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Between The World And Me

An Honors Presentation
Final Honors Project

Read and annotated Between The World And Me, a book written by Ta-Nehisi Coates about the
history and future of races relationship with politics

Wrote an essay reflecting on some of the main topics discussed in Coates book, including education,
police brutality in Baltimore, and the effects of discrimination against black citizens

Condensing the project allowed me to gain a deeper understanding for the books content and form
of some of my own opinions along the way
Between The World And Me Summary

Account of past, present, and future concerns

regarding racial injustice in America

Published in 2015, New York Times bestseller is

written as a letter to his son

Touches on both Coates toughest and happiest

experiences while in Baltimore and Paris
Reading and Annotating Process

Soaked up as much information as I could, took time, re-read, defined new terms

Took note of recurring themes and phrases, changes in chapter or topic

Wrote down important quotes, side notes about potential connections between them

Eventually translated into combining ideas, forming essay body paragraphs


Experienced similarities and differences between school and daily gang activity

Unfair for him to decipher when and when not to stand ground or back down

Failure to streets, streets to death, knowledge and social cues are important
Police Brutality

Prince Jones, graduate at Howard, was shot and killed by Prince Georges County Police

Group has a history of being violent, ideas of society upon the officer

Some police officers, not all, are causing or contributing to community issues, biases
need to be removed from system, price of human life is insurmountable
Overall Discrimination

Civil Rights Movement and other events can not break the chains of slavery

Coates argued that black men, women, and children like him feel mentally unfree

Racial slurs are casually thrown around in todays society

The Books Impact On Me

Acknowledge diversity, let go of race as a binding or hindering factor in society

Goes beyond the basic idea of respecting others, able to see through the eyes of
someone who has experienced this divide

Story was not cliche, raw and true, allowed me to see a world through a different lens

Important to recognize racial rifts, no matter how far away from the issue you may feel

Fight against racial discrimination, advocate for change