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Guidelines for submission of six monthly compliance report

1. The submission of six monthly compliance reports is legally mandatory as per the
provisions of EIA notification, 2006 under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986.The
six monthly report for the period from April to September should be submitted by 1 st
December and from October to March by 1st June every year in both soft (MS Word
Email: and hard form.

2. The compliance report should clearly indicate the name of the project, the clearance
letter no., the project code (as mentioned above) and the time period as given below.

3. In order to maintain a uniform order, it is desired that the compliance status in these
reports should be given condition- wise in tabular form as per format given below.

4. The compliance of each conditions should be self explanatory, meaningful and to the
point. It should be supported by figure/data in brief. The analysis data for air and
water pollution parameters as well as ground water level & quality should only be
given in the form of statistical interpretations. The analysis of air, water and ground
water should be got conducted from laboratories recognized under Environment
(Protection) Act, 1986 or accredited by NABL. The occupational health surveillance
reports should be analyzed at your own level and only the results should be indicated
in the compliance report. The green belt development should be depicted on a map
with specific mention of the number of survival plants and coverage of the area in
percentage. The words like complied/shall be complied/already reported as complied
should be avoided.

5. No annexure should be included with the compliance report. However, the requisite
documents such as analysis reports for air, water and ground water, occupational
health surveillance reports and maps depicting green belt, locations of OB
dumps/garland/catch drains etc should be submitted as a separate set with the
compliance report.

Format for filling up of compliance report


Name of the Project: Project Code:

Clearance Letter No:

Period of Compliance Report:

Specific Conditions:

Sr. Conditions Compliance Status

General Conditions:

Sr. Conditions Compliance Status