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Task Analysis Tool

Georgia Regions: Habitats

Name of Task: Habitats Hyperdoc Grade Level: 3rd grade Subject: Science and Literacy

Guiding Questions and
Analysis Analysis
Guiding Questions: Expectations are clearly aligned with 3rd grade GPS for Science
Step 1: Examine

Can students demonstrate instruction and are appropriate for technology and literacy
Instructional Task and Identify

proficiency in the GPS integration.

Standards for Science by All directions are pertinent to instructional standards and utilize
completing assignments for the Blooms Taxonomy for critical thinking.
Georgia Regions: Habitat Unit? All activities encourage independence and collaborative
Can students recall and apply strategies s to demonstrate reasoning and problem-solving.
knowledge gained in written Foundational skills for development of terminology and
communication of an prerequisite information is presented in a written format.
informational format?
Guiding Questions:
Utilize UDL and Daily Lessons Content Analytical Skills Language
to complete expectations for Level 1: Recall/
the unit. I can manipulate Reproduce
Students will perform activities and explore Information and
with technology to promote technological Procedures
appropriate integration with elements of the *Utilize
instructional material. UDL to understandings in
demonstrate assessments and in
Resources: standard the development of
For Content Knowledge: objectives. collaborative
Common Core State Standards, I can use projects.
Georgia Performance provided
Standards: Science 3rd grade materials to Level 2: Working
For Analytical Skills: Depth of assist with the with Skills and
Knowledge (DOK) Levels (Find completion of a Concepts
in Identification of Learning group *Utilize state
Problem) presentation on standards that is
DOK an assigned relevant to the
Step 2: Identify
Task Demands

For Activities: Find in Georgia Georgia Region. instructional

Regions: Habitats UDL I can navigate a objectives.
New Revised Bloom's hyperdoc to
Taxonomy reason and Level 3: Strategic
problem solve for Thinking and
relevant Reasoning
instructional *Utilize technology
material . (hyperdocs) and
virtual reality trips
to extend the goals
and expectations of
the unit through

Level 4: Extended
Strategic Thinking
proficiency through
Guiding Question: Students will be exposed to instructional material through written

Disciplinary Practice(s)
Step 3: Identify What disciplinary practice(s) are and interactive mediums. Students will be expected to apply
most relevant to this task? reasoning and higher order thinking when performing assignments
and will develop problem-solving strategies to manipulate and
The ability to demonstrate self- navigate technological tools.
awareness for educational
proficiency in assessments and in
cumulative assignments.
Guiding Questions:
How can I use CCSS expectations ELP Your Reasoning
to communicate with appropriate Standard
conventions and structure in a CCSS.ELA- 21st Century learners must be able to
unit of study? Literacy.W.3. communicate with written expression from
How can I research and use 2 information gained in an instructional unit.
information to provide relevancy Write By applying research skills and strategies for
to my writing? informative/e citing evidence, learners provide relevance to
How can I use connections of real xplanatory topics that are dictated by state standards.
life experiences to enhance my texts to
writing? examine a
topic and
Resources: convey ideas
and information
ELA-Literacy/W/3/ clearly.
CCSS.ELA- Students will gain information through real
Literacy.W.3. life experiences and hypermedia tools so to
8 communicate understanding of learning
Recall units. Strategies of note taking and research
information will be necessary for the compiling of
from information and will be necessary for
experiences completing assignments. Categorization of
or gather information will help with compiling relevant
information materials and in transferring understanding
from print to assigned work.
and digital
sources; take
brief notes
on sources
and sort
Step 4: Identify

evidence into

CCSS.ELA- Perseverance in writing must be maintained
Literacy.W.3. for future assessments, such as the Georgia
10 Milestones Assessment. Stamina for writing
Write assignments will enable students to write on
routinely a 3rd grade level and then to continually