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for Professional Experience I Date of Practicum ____________________________

Pre-service teachers name____________________________ Mentors name_______________________________
Performance Evidence that will be What actions will How does my goal Timeframe Support that will Is the goal SMART?
and used to demonstrate I take to achieve connect to my within which be required from
development progression and goal the goal? professional growth? the goal will my mentor and Yes/No
goal to be achievement be achieved adviser to achieve
achieved (stated the goal
State your goal How will you know and List a multi-step List the relevant APST and This will List ways that your Judge the quality of your goals
briefly in very prove you have worked action plan. the reason why you are generally be support people can
specific terms. toward and attained setting this goal. set as the help you achieve
your goal? duration of the your goals.
unless smaller,
shorter goals
are set.
Trial and evaluate 1. Outline of 3 different 1. Research I know that student By my Interim Adviser may suggest Yes
three different strategies behaviour engagement is crucial to Report strategies or
strategies to 2. Evidence of management learning. I have never resources for
manage student incorporation of these strategies taught a whole class of research.
behaviour strategies into my 2. Discuss with my students before and feel
planning mentor which ones nervous about gaining and Mentor will discuss
3. Written evaluation of may be most maintaining their attention. strategies with
the effectiveness of appropriate 4.1 Identify strategies to student, including
each strategy 3. Incorporate into support inclusive student mentors own
my lesson plans participation and experience. They will
4. Evaluate which engagement in classroom give feedback to
ones worked best activities. student on their
and why 4.3 Demonstrate knowledge of implementation of
practical approaches to the three strategies.
manage challenging behaviour