle in ed saucepa
n over med
der. Melt
n p s
autumn breeze flowing in through the open P
p s e eds a Add 1 cu 4 minute opped and cook fo
flour and co
mbine with ium heat.
er. ut 3- . Serve t ve r 1-2 minute a whisk. W
window, pots are simmering on the stove, r abo h of oli s. Slowly w hisk
speed n high fo nd smoot a d r izzle d, milk. Stir u
ntil mixture hisk in wa
o a nd re has thicken rmed
filling the room with the aroma of a tasty meal, blend tely silky cheese a es, if desi per. 12 minutes)
. Slowly po ed (approx
e a v p imately
and children are playing outside surrounded com p l of f e t h l e a ck e p mering sto ur milk mix
h c h unks ith spinac round bla mand
der to cook
ck, and stir
to incorpo
ture into th
e sim-
wit i s hw h ly g f Gou
until desire rate. Allow
by fallen leaves. Its the time of year when we a r n
oil. G son with
f r e s
Shir a z i o
pepper; ad d thickness the chow-
ylvie . d more as . Taste for
want a healthy, hearty meal that is easy to d s e a r t es y of S sauce, if de desired. A salt and
an ho t o c o u
dein t h e k
sired. Garn d d a few shak
p n ish with fr es of hot
make. This season, why not savor a new soup e and urma
Recip itchen, go Recipe and
photo court esh parsle
or stew? By Andrea Davis in the Adv entures, re esy of Renee of R
neeskitchen enees Kitch
adventures. en

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slow cooker paleo beef st
1 tsp salt
ew Cut beef into 1-inch pieces
Place in slow cooker. In
, and season with salt and
3 carrots, chopped a small bowl, whisk tomato
into the beef broth. Pour pas te
1 tsp black pepper over beef along with win
1 tsp dried rosemary carrots, onion and mushr e. Ad d
2 lbs boneless beef ooms along with garlic and
1 ing seasonings. Give the rem ain-
tsp dried thyme

A Tasty chuck roast, cut into ingredients a good stir,

cook on low 4-6 hours or cov er an d
1-inch cubes 2 whole bay leaves on high 2-3 hours or un

cup red wine 1 cup fresh Italian meat is cooked through
parsley, minced and veggies are tender.
1 cup beef broth
For those of you who want a change from the usual, 3-4 garlic cloves, mince Remove bay leaves before
this soup is for you. This light, yet filling dish is perfect 3 tbsp tomato paste d serving. Garnish with
or pressed
by itself or paired with a salad. For a meal change 1 yellow onion, diced fresh parsley if desired.
up, you can add tomatoes, noodles, thyme and any 1 healthy pinch of red Recipe and photo courtes
seasoning you want. 2 cups sliced pepper flakes y
of Trina of Paleo Newbie,

chickpea & Paleo Perfection A Hearty Feast

cabbage so Looking for a soup thats both different and simple to do? Try

2 cups on
up a ham and sweet potato soup! Going back to the
time of early hunters and
This stew, full of simmering flavor, is perfect for a lazy, autumn afternoon.
Start up your slow cooker, mix in the ingredients and relax until its time to
ion, chopp
cup sunflo gatherers, this Paleolithic treat yourself to the delicious taste of fall with every hearty spoonful.
wer or oliv lifestyle soup is both gluten
4 e oil
cups cabb
age, chopp and dairy free and sure to
ffron rice
2 cups send your taste buds on a
cooked ch
stew with sa
Savory nnel
ickpeas (g
1 cups
cooked co
arbanzo b
eans) whirl of flavor.
spanish pork & fe
1 cup carrot,
diced STEW:
1 cup peas, 6 cloves garlic, minced
(shoulder) pork
fresh or 3 pounds boneless blade juice
In a large
soup Looking for a dish thats ch chunks cup dry sherry or apple
roast, cut into 1 1/2-in
cup c more than just comfort
elery, chop pot, saut needed Chopped fresh cilantro
& tablespoons olive oil, as
2 garlic clov
es, finely h am
paleo soup
celery, ca
and onion
in co-
food? This stew is full
of tender meat, tasty
Kosher salt and freshly
ground black

chopped r 5-7 vegetables and simple
s p of water conut oil fo ken broth
, pepper SAFFRON RICE:
8 cups low-s 1 tb te s or until ps of chic seasonings, all thrown into cut into 1/2-inch e
odium unc o o ke d
nd 13 .5 m in u A d d 5 c u w h ite head fennel, cored and cups long-grain white ric
vegetable 2 cups can (arou re tender. yams and a pot and simmered to 1 2
broth s , diced 1 t veggies a n c ooked red ringing th
cups re d y a m
oz) of c o c o n u
o o ked ham a n d u
h ea t to start b perfection. Its a traditional pieces 1 teaspoon kosher salt
rolled oats c rn u p in a
cup unco
oked milk (full
fat) toes. Tu g on boil, dish with an unexpectedly large yellow onion, cho
pped threads
1 1 sweet pota il. W hile waitin -lo w heat,
1 teaspoon crushed saffron
tsp dill e e t o n a b o d iu m delicious twist of flavor that ded and cut into
white sw m b led bac s o u p pot to a n o v er me ot large red bell pepper, see
diced C ru
small sau
ce p of arrowro 1
Salt, black
pepper potatoes, for garnis
h, separate w a te r w ith 1 tbsp o f fu ll-
can be served over mashed
1/2-inch pieces
tbsp of te. Add ca
n potatoes or rice.
cups of pre
- optional combine 1 r a b out 1 minu n . C ook mix- over medium-high heat. Sea
2 m , d ic e d r ; w h isk fo ll s a uc e p a ns oil in large Dutch oven
Saut onio
n in oil unti cooked h a flo u
ilk to the s
m a
l- For stew, heat 2 tablespoo pepper . In bat che s, wit hou t
l soft and coconut m s stirring ons salt and 1/2 teaspoon
t. Add rem celery , fa t
other 3 -5 m in u te
comes c re a m y . son pork with 1 1/2 teaspo k and cook, tur nin g occ asi ona lly,
aining cup O N : fo r a n a n d b e re oil as needed), add por
ingredients all TO S E A S tu re
kens sligh
tl y
duce its crowding (and adding mo Transfer to plate. Add re-
except oats diced sm aple ntil it thic s to boil, re about 6 minute s per bat ch.
medium fire
until vegeta
. Cook on
tb s p o f m ly u
e soup p o t b e g in
sonings (m
aple until browned on all sides, d fennel, onion, bell pepper
c a rr o ts , 2 e n la rg th e se a to Dutch oven, and heat. Ad
Add rolled
oats to the
bles are so
ft. cu p syrup W h
ium. Next,
ad d
gs) to the
soup maining 2 tablespoons oil oden spoon, until vegetable
pot, and c d s m a ll t to m e d a so n in ring occasionally with wo
for about
5 more min ook dic e
sp musta
rd he a
stard and
dry s e
s total or
until and garlic; cover. Cook, stir Return por k wit h any juices
u te n io n , tb u p , m u m in u te d sherry; bring to a boil.
Recipe and s. Serve hot.
cup ye
llow o 1
a rred)
sy r
soup abou
t 10-1 5
in utes into
soups soften, about 8 minutes. Ad jus t cov er por k and vegetables, about
photo court (j C o o k 10 m h cold water to
DietTaste, es y of Zrinka P
diced sm
a ll
y flakes
p o t.
re tender.
Abo u t
ou made
in to Dutch oven. Add enoug mer, stir rin g occ asi ona lly,
e heat to low, and cover. Sim
mixture y
avic of
1 tsp parsle potatoes a e , s tir in m in u tes. cups; bring to a boil. Reduc pork is tender, make saf-
c u p s of e p p e r l co ok ing tim fo r an other 5 about 1 1/2 hou rs. Jus t bef ore
tsp groun
d p to ta d coo k on bits until pork is very tender, to a boil in medium saucep
chicken b
roth 1 a ll sa u cepan an d g arn ish with bac s water, salt and saffron
ion powd
er sm
into bowls
,a n fron rice. Bring rice, 4 cup mer un til ten der , abo ut
of coconu
tsp on adle soup and enjoy
! t to very low, and cover. Sim
2 tb s p
t in g

o w d e r
e d ). S e r v e h o t
o Newbie
, over high heat. Reduce hea s. Flu ff ric e wit h fork. Using slotted spoon,
oil (for sa
u p g arlic p (i f desir na of Pale and let stand for 5-20 minute nd for
ts t, foil. Let cooking juices sta
f T ri fro m hea
20 minutes. Remove
urtes y o
veggies) ried thym
e Recipe an
d photo co
eta bles to ser vin g bow l, and cover with aluminum g liqu id is red uce d by
ts p d ie .c o m . transfer pork and veg t, unc overed, until cookin
wroot paleonew
b Bo il ove r high hea
tbsp arro fat on surface. r pork and vegetables and
1 e r) 3 minutes; then skim off h salt and pepper. Pour ove
d es wit
flour (pow half, about 10 minute s. Sea son juic
stew, sprinkle with cilantr
o and ser ve.
rice into bowls. Top with
with cilantro. Spoon saffron om/PorkBeInspired.
y of PorkBeIns and Pinterest.c
Recipe and photo courtes
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