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LS4.C: Adaptation
Changes in the physical environment, whether naturally occurring or human induced,
have thus contributed to the expansion of some species, the emergence of new
distinct species as populations diverge under different conditions, and the decline
and sometimes the extinctionof some species. (EVS-LS4-6)

This was the Teaching curriculum I chose to meet for this assignment. I was
assigned the teaching major of Life Science (7-12 grade). This is the URL for where I
found the curriculum standards but I clicked on the DOC. titled Environmental
Science under the heading of 9-12 Science Standards (Valid July 1, 2018).

I used the video titled, Animal Adaptations. This video is 2:11 minutes long and is
narrated by elementary students. This video gives great examples of animal
adaptions in the wild.

I would use this video to show my students great examples of animal adaptations.
This video does not however define adaptions or teach anything about them so I
would do that and use this video as a tool of showing them examples. This video is
made my elementary students but I believe this is still helpful for the older age
group because of the accurate and creative examples it used. I would most likely
place this video in the middle of a lecture to provide students another way to learn
the examples. We could then talk about the examples they gave and see if my
students could come up with any on their own.

ESS2.D: Weather and Climate
Current models predict that, although future regional climate changes will be complex
and varied, average global temperatures will continue to rise. The outcomes
predicted by global climate models strongly depend on the amounts of human-
generated greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere each year and by the ways in
which these gases are absorbed by the ocean and biosphere.

This video is titled, Climate and Weather, and is 9:44 minutes long.

This video is kind of long and is an overview of what climate and weather are. I
would assign my students to watch this PowerPoint as homework and then provide
a summary and class discussion the following day. Since my students are older I
Sarah Smith

believe this is an appropriate assignment and would require outside time to
complete. In our class discussion we could talk about the effect humans have on
climate and weather and discover what the connection we have to greenhouse
gases. To meet the curriculum requirements this discussion would facilitate that
upper level thinking of finding the connection to humans and greenhouse gases.