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HAI KANG STEEL (M) SDN. BHD. (761665-W) pi | i Y Your Preferred Manufacturer for ttt Metal Door Frame & Window Frame PROJECT REFERENCE = 2blacks of hostel t Sekolah Menengah Agams Pekan Arau, Perlis PRT housing scheme for Suki Mulut Fe Victims at Kisap, MK Kuah, Langkawi ‘Admin blockand housing scheme for PDRM. Stra, Kedah Sultan Abdul Halim Aiport, Alor Setar Kedah SMIKTeluk AirTavar S 2U, Penang /Adltional development fr PORM, SPS, Penang Class F Quarters for new prison at Jaw, SPS. Penang | block 4storey Sekolah Agama at Jalan Telaga A Butterworth, Penang 2blocs 3-storey building fr SUK C) Pal Teck, Nibong Tebal, Penang Double storey Klink Keshatan Taping, Jalan Tupa, Perak KompleksPenjara Bentong, Pahang ‘Mixed development at Taman Indra Kayangan, Peli Mixed development atTaman Sa Hosba, tra, Kedah Housing project at Bandar Diraja Anak Bukit, Alor Setar, Kedah Housing project at Taman Ser Gedung, Sungal Peta, Kedah Housing project at Taran Sri Mahkota, Sung Ul Kulm, Kedah 178 units dbouble storey terace house at Taman Bartam Perdan, Bertam Phase 2&3 at Taman Desa Aman, Part Buntar 104 units of double storey terace house at Bandar Tasek Mutlra, SP, Penang 1 block 39storey apartment at LebuhrayaThean Tk, Penang blocks low cost at at Taman Perwiraindoh, SPT, Penang 22.unis of double storey semiD atin Pant Jtak Penang | block 29 store Natt Paya Terubong, Penang Petronas peo station at Farlim, Penang 21-storey apartmenr block at Tanjung Bungah, Penang Housing project at Desa Putra, Gold Coast Penang Housing project at Taman Baka Indah, ung Baka, SPS. Mixed development at Task Gelugor 10), SPU, ‘72 nits double storey & 137 units store terrace house at Bandar Casi, Batu Kawan 130 units double store terrace house at Taman Sutera, Seberang Jaya S5-storey apartment block t Sunway City poh Mixed residential development at Taman Pongsu Melati Kean Perak "Mixed development at Taman Jana Seti, Kamunting Taiping, Perak Housing project at Taman Mente, Selama, Perak 2blocks mid-cos fat, of Jalan Kepong Kuala Lumpur Housing project for Bureau of Rehabilitation & Reconstruction, Bandar Aceh ‘The Royal Residence apartment block, Medan See) 604-588 6208 (A/C & Shipping Dept) EEE $550 (A/C & Shipping Dept) Be ed ery VU EE) end INSTALLATION PROCESS HAL KANG STEEL Metal Door Frames, whether Its the HAL KANG STEEL KD-118 KnockedDown System or the BU-118 Bull-Up System, ore manufactured to perfection complete with quality inbuilt hinges, door stops & archtaves, striker plate & lock pocket and shack absorbing buffer. Further strengthened by the dual spreader bars atthe heels the HAI KANG STEEL Metal Door Frames form an integral part ofthe wall and hence add to structural strength, LHAIKANG STEEL Metal Door Frames give usr the flexibly of ether integrating them with feature facia bricks plastering. AMAL KANG STEEL Metal ‘Door Frames are made tothe exact requirements ofthe doors fr which they are intended. With the wire brick es to brickworks) ar. column adaptors ‘adaptor straps, the HAI KANG STEEL Metal Door Frames requiteno nals or lintels but just 635 steps of nstaltion shown below: STEP 3 PANS) Identity brickwork location and door “To prop up metal door frame use two To check whether the fame propery position. planks with ralisat the ends Ensure the plumbed, urea spit ever, ‘correct direction of your door hinge then ‘erect the door fame The nails on the ‘plank should hook to the edge ofthe frame, STEPS Begin brikaork by laying the brick into Brickworks done by placing mortar into Special wir brick tes come with each the rebate behind the back ofthe metal ‘each gap between the bic and fame for ‘metal door frame. These tes are for oor frame, teach ayer. This sto ensue thatthe frame binding the bricks. When mortars st, Is proper filed to give rigiity and remove the spreader bars at base ofthe strength by becoming an Integral part of metal door frame. thestructure. TYPICAL CROSS SECTION OF DOOR FRAME INSTALLATION architrave cement mortrinfil ‘Om. hk birckwal brick es supplied with fame door stop platedhinges ‘2mm. thk plastering