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The Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India

Article by Rob Lund

Several ancient documents that have construction (metals, glass, and other), attached to the end beads in various
come out of India, such as the Rama- including the motors, generators, electi- directions. At the middle of the pole,
yana, Mahabarata, and Rg Veda, and cal wiring and switches and even mo- mustard cleaned solar mirror should be
that date back thousands of years, occa- tors and other power sources including fixed."
sionally refer to Vimana, or vehicles rechargable batteries and solar power!
that fly. What I find interesting is that, There is even a brief description of a "To the east of the liquid salt vessel, the
unlike many other documents that men- Mercury Vortex engine - which is cur- elecrtrical generator should be placed
tion flying chariots or carriages, these rently seen as leading edge science and and the wiring of the crystal attached to
documents use the word Vimana. This being "developed" today. it. The current from both the yantras
word refers specifically to flying ma- Also described in detail are: Appropri- should be passed to the crystal in the
chines, and they are further categorized ate clothing and food for pilots; hearing liquid ruchaka salt vessel."
into three different types with up to conversations and other sounds in en-
fifty six variations. Some are over one emy aircraft; receiving pictures of the There are descriptions of using animal
hundred feet across. interior of enemy aircraft; camouflage skins to cover electrical wires. The text
and making the vimana invisible to the notes thirty two ways to generate elec-
Of course, the content of many of these enemy (stealth?); assessing other air- tical power, e.g., friction, heat, water,
ancient documents are regarded as craft direction; making persons in en- solar, battery. An interesting descrip-
myth and while one can debate the emy aircraft lose consciousness; de- tion of creating a battery refers to the
value or origins of ancient myths, some stroying enemy aircraft; a mine detec- use of animal urine: ass, cow, camel,
of these ancient documents are written tor; missile detection and avoidance, a and elephant. There is a very clear de-
in such a matter-of-fact language, and diversion mechanism; and more! scription for the construction of an air
many are of such a mundane nature cooling unit. Much use is made of vari-
(such as preparation of food), that they There are detailed descriptions of how ous types of crystals throughout. And
cannot be dismissed as fiction. Other to make the various metals used to con- so it goes on.
documents are of a more technological struct the Vimana, and its component
nature and even cover techniques of parts. One chapter deals with mirrors Throughout the text, names are used for
warfare. Among these are texts that and lenses, and the words reflectors and various objects and substances in the
discuss aerial warfare. There is aware- transmitters comes to mind when read- the original language. These were obvi-
ness of a text called the Samara Sutrad- ing this. ously unable to be translated, probably
hara, which purports to be a scientific because knowledge of these has either
treatise dealing with every possible Another chapter describes, in detail, the been lost, or names have change over
angle of travel in a Vimana, such as machinery and mechanics used in the the centuries. One wonders what amaz-
construction, take-off, cruising, and Vimana. Below are some quotes from ing things these may have been.
normal and forced landings! this chapter, which illustrate the detail:
Some of the Vimana make use of verti-
A text, called the Vimanaika Shastra, "In the centre, erect a 6 inch pivot and cal take-off and landing, others lateral.
was found in 1918 and is estimated to four tubes, made of vishvodara metal, Descriptions of their speeds are confus-
have been written in the fifth century equipped with hinges and bands of cop- ing, e.g. "400 yojanas or 3600 miles" ??
BC, although the original may be much per, brass, or lead, and attach to the
older. pegs in the lines in the several direc- I hope that this article gives you an idea
tions. The whole is to be covered." of the believability of this text. If it is
The Vimanaika Shastra is quite amaz- genuine, this changes history as we
ing (an English translation can be "A vessel with mercury should be fixed were taught. One wonders what hap-
found in the book "The Vimana Air- at its bottom. In it a crystal bead with pened to all of this amazing technol-
craft of Ancient India and Atlantis" by hole should be placed. Through the ogy. Was it lost due to politics, or war,
David Hatcher-Childress). It has de- hole in the chemically purified bead, or was that whole civilization lost?
tailed descriptions of the materials for sensitive wires should be passed and Certainly, this is food for thought.
A recent visit by my cousin Bunny from Swaziland, step away. Undaunted, I took another step closer and
Africa (some of you met him) reminded me of some of prepared to mount again, but the donkey went another
the adventures we shared growing up. The following step too. Tried again: same thing. When I saw the don-
story may amuse you. key giving me a sideways glance, I knew that he was
At a time in my life when I was doing a lot of discovery, toying with me. Determined, though, I took two quick
I learned that donkeys are as lazy as most people believe steps, surprising the creature, and managed to hop on.
them to be, but not as stupid as some people think they Even though I couldn't see his face now, I could sense
are. In fact, I discovered that they will think of ways to the donkeys consternation. My smirk however did not
get out of doing work. last long. This time, holding on, I applied the stick as
As teenagers, Bunny and I, and another friend Wally, before, but nothing happened. I applied the switch a bit
often visited my uncle's property in the northern part of more forcibly, but he wasnt budging. Repeated whack-
South Africa, where we used to go hunting. The man ing produced no results. So then I tried a new ap-
who looked after the place, a Shangaan by the name of proach: pushing the stick under his tail and prodding the
Mbile, owned a few donkeys. On one of our visits, we donkey's more sensitive areas. This got him going and
decided that we were going to ride these donkeys (there off we went. However, we were not going down the
were no horses on the farm). So, having carefully se- road, as I had anticipated, we were moving towards the
lected my steed, I stroked its head, and then hopped on fence. This is not where I wanted to go, as it was a
his back. Having no saddle and stirrups, I grabbed hold barbed wire fence. At that point in time, I realized that I
of its mane, or whatever you call the hair down a don- had nothing to steer the donkey with, and pulling on his
keys neck, and prepared for the ride of my life. I tapped mane didn't produced the desired effect. When we got
my heels into its ribs, the way they do in the Western close to the fence, the donkey then turned parallel to the
movies, made the right clicking noise and was ready to fence and started moving closer. I realized, then, that
go flying down the road. Only....nothing happened, the this creature was out to get me, and I had to jump off to
donkey just stood there. I jabbed my heels in a bit harder avoid getting my legs ripped to shreds on the barbed
but to no avail. I thrust forward to try to indicate that I wire. Strangely, the others were having the same experi-
was after some movement, but got no response. Wally ence. After that, we decided to give up.
was in the same situation. Bunny decided to help by
Long afterwards, it dawned on me that this creature had
slapping Wallys ride on the rump. The donkey took off
the same philosophy as me at that time: the only thing
like a shot and Wally, who was unprepared, did a somer-
worth putting effort into was finding ways to get out
sault in place and landed on his butt on the ground. I
of doing any work. Much later on, I learnt from this
was laughing so much that I didnt see Bunny move
that determination could only get you so far and no fur-
behind me and do the same to my steed. Same result:
ther, without cooperation.
back flip and on my butt. I wasnt laughing any more,
but both Bunny and Wally were, hysterically. Postscript: Ive learned and experienced, over the
Not discouraged, and understanding the means of moti- years, that animals have much more intelligence, and
vating these animals into movement, I broke a branch emotions, than most humans give them credit for. This
off of a tree, making a little switch, like professional is something to bear in mind when dealing with all ani-
jockeys use. Back on the donkey, I used the branch to mals.
lightly whack the donkeys rump. I didn't really expect it
to work so, of course, I wasnt holding on when the don-
key took off, and landed on by butt once more. Fortu-
nately, the donkey, having shed its load, came to a stop.
Now I had the secret, I was eager to try again. As I lifted
my leg over the donkey however, it decided to take one

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