he idewate Virginia Model for Government and Industry Collaboration

Tidewater Association of Service Contractors & Tidewater Government Industry Council

Small Business Forum; Portsmouth, VA; July 201 0

Gove nmen Contracting Realities

~ Rebuilding the contracting workforce, developing the complimenting acquisition career fields, increased criticality of requirements and their articulation, the greatest need for expedited contract awards, contract performance assessment deficiencies--- all among significant new policy and policy changes, continuing budget challenges, Government insourcinq ...

~ How is every company, customer, and contractin office coping?


One More Question

»Does Industry have experience that could also contribute to policy and process changes and improvements?

• Daily interaction with awide variety of Government customers, Federal agencies, and

contracti ng offices . .

• Business processes that have allowed them to survive in a profit-rnakinq enterprise


Collaboration vs. Complaints

~ Greater collaboration among and between customers and contracting offices with their i nd ustry partners

~ Adoption of best practices to better understand, consolidate, streamline and standardize processes

~ Consideration of broader Government and Industry experience and ideas

~ More opportunities for professional understandin , development, and networking • Local, convenient, economical


One Regional Example Tidewater Virginia

~ The Tidewater Association of Service Contractors (TASC) - 1987

~ The Tidewater Government ndustry Council (TG C) - 1989


Tidewater Association of Service Contractors

~ Pu rpose and Objectives

• Dedicated to contracting excellence 'in the public and private sectors

• Industry perspective on Government contracting policy and processes

• Elected representatives to Tidewater Government/Industry Council (LB, 5B, 8a, Educational Institutions, At-Large)

• Education and training/Mutual understanding between Government and Private Sector

, professionals


Tidewater Association of Service Contractors

~ Membership

• Approaching 300 including individual and corporate members ~ Accomplishments

• Monthly newsletter

• Monthly meeting and program speakers

• Third Wednesday of every month, 1200-1 31 5, Norfolk Airport Hilton

• Monthly TGIC interaction

• Interaction with local governmental/non-governmental organizations (AFCEA, NDIA, MEDAC, HRMFFA, etc.) to support common industry related issues (BRAC, etc)

• Strong cooperative relationship with COCA

• Enduring scholarship endowment to ODU

• Support to local schools (Tidewater Science Fair)

• Support of local charitable organizations

change Briefing Program 1!lft,I~X"1


Some Recent and UpcomingTASC Speakers

· Mr. William Paggi, Head, Contracts Office, SPAWAR Atlantic

· Mr. Mark Honecker, Executive Director, United States Fleet Forces Command

· Mr. Stuart A. Whitehead, Executive Director, joint Capabilities Management,

j8, United States joint Forces Command

Julv 21st, Norfolk Airport Hi/ton

· Ed Merkle, Director of Port Security and Emergency Operations, Virginia Port Authority

Register online at www.tasc-tgic.org


Tidewater Government Industry Council >- Pu rpose and Objectives

• Communication, cooperation, and consultation . between Government contracting activities, their customer activities, and private industry

• Improve the productivity of contracting and quality of the end product.

• Explore and develop methods of quality and . productivity improvement, foster a spirit of cooperation, provide a forum to share new ideas and initiatives, suggest changes to policies, regulations or statutes through appropriate channels.


A Collaborative Environment

It is not the purpose of the Council to discuss specific contractual actions or future procurements.

• A non-attribution policy is always in effect

• These pol icies have always been strictly respected since TGIC's inception.


Tidewater Government Industry. Council


. • 14 Industry representatives elected by TASC

• Any Government member (civilian or military) or contractor involved with contracting or requirements

. .

• Monthly meeting is open to all/averages 40

.• Second Thursday of every month, 0800-091 5, UNISYS, Virginia Beach

)r- Government & Industry Co-Moderators

• Immediate past-President of TASC serves as Industry Co-Moderator

1 1

idewater Government Industry Council

~ Member involvement largely centers on and_ programs emanate from TGIC standing committees and working groups.

• Small Business Affairs

• Legislative Affairs

• Acquisitio.n Workforce

• Contracting Approaches and Techniques .• TGIC Purpose and Direction


A Typical TGIC Meeting

)0> Regional calendar of all various professional organizations' meetings and events

»Actlvltles and reports from TGIC standing committees and working groups

»Open discussion of a timely topic »Identifv Exchange Briefing topics


TASC/TG C Exchange Briefings

)- Four per year, approx. October, January,

March, and June, 2-3 hour program

)- Central, convenient, off-base location )- Free and open to all

)- NCMA Norfolk awards CEU's

)- Largely panel discussions and some trai ni ng sessions on subjects chosen by the membership


Most Recent Exchange Briefs

~ Performance Based Services Acquisition and Strategic Sourcing

~ Tidewater regional contracting opportunities, i.e.,

Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard

~ Contracting with State. and City Governments ~ Contractor Past Performance

~ Ethics, Procurement Integrity, and Organizational Conflicts of Interest

~ The Acquisition Workforce in Government and


~ Government Insourcing ~. Small Business Opportunities for Government



1 5

Keeping Up and Keeping In-Touch

.~ Shared website www.tasc-tgjc.org

~ Organizations' charters, memberships, newsletters, events, and presentations

~ TASC President '

- Mary White; SAIC

~ TGIC Industry Co-Moderator =Dennts Garcia; SAIC

~ TGIC Government Co-Moderator - Jeff Brunner; USJFCOM