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Newsletter of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign April 2017

“US gives green light for coup”
Defend the Bolivarian revolution
peaking on state television in recent days causing economic the president’s office they would im- one that it should take in the future.
on April 18 in the evening, damage estimated at around 50 mediately move to introduce mas- This debate is taking place within
Venezuelan President Nico- billion bolivars, President Maduro sive cuts in public spending, partic- the ranks of the Bolivarian move-
las Maduro fired back at the announced Sunday. A high school, ularly on health care and education. ment, where many are highly criti-
Trump administration, accusing a community health center, various They would move to privatise all the cal.
it of promoting regime change in subsidized food markets and several utilities which were re-nationalised Our first task is to defend the Boli-
the South American nation. government ministries have also re- by President Chavez, they would varian revolution from the current
portedly been severely affected. return exprorpiated landed estates
“The U.S. government, the State De- assault it is facing, otherwise all
to their former owners, they would
partment has given the green light, The statements by the US State De- its conquests, and there are many,
privatise the over a million homes
the approval for a coup process to partment have been accompanied will be destroyed. This we can do
the government has built for people
intervene in Venezuela,” President by similar declarations by the Or- through international solidarity
in need, etc.
Nicolas Maduro said, speaking from ganisation of American States gen- and also by advancing and
the Miraflores Palace. eral secretary Almagro and a group For all these reasons it is our elemen- redou- bling our own
of 11 Latin American countries led tary duty of international solidarity strug- gles.
Maduro said that security forces
by Colombia. to defend the Bolivarian revolution
had arrested an “armed commando
against the attacks of imperialism
group sent by the opposition in or- Several opposition leaders, includ-
and the right wing oligarchy in Ven-
der to attack the mobilization called ing National Assembly president Ju-
ezuela. We stand by the Venezuelan
by the right-wing for Wednesday to lio Borges, have made open appeals
workers and poor who have been
generate violence and deaths in the to the Armed Forces to intervene “in
the motor force of the Bolivarian
country.” An investigation has been order to defend the Constitution”.
revolution for nearly 20 years. Their
opened to determine who is behind Let’s not forget that these opposi-
victories are also ours, their defeat
the plan. tion leaders are the same who car-
would also be a defeat for our side.
ried out a coup exactly 15 years ago,
According to the Venezuelan leader,
on April 11, 2002, which suppressed Venezuela is currently facing a seri-
who also pointed to a U.S. State De-
the Bolivarian constitution and dis- ous economic crisis, mainly driven
partment statement issued Tuesday
banded all public offices of the state. by the sudden collapse of oil prices
evening warning of an “internation-
Under the disguise of “defence of (which at its peak reached 120 dol-
al response” should “peaceful pro-
the Constitution”, which the alleged lars a barrel and then col-
tests” face repression, the U.S. gov-
the government has violated, what lapsed to a low of around
ernment wrote up a coup scenario
they are really calling for is for the 30 dollars a barrel in
for opposition leader Julio Borges.
Armed Forces to remove President 2016). This has severe-
The “scenario” Maduro referred to Maduro. ly limited the ability
consists in generating violence and of the government
The aim of the statements by the
deaths before blaming the Venezu- to carry out social
United States, the OAS general sere-
elan government for allegedly vio- policies and led to a
tary and others is clear: to put pres-
lently attacking political opponents. whole series of dis-
sure on the Venezuelan government
Then the plot leaders would de- torsions in the econ-
and encourage violent opposition
mand immediate elections, ahead omy which have hit
protests which could then lead to
of Maduro’s official end of term in mainly the workers
the intervention of the Army: a mili-
2019. and the poor, the
tary coup.
Maduro’s statement comes after social basis of the
The overthrow of the Bolivarian revolution.
weeks of opposition-led anti-gov-
government by the so-called “dem-
ernment demonstrations calling for There is a debate
ocratic” opposition would lead to an
the ouster of the country’s Supreme to be had
all out assault on all the conquests of
Court judges as well as President about the
the Venezuelan revolution.
Nicolas Maduro. According to re- m easures
ports, among those killed in the We have already seen the Macri which the
ensuing violence include a 13-year- government in Argentina and the g ove r n -
old boy who was shot Wednesday Temer government in Brazil launch m e n t
when opposition protesters entered massive assaults against the work- has tak-
a social housing complex and an ers and the poor, with mass lay offs, en in
83-year-old woman who was not counter reforms of labour laws and f acing
able to receive medical attention regulations, privatisations, attacks t h i s
due to opposition roadblocks. on pension rights, etc. crisis
Opposition protesters have van- In Venezuela it would be even a n d
dalized various areas in Caracas worse. If the opposition were to take t h e
Venezuela Rejects “Interventionist” Statement
by US Southern Command Chief
such declarations are being The Bolivarian Republic of Ven-
made in this moment, when a fe- ezuela rejects this latest act of
rocious international attack is be- interference, which is against the
ing carried out against Venezuela principle of the self-determina-
through the General Secretary tion of the people, and ratifies its
of the OAS and a cohort of coun- unshakeable commitment to the
tries allied to the US government, institutions of the Bolivarian Re-
which undoubtedly form part of public to defend its liberty, sover-
the same plan under develop- eignty and the independence of
ment to dominate our people. the nation, as part of the historic
We alert the international com- legacy of our liberators.
munity to the plan which is un- Caracas, April 7th, 2017

he Bolivarian Republic of American States (OAS). derway to undermine the sov-
ereignty and territorial integrity BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF
Venezuela categorically This is nothing new. This is exact- VENEZUELA, MINISTRIES OF
rejects and protests the of Venezuela, contravening the
ly the same script that has been United Nations’ Charter and its PEOPLE’S POWER FOR FOR-
comments expressed by repeated by the spokespeople
Admiral Kurt Tidd, commander principles and aims. This is a call EIGN RELATIONS AND DE-
and regional executioners of the to the peoples of Our America in
of the United States South- interventionist plan against Ven- FENSE
ern Command, which lay the the face of these serious occur-
ezuela to justify their avaricious rences against our country.
groundwork for an attack on ambitions with regards to our re-
Venezuela under the aegis of sources, seriously threatening the
the false doctrine of collective peace of our homeland.
regional security.
Just as his predecessor John Kelly,
Some achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution
On Thursday, April 6 2017, Admi- who at the end of 2015 voiced • Free university education expanded from 800,000 students
ral Kurt Tidd declared that: “… false opinions about the politi- in 1998 to 2.6 million in 2013
The growing humanitarian crisis cal, economic and social situation • Poverty reduced from 48% to 27%, extreme poverty down
in Venezuela could eventually of the country, which without a from 22% to 10%
compel a regional response”. This doubt formed part of the well- • Illiteracy eradicated in 2005, when 1.5 million learnt to read
affirmation, aimed at creating known script for interference and write
uncertainty and instability in the and provocation to justify, in the • 19 democratic elections held, 18 of which were won by the
country, is framed within the in- name of humanitarian reasons Bolivarian revolution
terventionist order of a group of
governments that are harassing
and the subterfuge of a “regional • Malnourishment reduced from 21% to 5%
and relentlessly hounding Vene-
response”, a future military inter- • Privatised utilities and state enterprises renationalised
vention in our territory whose • Beneficiaries of old age pensions increased from 380,000 to
zuela through the construction of real objective is simply to over-
false assumptions accompanied 2.1 million
throw the legitimately elected • Number of doctors per 10,000 inhabitants increased from 18
by operations in the media and government.
fraudulent processes within the to 58
framework of the Organization of It is particularly worrying that • Trade Union and Labour rights strengthened

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