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Synopsis of REVERIE Power & Automation Engineering

Name of the Business : REVERIE Power & Automation Engineering Ltd
Legal Status of the : Limited Concern
Year of Business : 2011
Nature of Business In general, REVERIE deals with following products and services:
Design, Construction, Supply, Installation, Testing &
Commissioning of MV/HV/EHV Electrical Substations and
Transmission Line.
Manufacturing upto 33kV Distribution and Power Transformer &
Various panels including HV/EHV Control & Protection Panels.
Industrial Automation & Substation Automation.
Design & Engineering, Fabrication of Genset and Engine
Control System.
Distributor of various foreign principals like ABB, SIEMENS, GE,
Brodersen, COMAP, Governor America Corporation and
supplying their electrical engineering items.
Manufacturing Product: High Voltage Power Transformer, Distribution Transformers, HT
Switchgear, LT Switchgear, PFI Panel, MV/HV Control Relay, Panels,
MCC, Metering Panels, Synchronization Panel, Distribution Panel.
Key Strength : REVERIE is the only company in Bangladesh who manufactures
Engine and Generator Control System collaborating with
COMAP, Czech Republic
Only 4 companies except REVERIE produces 33kV Power
Transformers. They are Energypac, Adex Corporation,
Powerman and SQ Electric.
REVERIE has the repairing facility of 132kV Power
Transformers. In Bangladesh, Energypac is the only other
company who has this facility.
REVERIE has a huge range of Electrical Testing Equipment and
that is the core reason why foreign companies choose REVERIE
to work. In some testing machine, REVERIE is unique.
REVERIE is one of the few companies in Bangladesh, who has
Electrical and Civil Design and Engineering team of their own.
Only Energypac has such team for project completion.
REVERIE is only local company in Bangladesh who provides
such big spectrum of Electrical Engineering solution.
All the owners are young and energetic and are directly involved
to the company operations.
Credentials REVERIE has never missed a single installment of any loan or
credit from Bank. All the payments has been made on time since
the starting of REVERIE banking on March 2012.
REVERIE is awarded as best practicing subcontractor in 2015
for Bangladesh Market.
REVERIE has commissioned Kaliakoir 400kV Substation on
November 2016. This is the first Ultra High Voltage Substation of
The market reputation of REVERIE is his greatest strength.

Key person Name : Md. Zahid Hossain, Chairman of the concern

Number of Directors : 07
Sister Concern & Nature : N/A
of Business
Educational background : Most of the directors completed their graduation from BUET. Also they
of the directors were professional engineer in ENERGYPAC, Rahimafrooz and Siemens
for long time.
Registered Office Address 260/B, Tejgaon Industrial area, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208
Factory Address : Narsinghachar, Noakanda, Gozaria, Palash, Narsingdi
Factory Details : Factory Land- 121 decimal
Factory shade- 66000 sqft
3 storied dormitory building. Per floor 4000 Sqft.
Value of Machinery: BDT 6.50 crore
Number of Staff : More than 200 permanent engineer, professional accounts officer and
management stuff.
Business Performance : BDT 47.00 crore in 2015, BDT 65.00 crore in 2016 and projected sales
target in 2017 is more than BDT 150.00 crore
Bank reflection of total : More than 80%
Banking Relationship : The CITY Bank Ltd
Total Credit Limit with : Total composite Credit limit is BDT 22.00 crore( Funded- 14.00 crore &
MDB Non Funded- 8.00 Crore).
Succession : N/A ( Limited Company)
Work order in Hand : Amigo Bangladesh Ltd. W/O Value is BDT 65.00 Crore ( A
Hong Kong based company Jointly working with Crystal Group
of Bangladesh and they are establishing a project for BDT
12500.00 crore in Ghorashal)
Buildtrade Foils Ltd. W/O value is BDT- 10.50 crore
Note: The customer is interested to execute both the work order throw
NRBBL finance.
Proposed Composite : BDT 45.00 crore are as follows only for the above mentioned Work
Credit Limit requirement Order:
of the customer OD- Work Order- BDT 20.00 crore
L/C & LTR- BDT 10.00 crore
B/G, P/G, APG & B/B- BDT15.00 crore
Proposed rate of interest : 12% & 0.25%
& Commission on L/C,
B/G, P/G and others
Proposed Security : 10% Cash Margin for Revolving LC
10% Cash Margin for Revolving BG
25% Cash security of the advance payment of individual work
order would be lined against the proposed credit facility
2% cash security would be lined against the entire liability from
every proportioned bills.
Work order payment will be assigned with NRBBL (work order
execution will done by a letter of credit and the L/C will kept lien
with NRBBL).
Letter of undertaking provided by the customer to deposit the
bills against which will be no assignment
2nd charge on stock, book debts, machineries and other items
Notarized IGPA empowering the Bank to sell the hypothecated
items without intervention of the court of law in case of default.
Personal Guarantee of all the directors of the concern
MICR cheque covering limit.
Basic Charge Documents