GoFundMe for K-12 Teachers

A Guidebook to Help Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses for
GoFundMe: Helping Teachers

GoFundMe today released a new guidebook highlighting the growing trend of
crowdfunding to help reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for K-12 teachers and
students. With the average teacher spending $500 per year on school supplies, the need
for help with education costs in this country is clear. That’s why more and more teachers
are realizing that, with just a few clicks, they are able to start a GoFundMe to help reduce
the burden.

This guidebook includes three sections:
1. National Data:
○ New national data about the growing trend of students using
social fundraising to pay for school.
2. How to Launch a Successful GoFundMe:
○ Step-by-step instructions and important tips for students
about how to create a successful GoFundMe to raise money for school
3. State-Specific Data:
○ State-specific data outlining the GoFundMes to support K-12
teachers in your state.

GoFundMe has made this new new data available to K-12 teachers, parents, and
community members across the country to show how easy it is reduce or eliminate out-of-
pocket classroom expenses.

Section 1: National Data

We all know schools across America are chronically underfunded. In order to ensure their
students receive the best possible education, educators invest significant amounts of their
own money in an effort to bridge resource gaps. Teachers collectively spend $1.6 billion
out-of-pocket every year on classroom supplies, with an average spend of $500 per
teacher per year. In 2015, 91% of teachers used some of their own money to pay for
school supplies. New data from GoFundMe shows the growing trend by teachers, parents
and staff turning to GoFundMe to support K-12 classrooms and reduce or eliminate out-
of-pocket expenses for teachers.

GoFundMe Data:
● GoFundMe Campaigns For K-12 Teachers: 72,000
● Total Money Raised: $33.8 Million

Fast Facts: Teacher Spending

● 91% of teachers used money to pay for school supplies
● 73% of teachers or schools provide students with a list of school supplies to
● 62% of students can purchase all of the requested school supplies
● 87% of teachers purchase items for writing and children's activities
● 86% of teachers purchase general office supplies
● 79% purchase notebooks and paper
● 74% purchase janitorial, sanitation and breakroom products
● 67% purchase materials for arts, crafts and projects

Total Funds Raised on GoFundMe for K-12 Classrooms Per State
Alabama $275,000 Massachusetts $920,000 Tennessee $541,000

Alaska $155,000 Michigan $892,000 Texas $2.1M

Arizona $710,000 Minnesota $492,000 Utah $222.000

Arkansas $176,000 Mississippi $240,000 Vermont $109,000

California $4.7M Missouri $410,000 Virginia $958,000

Colorado $855,000 Montana $109,000 Washington $765,000

Connecticut $400,000 Nebraska $118,000 West Virginia $138,000

Delaware $120,000 Nevada $243,000 Wisconsin $487,000

DC $350,000 New Hampshire $196,000 Wyoming $39,000

Florida $1.8M New Jersey $808,000

Georgia $1.2M New Mexico $242,000

Hawaii $237,000 New York $1.7M

Idaho $195,000 North Carolina $1.4M

Illinois $1.2M North Dakota $31,000

Indiana $490,000 Ohio $725,000

Iowa Oklahoma $327,00
$170,000 0

Kansas Oregon $469,00
$176,000 0

Kentucky Pennsylvania $973,00
$175,000 0

Louisiana Rhode Island $127,00
$493,000 0

Maine South Carolina $490,00
$238,000 0

Maryland $947,000 South Dakota $60,000

Top Ten States for K-12 Classrooms
State Total Number of Campaigns Total Amount Raised

California 8,280 $4.7M
Texas 5,160 $2.1M
Florida 4,500 $1.8M
New York 2,520 $1.7M
North Carolina 3,160 $1.4M
Georgia 2,960 $1.2M
Illinois 2,450 $1.2M
Pennsylvania 1,930 $973,000
Virginia 1,880 $958,000
Maryland 1,770 $947,000

Notable Campaigns
Campaign Amount Raised

Every Kid Deserves A Bike! $80,664

Help Highlander 8th Grade Visit DC $3,072

Ms. Stokes 2nd Grade Class $960

My Classroom Library $640

My ESL Classroom $3,000

Classroom Supply Time $1,050

Section 2: Step-by-Step Instructions to
Create a GoFundMe

How to Create a GoFundMe for a K-12 Classroom
Now that you’ve read how much you can raise, you’re ready to create a campaign. Below
you will find step-by-step instructions to create a GoFundMe as well as some tips and
tricks to successfully raise money.

Step 1: Visit GoFundMe.com/WeLoveTeachers and Click “Start A

Step 2: Set Your Goal

Step 3. Write a Catchy Title

Step 4: Set Your Category and Enter Your Zip Code

Step 5. Add a Photo or Video to Make Your Campaign Stand Out

Step 6. Write Your GoFundMe’s Description

Step 7: Link Your Facebook Account and Share Your Campaign With Your
Friends and Family

6 Tips for a Successful K-12 GoFundMe
Education is the fastest growing category on GoFundMe, and it’s no surprise: we know
that teachers and schools can always use more support. That’s why we would love to help
you create a successful education campaign.

You can raise funds for classroom materials, after-school programs, field trips, or anything
else that helps students learn. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or a
student, we’re excited to help you get the funding you need.

1. Tell Your Story with Heart
In your campaign description, tell us why you’re raising funds and about the classroom you
hope to support. What is special about the teacher or the students? What are you proud of
and want people to know?

The best education campaigns share love for the students and teachers right in the
description! Include as much heart and soul as possible, so donors get a real sense of what
their donation will be supporting.

2. Include Photos and Video
Donors love to see photos and videos of students, teachers, and classrooms. If possible,
include an informal video that helps explain what the funds will go toward—and if you
have permission, include the students! Adding a personal touch makes all the difference in
building support for your campaign.

3. Add School Supplies as Wish List Items
If your campaign is raising money for specific school supplies, a Wish List can be a great
way to show the specific items that are part of your larger goal.

For example, if you’re an English teacher raising money for your classroom library, you
could put each set of books you need to purchase as a separate item. That way, a donor
who loves Where the Red Fern Grows can click on that Wish List item and contribute
specifically toward that set of books for you! The donation will be included as part of your
campaign total, and the donor will know exactly how their donation will be used.

4. Have a Plan for the Funds

Some schools and districts have procedures they require for how money is ultimately
routed to the school. Talk with school leadership to determine the best place for the funds
to be withdrawn so that your campaign is in accordance with their guidelines.

Our Happiness team can help a financial administrator of your school or district withdraw
the funds directly if you as a parent, teacher, or student are aware you should not
withdraw them personally. Just reach out to us here.

5. Spread the Word
We’ve found that there is a lot of enthusiasm for education campaigns. Donors are glad to
have the opportunity to contribute to a specific class or project, so please don’t feel shy
about sharing the campaign with community members, in addition to your network of
friends and family.

Encourage your connections to share the campaign, even if they aren’t able to contribute
themselves. You may be surprised by the people who want to donate to your campaign.

6. Say Thanks!
Organizers of education campaigns are in a unique position to say thanks using messages,
photos, or video from those who benefited from the campaign. Send personal thank-you
messages to your supporters so they know what a difference they made. Who knows,
maybe they will want to make a donation to a similar campaign next school year!

Tips for Donors
1. Donors are fully protected -- we guarantee it
Our platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, the first and only guarantee for
crowdfunding. The GoFundMe Guarantee adds unprecedented security to all stages of
the giving experience. Donors will now be protected by a refund policy in the very rare
cases of campaign misuse, and funds raised by GoFundMe campaigns are guaranteed to go
to the right person, ensuring donors' intentions are honored and the recipient gets the
help they need. Users can learn more about the GoFundMe Guarantee at

As more than 25 million donors already know, GoFundMe is the safest, most secure
platform for giving. Campaigns with misuse make up less than one tenth of one percent of
all campaigns. As the largest online fundraising platform in the world, GoFundMe is able to
provide this guarantee so donors and recipients never have to worry about the rare cases
where something goes wrong.

2. We’re looking out for you
Our top priority is a safe, seamless donation process. To achieve that, we employ state-of-
the-art fraud-prevention technologies and a team of dedicated specialists working to
protect you around the clock.

3. Get to know the campaign
If you want to know more about a specific campaign, contact the Campaign Organizer
directly by clicking the icon next to their name on the campaign page. Learn more about
the transparency guidelines that we urge all campaign organizers to follow.

4. Still have questions?
Just ask. Our team is here to help, and we’ll get back to you with a rapid response in 5
minutes or less.

Section 3: State-Specific Data


Alabama K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Alabama: 800

Total Money Raised: $275,000

Total Number of Donations: 5,100

Fisher/Watson 3rd grade Classroom

We love teaching 3rd grade, but need help providing the tools for learning. We are in dire need of
supplies because of our limited supply budget. We need new materials for fun and engaging
lessons to inspire our students. We would love to be able to buy plenty of pencils, paper, art
supplies, new books, science materials, etc.


Alaska K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Alaska: 250

Total Money Raised: 156,000

Total Number of Donations: 2,277

Mr. B's Classroom Library

My class loves to read. I'd really like to add to my classroom and school library with some new class
novel kits that have 30 books each at the intermediate elementary level. In each, boxed kit, I'd also
like to include the audiobook so that students can listen while they read the story. Over my 20 plus
years in education, I've found this to be an invaluable resource for teaching children a love of
reading. Any contribution to helping me acquire some new titles and building some new kits for my
students and my colleagues' students to share would be so much appreciated. Thanks!!


Arizona K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Arizona: 1,780

Total Money Raised: $710,000

Total Number of Donations: 12,400

Edge High School Marine Biology

Hello! I am the science teacher at Edge High School of our Himmel Park location and I am reaching
out to the community in hopes of gaining some support to get a group of 15 students to Catalina
Island, CA on a once in a lifetime marine biology field trip. We have asked each of our students to
raise $300 to help offset a portion of the $7,000 total cost that the trip will require. The school is
able to cover a generous portion, but we will need assistance from family, friends, and community
members to make it possible.


Arkansas K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Arkansas: 560

Total Money Raised: 176,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,270

Create a space where kids innovate!

There’s a reason you can't spell STEAM without "team!" We need your help!

My name is Susan White. I am the Kindergarten - 5th Grade STEAM teacher at Arkansas Arts
Academy in Rogers, AR.

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts
and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

A MakerSpace is an inspiring, engaging environment, where student ideas can thrive and come to
fruition using the STEAM approach to learning. From furniture and tools to software and invention
kits, we need resources to build our MakerSpace and, more importanlty, a culture of students who:
take thoughtful risks, persist in real world problem-solving, design using the creative process,
embrace collaboration


California K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In California: 8,280

Total Money Raised: $4.7 million

Total Number of Donations: 77,800

My Dream Classroom

I'm excited to be going back into the classroom as a first grade teacher starting Monday, October
17th. It' s been 6 years since I was in a traditional education setting and I sold or gave away most of
my teaching materials back then, so I'm starting from scratch again. I am the type who will do
whatever it takes to educate and support children, including spending money I don't have.


Colorado K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Colorado: 1,745

Total Money Raised: $854,000

Total Number of Donations:14,700

My ESL Classroom

My name is Mrs. Ellis and I teach English as a Second Language and Reading Intervention in
Denver. I love my job and the students I teach everyday. We are in a title I school and have a
diverse population of students.

We would like to have classroom ipads to use in our English classroom to read, write and learn
English. Technology is a great tool to spark children's interest in learning and a way to develop
necessary skills for the future.


Connecticut K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Connecticut: 1,298

Total Money Raised: 569,000

Total Number of Donations: 9,674

Second Graders Seeking Technology!

My classroom is made up of twenty-nine curious, and enthusiastic, scholars who come to school
each day ready to learn. Read school is an urban school located in the city of Bridgeport, Ct. While
many of my students face challenges both inside and outside of the classroom, we are working
hard each day to close the achievement gap and rise above the odds.


Delaware K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Delaware: 211

Total Money Raised: $118,000

Total Number of Donations: 1,768

Classroom Set of "How It Went Down"

Many of my students read below grade-level, and the best way to improve their reading is by
getting them to read more. To accomplish this, I've purchased books on my own and created
reading guides for students which they can work on when they are done their assignments. I
actually had a student call my room from ISS asking for the next set of questions from the reading
guide because she was so absorbed in the book that she wanted to keep going.

This book is the first book my students have unanimously LOVED, and I would like to have a
classroom set so that all of my students can experience it instead of just a handful.

You can read a review of the novel here.


Washington D.C. K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Washington D.C.: 447

Total Money Raised: 350,000

Total Number of Donations: 5,760

Kimball Karnival + Reading Kickoff

At Kimball, our vision is to enhance our community by inspiring independent thinkers, learners,
and leaders who are committed to achieving excellence.

This year our staff and students have worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality. Our scholars
are on pace to make double-digit gains in both Math and Reading! This is cause for major

Did you know that students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational
activities during the summer? Research shows that children (demographically) similar to ours

perform significantly worse on the same test that they took at the end of the school year, when
they return from summer vacation. This is cause for major concern.


Florida K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Florida: 4,500

Total Money Raised: $1.8 million

Total Number of Donations: 33,356

Ms. Stokes 2nd Grade Class

“I am so excited to be a teacher at Horace O'Bryant! Although I brought a lot of supplies with me,
my classroom is still in need of some big-ticket items, and I can't afford to purchase them myself. "
Any funding I receive would go toward purchasing a classroom rug, an easel for chart paper, a
Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Kit, and sets of guided reading books.

Although I have not yet met my students I know that they are a special bunch. We are a Title One
school which means a large portion of our student population is on free or reduced lunch and do
not have the financial ability to buy needed supplies. I have a diverse group of students; they come
from a variety of backgrounds and many are English Language Learners (ELL). School starts next
week, and I can't wait to meet them all and share more about this unique group of kiddos!

Thank you for any support you can give to enhance and support the education of 18 special little


Georgia K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Georgia: 2,964

Total Money Raised: $1.2 million

Total Number of Donations:24,214

My Classroom Library

My name is Marian Lamson and I am a 4th grade reading and writing teacher in Dunwoody,
Georgia. I teach a diverse community of learners, that all have different reading needs. The
reading abilities I have in my classroom each day range from a second grade level all the way up to
the collegiate level. The single most important thing in developing a young reader, no matter what
level is to have a variety of reading materials that meet each student on their individual level.
Studies show that classrooms should have high interest reading materials that span across all
levels to meet each student’s needs. That is why I need your help. I already have a strong start, but
I need more. I need more books, it is suggested each classroom have at least 1,000 titles, I need a
more substantial bookcase to house my books, I need bins to level the books. This is where you
come in, with a small donation you can help me open numerous doors to my students, enrich their
lives, and help me outfit my classroom library! Thank you so much for your consideration.


Hawaii K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Hawaii: 355

Total Money Raised: 237,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,518

1st Grade Waldorf Kauai

“Because children grow up, we think a child's purpose is to grow up. But a child's purpose is to be a
child. Nature doesn't disdain what lives only for a day. It pours the whole of itself into each
moment.” Tom Stoppard

We are hoping to raise money to create a beautiful, warm learning environment for our sweet 1st
graders. It is important that our space be inviting, enfolding, and give the children a sense of
purpose as well joy in their learning.

We already have our classroom, a donation of painting supplies for the walls, volunteers to craft
the tables, and additional materials that have been donated to decorate our room.

The money for the Go Fund Me will help us to purchase chalkboards, the lumber for our tables,
cushions for sitting, and to continue to beautify the space.


Idaho K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Idaho: 418

Total Money Raised: 195,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,048

Thank You, Nikki Crathorne!

Nikki Crathorne has been the backbone of Moscow's musical culture for over 25 years. She
tirelessly works to inspire children from pre-kindergarten all the way through 8th grade, helping
them fall in love with music and teaching in innovative ways that have gained St Mary's School and
the University of Idaho national attention over and over.

Over the decades, Nikki hasn't just given an incredible amount of time and effort into the futures
of our children, but she has also invested thousands of dollars of her own money to make sure that
the needs of her students are met and has ALWAYS sacrificed her own resources so that students
can have the highest quality of music education and experiences that will be with them for the rest
of their lives.

If you or someone you know have been blessed by Nikki, please take a second to give anything
you're able - to show her how much we appreciate everything she's done for us, our children,

and the city of Moscow. Let's thank her for the way she has influenced and inspired generations
to come.


Illinois K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Illinois: 2,448

Total Money Raised: $1.2 million

Total Number of Donations: 23,493

Classroom Set of iPad Keyboards

Hello, my name is Song Lee and I'm a 5th grade teacher in a Chicago Public School (Little Village).
My class is fortunate enough to be exposed to technology in the classroom. However, my students
are not getting the practice of typing on the computer/laptop/keyboard as much as I would want
them to be. Our school has enough iPad keyboards for one classroom for each grade level but since
testing can take up most of the time, iPad keyboards are usually off limits most of the year. Many of
the testing is online and the students are expected to type long essays in a limited amount of time.
Since they are not exposed to the practice of typing, many of my students take a very long time to
complete an assignment and I'm sure it will take them a lot longer to complete their writing on a
test. Some students also have a fear of taking tests and seem to lose interest on their work and
usually when there are assignments online, they get very excited and are always willing to get their
work completed.


Indiana K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Indiana: 1,459

Total Money Raised: 490,000

Total Number of Donations:9,263

My Class Story I-Pads

Hi there!

My goal as an educator is to inspire students and to give them ownership over their learning. One
of the ways our class would like to do that is by letting students create digital portfolios of their

I would love to get a shared iPad for my classroom so that we can use ClassDojo’s new student-led
portfolios! Our students will be able to add photos and videos of their work, like presentations and
science experiments! Students get to proudly show off their work and share it instantly with their
parents. Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom, and letting students create their own
portfolios will help them continue that learning with parents at home.


Iowa K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Iowa: 462

Total Money Raised: $172,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,362

One iPad for My Classroom

Hi there!

My goal as an educator is to inspire students and to give them ownership over their learning. One
of the ways our class would like to do that is by letting students create digital portfolios of their

I would love to get a shared iPad for my classroom so that we can use ClassDojo’s new student-led
portfolios! Our students will be able to add photos and videos of their work, like presentations and
science experiments! Students get to proudly show off their work and share it instantly with their
parents. Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom, and letting students create their own
portfolios will help them continue that learning with parents at home.


Kansas K-12 GoFundMe Data
Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Kansas: 519

Total Money Raised: 177,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,522

Ms. Smith’s Flexible Classroom

After much research and deliberation, I have decided to employ a strategy in my 2nd grade
classroom called flexible seating. Students will no longer be assigned to a desk. Instead they
will walk into the classroom each day with the choice to inhabit space where they feel
comfortable and focused. Materials and resources will be housed in a shared location that can
be easily accessed by everyone. There will also be storage for personal belongings so that
students will be responsible for group and individualized organization. My goal is to help my
students make informed and meaningful decisions about the places that they will learn, play,
and create.


Kentucky K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Kentucky: 706

Total Money Raised: $174,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,991

Buses for Kindergarten Zoo Trip

At Deep Springs Elementary we are trying to help take our kindergarten classes to the Louisville
Zoo. Our group of almost 90 kindergarten students will be going to the zoo at the beginning of
April. Deep Springs is a Title 1 school with 79% of students eligible for free and reduced lunch.
Many of our students have never had the experience of going to the zoo and we would love to
introduce this educational trip to them. We have received a grant from the zoo for free admission.
We are currently trying to raise funds for the charter buses. If you are able, please help our
students experience this wonderful opportunity!


Louisiana K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Louisiana: 990

Total Money Raised: $493,000

Total Number of Donations: 8,724

Ms. Lettiere’s Science Class

Hi Everyone! My name is Nicole Lettiere and I am a 2015 Teach for America corps member. In two
weeks, I will begin my second year of teaching science in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Last year I had the privilege to teach over 120 eager to learn middle school students at ReNEW
McDonogh City Park Academy (MCPA). At MCPA, we strive to give all children the educational
opportunities they deserve. As a science teacher, that means creating a classroom environment
where students have access to materials to engage in hands-on activities. I hope that this
GoFundMe campaign will allow me to purchase the necessary supplies to make my classroom a
dynamic and successful learning environment.

Funds will go to pencils, markers, science experiments, textbooks, my classroom library, journals
and much more. Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign!


Maine K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Maine: 445

Total Money Raised: 238,000

Total Number of Donations:4,377

Maine Outdoor Classroom Building

I am the principal of Agnes Gray Elementary School in West Paris, ME, and Betsey Cooper is our
wonderful third grade teacher. Our school is part of the Oxford Hills MSAD#17 district and is
located in the heart of W. Paris. We currently serve approximately 102 students, grades PreK-4.
Seventy-six percent of our families live at or below the poverty line. Betsey and I have a
commitment from Gould Academy's Reachout community service organization to build a 16' x 20'
building that will facilitate experiential, hands-on learning in our school's backyard. We foresee
more in-kind donations from local building supply retailers and local contractors. However, we are
in search of further funding to ensure completion this spring.


Maryland K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Maryland: 1,771

Total Money Raised: $947,000

Total Number of Donations: 17,723

Classroom Supply Time

Hey y'all, It's that time of year again. Class is starting in a few days, and my students need supplies!

My name is Kevin Ware. I'm a teacher with Teach For America for my second year. I moved to a
new school in Prince George's County in Maryland. The school I will be teaching at is a title 1
school made up of mostly poor minority students. Every single student at my school receives free
breakfast and lunch, which is something some of them rely on. Because the school is in such a poor
area, there isn't a lot of funding for resources. So far, I have had to decorate the classroom and buy
supplies for my students from my pocket. These days my pockets are not very deep. Being a
teacher, I can't afford a lot for the kids.

Last year I felt the frustration of having to go out over and over again to get supplies like pencils
and paper for students because they couldn't afford to get them on their own. Anything you can
donate will be a wonderful help.


Massachusetts K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Massachusetts: 1,393

Total Money Raised: $918,000

Total Number of Donations: 16,524

Support Ms. Navarro’s Classroom

I am a new teacher in a Boston area public school, working in a bilingual immersion program. I
would like to ask for your support in raising funds to create a classroom that will be conducive of a
fruitful learning experience. I need your help in purchasing books in English and Spanish, art
supplies, manipulatives, math and literacy games and activities, science materials, items for the
dramatic play area, as well as cleaning supplies to maintain the cleanliness of this space
throughout the year. As a new teacher, I don't have accumulated supplies and instructional
materials from previous years. I would like to create a stimulating environment that will be
conducive to creating and exploring.

Please help me bring our space to life! Let’s make these students education the best it can be. I
promise to use these materials with as much love and care as possible.

Thank you for your contributions and belief.


Michigan K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Michigan: 2,129

Total Money Raised: $892,000

Total Number of Donations: 17,678

Ms. E’s Classroom

My Story:

I am a first year teacher in Detroit. Most of my students will arrive to my classroom next week
several grade levels behind their affluent peers. We have no time to waste. The school budget is
meager so provides very few resources that are fundamental to creating a supportive, structured
environment that facilitates learning to my students. My vision is to make their second grade
classroom a second home — inviting, structured, and filled with the tools and learning instruments
every child deserves.


Minnesota K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Minnesota: 984

Total Money Raised: $492,000

Total Number of Donations: 9,280

Help me Build my Classroom Library

Reading is fundamental for student success in every subject, and reading literature and fiction is
crucial to helping students become better human beings.

This year is my 19th (!) year teaching, and after all this time, I still believe reading is the most
important activity in a student's life. To that end, I am working on my classroom library for
students to make it more diverse with more authors and characters of color, more current, and
more appropriate for the varied reading levels I have in my 9-12 students (ranging from 3rd grade
abilities to college-ready). My current library is limited and starting to show its wear, and the
books we have at school are often too high-level and don't reflect their interests and lives.


Mississippi K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Mississippi: 603

Total Money Raised: $240,000

Total Number of Donations:4,900

Mr. Dittmar’s Classroom

#1) My classroom library
I was extremely fortunate to inherit a remarkable classroom library for my students to use. Things
like libraries and bookstores are in rather short supply in the Delta, so my ability to get books into
the hands of my students is essential to their success.

That said, I want to build it even further. While I want to supplement the library as a whole, I
especially want to build my YA fiction selections and my nonfiction selections. I also have a lot of
athletes in my classes, and not a whole lot of sports-affiliated books. A lot of funds I hope to
receive will go straight to the acquisition of these books.

#2) My classroom
My hope is to make my classroom as comfortable and conducive a learning environment as
possible. Students at Shaw High are on block schedules of 95 or so minutes per class. The prospect

of sitting in our hard, standard classroom desks sounds dreadful to me, and I know it's not the best
way for students to learn. My goal is to outfit my classroom with a variety of learning spaces where
students can read and explore both independently and in groups. I have lots of kinesthetic learners
in my classes... I need to harness that if I want to see growth.


Missouri K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Missouri: 1,237

Total Money Raised:410,000

Total Number of Donations: 8,500

Cedar Ridge Teacher Supplies

Cedar Ridge has so many new cardinal students and teachers this school year! Support the new
staff as they create their classrooms and the current staff as they accommodate all the additional
learners with a donation. All funds raised with this campaign will go directly towards Cedar Ridge
Elementary staff and classroom supplies/equipment. The kiddos will appreciate even small


Montana K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Montana: 295

Total Money Raised: $109,000

Total Number of Donations: 1,777

iPads for First Graders!

Hello! I am a first grade teacher in a Title I school in Bozeman, MT. I love that I have the
opportunity to work in such a beautiful place and invest in enthusiastic learners each day. In this
ever-evolving world, technology is proving to be an important aspect of life. I want to provide
opportunities for my students to be technologically savvy, problem solve, create, share, and
explore by using mini iPads in the classroom.

Ideally, I would have a one-to-one student to iPad ratio. Funds have been raised for 5 mini iPads
(sharing 5 iPads with 20 kids is challenging) so I would love to get at least 5 more this year. With 10
iPads, my students could partner up and work on the iPads together.


Nebraska K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Nebraska: 314

Total Money Raised: $118,000

Total Number of Donations: 2,445

OSS Close Up Trip to DC

2 male & 2 female students (and 2 OSS staff members) will spend 6 days & 5 nights (April 30 - May
5) in our nation's capital with hundreds of other high school students across the nation. The
program cost per student is $1,547 ($2,197 per adult), and is all-inclusive; travel expenses,
academic workshops, meals and lodging.

Close Up informs, inspires, and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the
responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. Since 1971, over 800,000 students and teachers have
experienced our country’s politics, culture and history through the Close Up program. Close Up
has been the nation’s leading civic education organization for over 40 years. Learn more at

The Omaha Street School is a non-profit, Christ-centered, alternative high school that serves
those who have not been successful in traditional learning environments. Learn more at


Nevada K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Nevada: 613

Total Money Raised: 243,000

Total Number of Donations: 4,236

Classroom iPad

Hi there!

My goal as an educator is to inspire students and to give them ownership over their learning. One
of the ways our class would like to do that is by letting students create digital portfolios of their

I would love to get a shared iPad for my classroom so that we can use ClassDojo’s new
student-led portfolios! Our students will be able to add photos and videos of their work, like
presentations and science experiments! Students get to proudly show off their work and share it
instantly with their parents. Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom, and letting
students create their own portfolios will help them continue that learning with parents at home.


New Hampshire K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In New Hampshire: 343

Total Money Raised: $195,000

Total Number of Donations: 3,991

MRMHS DI Globals

Is it really possible to learn creativity? We here in the Monadnock Regional High School
Destination Imagination program think we can. Every year teams of up to seven students join
together to take on one of the five different long-term DI challenges and practice thinking on their
feet with a variety of DI instant challenges. This year we had twenty-six students involved in five
different teams, each of which took on one of the DI challenges.

We are the members of two of those teams, and this year we have been working on coming up
with a solution to the “Brand Aid” and “Lose to Win” challenges. The first challenge was to develop
a jingle, logo and events with a community service focus. We chose to raise awareness about
veteran’s issues, especially for older vets. The second challenge revolved around architectural

design and structural engineering. We had to design and build a structure made only of wood, glue,
tape and/or playing cards.


New Jersey K12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In New Jersey: 1,150

Total Money Raised: $808,000

Total Number of Donations: 13,000

Technology for Kindergarten

My name is Giselle Villanueva. I am a Kindergarten teacher in Cherry Hill, NJ. I am reaching
everyone to help my students to get updated computers for our classroom. The ones we have are
Window XP and no well compatible with our new technology curriculum. In this world, technology
is around us and children are up to date with technology. Our children know how to navigate an
IPad and Tablets, and me as a teacher I want to give them a chance to learn more thru technology
by providing them with new computers.

Help give our students a big voice this year! Any amount will help, and if we reach $250 by
September 17th, ClassDojo and GoFundMe will also contribute $50!

I'm so excited to be able to bring this opportunity to my students. Thank you for your support.


New Mexico K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In New Mexico: 575

Total Money Raised: $242,000

Total Number of Donations: 4,085

Imagination Playground

I work at a lovely Montessori Charter School. We are moving into a facility that at this time has no
playground equipment. I saw Imagination Playground's Big Blue Blocks at a children's museum
and was blown away at how creative all the kids were in building with these blocks. There were
toddlers all the way up to teenagers building (and me too). This would be a wonderful addition to
our outdoor play area at our school. The blocks are $5000 and the storage unit is $1000.
Imagination Playground helps schools with a $1000, so we need only $5000 more to buy the set.
Please help out the students at our Montessori School. We would love to have these bought and
delivered by August, 2016. The children of Sage Montessori Charter School will be forever


New York K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In New York: 2,520

Total Money Raised: $1.7 million

Total Number of Donations: 29,837

Seward Edible Outdoor Classroom

Help Seward Students Grow Their Edible Outdoor Classroom!


The Seward Elementary Edible Outdoor Classroom is a student-designed edible forest garden
and outdoor learning space located on the grounds of Seward Elementary School in Auburn,
NY. Initiated in 2015 by Meredith Torrisi’s fifth grade class, the project encompasses the design
and implementation of an outdoor learning space where students at all grade levels can connect
lessons in science, math, ELA, health and nutrition to hands-on experiences in nature.


North Carolina K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In North Carolina: 3,155

Total Money Raised: $1.4 million

Total Number of Donations: 28,000

We Need An Interactive Whiteboard

My name is Carrie Norman and I teach a Kindergarten - 5th grade classroom in Greensboro, North
Carolina. My class is composed of students who have a variety of intellectual disabilities. When I
started teaching this group of students, I was very surprised that the class did not have an
Interactive Whiteboard. The use of an interactive whiteboard would increase my students'
interest and increase their overall engagement in the learning process. It would increase their use
of language and provide ongoing visual supports. My desire as a classroom teacher is to provide
my students with the opportunity to experience learning in an interactive, innovative and creative

I have seen how positively my students respond to a multi-sensory approach to learning. We use
songs and dances during our Circle Time and for our Sensory Breaks. Due to the technology
equipment that is available at my current school, we are not able to make these

songs/dance/games interactive for the students. I have seen the power of interactive learning and
how it increases students motivation, engagement and overall learning


North Dakota K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In North Dakota: 110

Total Money Raised: 31,000

Total Number of Donations: 584

Classroom Technology Needed

I am a fifth grade teacher looking to provide my students with many different learning
opportunities in my classroom. Students should have access to technology at their fingertips.
What a better way than to purchase Little Bits kits to spark the engineer inside of them. Little Bits
kits allow students to create circuits and then attach them to everyday toys, devices, etc. Little Bits
are made in such an ingenious way that students can create just about anything. The possibilities
are endless and go as wide as the imagination can carry. Students in my classroom are
experiencing a "Maker Space" to make and create whatever their minds want! Right now we have
to borrow just one kit for only a month at a time. .Please help fund our classroom so we can
purchase 3 student kits of Little Bits so we can have our hands on them all school year. Thank you!


Ohio K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Ohio: 1,908

Total Money Raised: $725,000

Total Number of Donations: 14,700

Nicole’s First Classroom

Hi everyone! I have started this page to help me raise money for my first classroom! I am excited to
say that starting August 15th I will begin my first year as a math and reading intervention teacher
at Trimble High School! During this time I will also be obtaining my Masters in Educational
Administration here at Ohio University. Since I am a first year teacher, I have yet to gather some of
the necessary resources for my students and myself to be successful this year. I am raising money
to help buy materials such as textbooks, workbooks, fidgets, pencils, reading books, and any other
necessities that will help provide my students with a positive learning environment. I am very
excited to continue my education as a Bobcat and also become an educator as a Tomcat!


Oklahoma K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Oklahoma: 831

Total Money Raised: 327,000

Total Number of Donations: 5,207

Kick-start Ms. Stacy's Classroom!

As I am starting the school year as a new teacher (scary!), I started to think about the classrooms I
attended in elementary school. I remember feeling welcome, comfortable, and enthused by the
bright colors and decorations on the wall. More importantly, I remember the variety of resources
that aided in my learning. It was a safe space for me to learn, and I looked forward to going to my
classroom. Almost everyone knows I love(d) school!

Unfortunately, most of my students at Hawthorne Elementary may not have the same (or even
similar) school experience as I did. This year I will be the Special Education teacher for
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades, and I am wanting to create a welcoming environment
where my students want to enter and learn every day. I decided to decorate my classroom
according to the theme of Under the Sea (my love for my family’s annual trip to Florida may have
had a role in this!), and almost all of the decorations are easily affordable with a little creativity and
the butcher paper Tulsa Public Schools supplies.


Oregon K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Oregon: 1,139

Total Money Raised: $470,000

Total Number of Donations: 8,355

Let's Support Caitlin's Class!

Let's buy some supplies for her Pre- Kindergarten class! Teachers do end up buying things
themselves when the school budget is limited. She's such an outstanding teacher and this would be
a nice thank you!
If everyone donates just a little, it can really add up! Thanks for participating!


Pennsylvania K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Pennsylvania:1,934

Total Money Raised: $973,000

Total Number of Donations: 19,000

ENMS 8th Grade Blended Math Classes

John Humbert, Corrie Eisenhart and myself, Sara Pugliese are part of the 8th grade math team at
East Norriton Middle School in the Norristown Area School District. We teach Algebra 2, Algebra
1 and Principles of Algebra. We are trying to obtain Google Chromebooks for our classrooms
because technology in our Title 1, low income district is limited. While not all students lack access
to technology at home, we are trying to close as many achievement gaps as possible by leveling the
playing field. Each day we have students coming to us from all walks of life, the more technology
we can have in our school, the easier it is for students who lack technology at home to be
successful academically. Having access to technology breaks down these barriers. We can
eliminate the language barrier by providing math instruction in multiple languages while exposing
students to English through teacher instruction. We can close achievement gap by providing
remedial early math instruction and allowing students to catch up at their own speed. We can
provide a place for students to access technology and build 21st century skills. Most importantly,

we can provide a platform for students to depend on us to provide them with access to technology
in a supportive environment where they can thrive!


Rhode Island K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Rhode Island: 214

Total Money Raised: 127,000

Total Number of Donations: 2,450

Help Highlander 8th Grade Visit DC!

Highlander is committed to taking all 8th grade students to Washington, DC despite their ability to
pay. About 80% of our students live at or below the poverty level!

The cost for the trip is just $400 per student and includes all transportation, lodging, meals, and
entrance fees.

Our trip is from April 28th through April 30th and we will be visiting, the Capitol, Smithsonian
Museums and more.

Every year students report that this trip opens their eyes and changes their lives.


South Carolina K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In South Carolina: 1,295

Total Money Raised: $490,000

Total Number of Donations: 9,656

Every Kid Deserves A Bike!

Every child deserves to have a bike, but, unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to
receive one. I teach at a title 1 school (low income, high poverty) in North Charleston, South
Carolina with a student body of about 650 students. I see directly the struggles and the difficult
hands in life some children are dealt. Many do not have the chance to visit places outside their
immediate community or have a variety of experiences over weekends and the summer; rather,
many children solely play on their street with neighborhood kids or strictly watch television. Over
the years, after talking with students, I have come to the realization many have never ridden a bike
nor do they have the means to own a bike, especially one that is new. I soon began to envision how
each student's quality of life could improve if they had more freedom to ride around their
neighborhoods. My goal is to provide each student at our school a new bike (with a helmet and
bike lock) for Christmas, which, in many cases, may be the only gift they receive during the


South Dakota K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In South Dakota: 171

Total Money Raised: 60,000

Total Number of Donations: 1,189

88 Keys in 88 Days

Help us purchase a Grand Piano for our space by donating a "key!" Read our story below to learn

In 2017, Mitchell High School in Mitchell, SD, will be opening the doors to a brand new, state-of-
the-art Performing Arts Center. This facility is complete with a new choir room, band hall, show
choir space and 4 classrooms. It will also feature, as its crowning jewel, a 1200 seat Auditorium
with 2 balconies and a black box theater for smaller shows.


Tennessee K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Tennessee: 1,354

Total Money Raised: $541,000

Total Number of Donations: 10,259

Evan's Classroom iPad

My goal as an educator is to inspire students and to give them ownership over their learning. One
of the ways our class would like to do that is by letting students create digital portfolios of their

I would love to get a shared iPad for my classroom so that we can use ClassDojo’s new student-led
portfolios! Our students will be able to add photos and videos of their work, like presentations and
science experiments! Students get to proudly show off their work and share it instantly with their
parents. Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom, and letting students create their own
portfolios will help them continue that learning with parents at home.


Texas K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Texas: 5,157

Total Money Raised: $2.1 million

Total Number of Donations: 37,500

Classroom and Student Supplies

Hello! My name is Cathy. I'm a Social Studies teacher at a middle school in a Title 1 school district.
An overwhelming number of the scholars registered at our campus are at-risk students who have
little or no means to buy school supplies, or even food. I spend a lot of time worrying if their needs
are being met outside of the classroom as well.

As many of you are well aware, teachers are tasked to buy almost all of the school supplies that will
be needed in the classroom. I expect to have approximately 180 students this year. I need to
purchase the following: pencils, notebooks, composition books, and copy paper. I would also like to
build my classroom library to support the literacy needs of these children.


Utah K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Utah: 562

Total Money Raised: 221,000

Total Number of Donations:4,251

Spike Classroom Pet Medical care

Spike is our beloved classroom bearded dragon. He sadly contracted some type of parasite,
affecting his skin. Causing tumors and sores on his legs, neck and face. He is also extremely
dehydrated. They believe he came in contact with a parasitic cricket. His current veterinarian bill
is at 388.00. Not including all of the antibiotics and care he needs after his treatments are done. I
would never ask, but our classroom family has been so gracious in asking for a donation fund for
him. Thank you to all for your help. He has brought great joy to all my littles who love him, as much
as I do.


Vermont K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Vermont: 191

Total Money Raised: $109,000

Total Number of Donations: 2,000

Support Or School Trips!

Every year, CVHSI students expand their classrooms into the world. We learn in museums & tents,
in canoes & artists' studios, in farm fields & soup kitchens. This year, we need your support to keep
our students expanding their minds & hearts into the world & into the unknown.

This spring, our entire school will move out of the classroom and into the woods or the city for Trip
Week. The 9th and 11th grades will study art history and medieval history in New York City, while
the 10th grade will go winter camping.


Virginia K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Virginia: 1,884

Total Money Raised: $958,000

Total Number of Donations: 17,400

Classroom Chromebook Cart

I'm Tim Busch - a high school social studies teacher at Hayfield Secondary. I'm working to raise
money to purchase 30 Chromebooks and a cart for my classroom. Our school encourages the
use of technology in the classroom and yet does not have the funding to provide the appropriate
resources for all classrooms. Instead of waiting 5+ years for this to *maybe happen, I am taking
the initiative to MAKE IT HAPPEN on my own. The reality of 15 teachers jockeying for the 4
current netbooks that have a 20 minute startup time is both frustrating and a colossal waste of
precious time. Chromebooks are the most cost effective and most efficient resource to use in
the classroom.


Washington K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Washington: 1,740

Total Money Raised: $765,000

Total Number of Donations: 13,200

Mr. Cristol’s Class

As some of you know, I'm just about to begin my first year of full-time teaching! I'm fortunate to
have landed at the amazing CLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL, a public high school in southeast
Seattle. I'll be teaching 12th grade Humanities, which is an integrated Language Arts and Social
Studies class. As a brand-new teacher entering a virtually empty classroom, I don't have much in
the way of supplies to help support student success. This is where you come in...


West Virginia K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In West Virginia: 127

Total Money Raised: 39,000

Total Number of Donations: 700

HHS Speech and Debate Team

I am raising money for my high school speech and debate team. Unlike Athletic teams, Speech
and Debate, Drama, and Music, all stand alone when it comes to funding by the school system.
HHS Speech and Debate offers students the opportunity to develop public speaking skills and
poise that can help them with future endeavors such as scholarship and job interviews. Most
importantly though, it serves to develop confidence, self esteem, and teamwork, as well as
offering a sense of belonging. HHS Speech and Debate Team under the leadership of Helen
Freeman is considered to be one of the top in the state of WV, with several students taking wins
at the national level.


Wisconsin K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Wisconsin: 972

Total Money Raised: 487,000

Total Number of Donations: 8,544

Kindergarten Makeover

My name is Nicole. I am a Kindergarten Teacher and will be raising the money for my future
kindergarten students so we can have a classroom that is in the best needs of my students.
Currently we sit at tables and with the money raised I will be able to offer a flexible seating
arrangement within my classroom. This means I can set my room up into 5 different learning areas
which offers more comfortable seating (such as carpets, stools, benches, pillows, etc), more
learning materials and engaging activities that will promote student learning, which is of the
utmost importance. Setting up these learning areas will also allow for a more literature rich
classroom that will grab the attention of all my readers and will appease to every learning style.


Wyoming K-12 GoFundMe Data

Number of GoFundMe Campaigns In Wyoming: 127

Total Money Raised: 40,000

Total Number of Donations: 700

We the People Nationals Competition

The BRONC LAW team qualified for the 2017 We the People National Finals by placing 2nd at the
State Finals competition in Laramie, WY on February 6th, 2017! The National Finals will be held
on April 21-25, 2017 at the National Conference Center in Washington D.C. Jackson students will
join more than 1,000 students from the 50 states to compete in congressional hearings on the
Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as well as government and politics.
Unfortunately the trip to this competition is a bit expensive I appreciate the thought to those who
read this and help out.