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My Trip through the Circulatory System (Performance Assessment)


This is me!
Draw a picture of yourself

Today I am taking a trip through my body! I will be riding a __________________.
I will start in the _____________!
Draw yourself on a Red Blood Cell

Before I leave I have to pack a few things. I will bring ___________ and
________________ with me.
Draw an Oxygen Molecule O

I will then travel through the heart, which will__________ me through the rest of
the body.
Draw the Human Heart

I depart with all of the other red blood cells and travel through the ___________, the
main artery.
Label the Aorta

I see smaller ________________ start to branch off the aorta. I will take one of these
arteries to a _____________________________________.
Draw arteries branching off the Aorta

Once I get there, I will take a rest at a ________________. The capillary is narrow so
Ill need to ________________!
Color the Arteries (red), Capillaries (purple), and the Veins (blue)

At the capillary, I will drop off all of my ______________ and _____________and
pick up _____________and ________________.
Draw a Carbon Dioxide Molecule (CO2)

I will then leave the capillary and start to head back to the heart by taking the
Draw arteries veins and capillaries. Label and use arrows to show the direction the blood
is flowing.

Once I check into the ______________, I will be sent to the ______________ to drop
off the waste and carbon dioxide.
Draw a diagram of the heart and lungs. Label the direction the blood flows.

At the lungs, I will pick up oxygen and nutrients and travel back to the ___________
to start my trip again. Wow that was a fast trip! It only took me about __________
to complete!
Draw your circulatory system!