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I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to the following individuals

and institutions, without the support and patience of which I would not have managed to

complete my studies at Princeton University:

To my family Evaggelia, Tatiana, Theodosia, Athanasios, Zoe-Parthena, Constantine, An-

tonio and Elisabeth. They managed to see to my success from 5000 miles away, a truly ad-

mirable accomplishment for which I owe them my life.

To my advisor, Claire White. She introduced me to the study of materials my sophomore

year as my professor and then guided me through this colossal task with immense patience

and wisdom. It is my greatest pleasure to have met and worked with such an exciting and

excitable presence, and to have made a true friend in the process.

To Terrace F. Club, without which my time in college would be of very little value. An

institution of its own accord, Terrace was crucial to my entire being and helped me form

friendships and have conversations that will last a lifetime. I gave my life to her, and that is

still not enough. Thank you mother. FOOD=LOVE

To my con dantes, partners in crime and the best friends I have made who shaped my

character to the core; Bennett, thank you for always being the positive force of the crew,

without whose snarky and witty humor wed all be doomed; David, thank you for being my

true brother, one and the same, an equal; Ka as, thank you for being the voice of reason

in unreasonable situations, the wisest of all and the one who sees through every situation I

didnt have the foresight and ability to comprehend; Kei, thank you for your showing me

patience and dedication to your work and the people you love; Nicholas, I thank you for

your presence and dedication to the passions that we share. You eloquence, logic and beau-

tiful sarcasm among many other traits made you an inspirational gure in my life and one

that will always be in ingrained in my memory. You have all helped me become who I am

today. I am forever grateful for your friendship and will always be by your side.

To Emma, the rst person I met here who proved to be one of my closest friends. No

matter the distance, well always be together. Thank you for always being there for me and

seeing me at my best and worst with the same compassion, kindness and understanding.

To all my fellow Greeks, who made me feel like home in a land so di ferent and bizarre. I

am forever in your debt;

To Natalia Chen, the ercest, wisest woman I know, who I will idolize for the rest of my


To Caitlin Miller: thank you for letting me be part of your exciting life, I cant wait to see

what the future holds for us in Manhattan and beyond;

To Benjamin Gallo: thank you for all the late nights, the intellectual conversations and

your company even since freshman year and now, for life;

To Yankia Ned: thank you for your empathy, sel essness and shining glamor that perpet-

ually radiate outwards;

To Joe Bonacci, a truly compassionate friend whose good conversation I will always sa-

vor. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a human.

and nally, Nadeem Demian, thank you for o fering me the gif of your company. I feel

extremely lucky to have met you this year. It is an honor and a privilege to share my life

with you and I hope our lives will forever be linked long af er we leave Princeton.