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Final Spring Semester Evaluation Summary

Special Education Placement- 4th Grade Co-taught General Education Classroom (55 students)
Mentor: Emily Kujansuu
Scott Elementary School, DeWitt, MI
In Summary: Kaylie Quimby is an exceptional young teacher. From the beginning of her
internship in the fall, Kaylie's notable work ethic, her love for children, and her commitment to
the teaching profession exceeded expectations. Kaylie's lessons are carefully planned and
consistently incorporate all the elements of good teaching. She does an excellent job helping
students make connections between new and prior learning.

As she teaches, Kaylie models learning strategies in a clear, step-by-step fashion. She is terrific
at naturally inserting 'think-alouds' into her instruction to help students as they process new
material. As she teaches, Kaylie continually assesses student understanding and she adjusts her
instruction if it's needed. This ability to quickly and confidently think on her feet is one of
Kaylie's many strengths. Kaylie is a calm and highly organized classroom leader.

She has a strong, research-based foundation in positive behavior management, and I have been
consistently impressed by how skillfully Kaylie integrates positive feedback into her interactions
with students. Her ability to manage a classroom (including transition times) is simply
outstanding. Her students are respectful and responsive to her, and they clearly love having Ms.
Quimby as one of their teachers.

Kaylie met both of the goals set at her mid-term AOP. She demonstrably increased her students'
active participation in their learning, and she showed growth in her skill at promoting critical and
higher order thinking in students. Kaylie encouraged students to connect what they learn in her
classroom with their lives outside of school. For example, her use of questions such as, "Why is
it important to be able to add and subtract fractions?" helped her students see how mathematics
has an important role in their everyday lives. Her inquiry unit on disabilities, which Kaylie
designed for one of her graduate classes, educated her students about the variety of disabilities
people can experience, and it also raised their sensitivity towards - and compassion for - others.

Kaylie is a talented teacher who is leaving this internship year fully prepared to teach in her own
classroom. She will be equally skilled in either in a special education or general education
setting. Kaylie's work this internship year met the highest standards of excellence set by
Michigan State University for its interns.

-Cynthia P. Servis Field Instructor Michigan State University