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My personal philosophy will continue to change, develop and evolve as a

progress towards becoming a qualified teacher. It is currently fostered on my

personal beliefs and values of education and has been shaped by my life

I believe that every student deserves to be treated equally and fair, regardless
of their gender, social or cultural background. In alignment with this, I believe
that every student deserves to feel safe, respected, valued and happy. I feel
that my primary responsibility as a teacher is to ensure that students are
supported in achieving this. As a result of this, I will aim to ensure equality and
justice for all students in their schooling experiences and provide a happy,
caring, understanding and safe environment for all students to learn.

I believe that every student is capable of learning and deserves to dream,

believe and succeed. I believe that this is important because students are our
future and it is school experiences that provide students with the knowledge
and skills required to unlock opportunities for their futures. By promoting high
achievements for all students, I am to provide positive educational
experiences, fostering a successful and enjoyable learning environment that
provides students with a solid foundation for their future.

As a teacher, I want to provide the most enjoyable and effective learning

experiences for students. I believe that this requires both a passion for, and
knowledge of, the content being delivered. This is supported by Hattie (2004)
who states that it is what teachers know, do, and care about that is powerful
in shaping the learning outcomes of students (p. 3). I aim to achieve this
through ongoing reflective practice, continually developing myself both
professionally and personally in alignment with the Australian Professional
Standards for Teachers.

New technologies continue to change every aspect of home, life and work.
The Australian Curriculum acknowledges the importance of teaching and
learning with technology. As a result of this, I believe that teachers have a
responsibility to incorporate a repertoire of information and communication
technologies to enhance student learning and engagement. As a teacher, I

will aim to ensure that I am across advances in technology and provide
students with the opportunity to be exposed to them in the classroom.

As a teacher, I understand that students will be motivated and engaged when

they can see the usefulness in what they are learning and how it can be
connected to their real-lives in a meaningful and powerful way. In order to
achieve this, I will strive to provide learning experiences that allow students to
make connections with real-world contexts and that draw on students
personal understandings by finding and applying content to real-world

I understand that relationships are central to a students wellbeing. It has been

found that students felt more cared for, respected and valued when teachers
spent time with them, listened to them, and knew them well (Boyle, 2017). Ill
endeavour to create positive and meaningful student-teacher relationships
that promote respect, positive attitudes and high self-esteem in order to
positively influence students wellbeing and create positive impacts on their

As well as student-teacher relationships, I believe that relationships with

students families are crucial to maximising a students learning. This is
because they provide students families with insight, understanding and
knowledge that enable them to promote positive schooling experiences. I aim
to engage with families with respect to build these relationships,
understanding that family structures are diverse between students.

Alongside family relationships, I believe that relationships with the wider

community are important for both the