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Pre-comissioning Checklist Azimuth Thruster System



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Pre-comissioning Checklist Azimuth Thruster System


Preparation work to be completed for Commissioning of System

A Mechanical/Hydraulical Components

1. Shaft lines and all components of the power transmission

(clutch/flex coupling/shafts/bearings/gearboxes/cardan shafts) checked and completely connected,

coupled up, bolts correctly torqued and secured. Alignment report submitted for review.
Alignment of cardan shafts (90 deg offset + pointer alignment) verified.
Thruster rotated by hand prior to start COMPLETED:______________________

2. Lubricants (grease/oil fillings) checekd for correct quantity and quality on

- azimuth thruster lube oil
- planetary gear lube oil
- bearing grease
- gearbox/clutch oil filling
- oil filling of gravity tank
- piping in accordance with diagrams and installation instructions COMPLETED:______________________

3. Hydraulic system check

- cleaness of system randomly checked. Flushing of system verified by yard
- oil reservoirs checked for correct fluid, quantity and quality
- pump primed and filled with hydraulic oil prior to start
- correct rotation of pump verified
- belt tension on belt driven pumps checked
- piping in accordance with diagram COMPLETED:______________________
4. Cooling systems (lube oil/hydraulic oil) checked
5. Pneumatic system checked for correct pressure, tightness and reservoir size COMPLETED:______________________

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Pre-comissioning Checklist Azimuth Thruster System

B Electrical Components, Control System and Interfaces

1. All power supplies available. COMPLETED:___________________

2. Wiring between starter boxes and hydraulic pumps wired, connected and ready for operation.
Sense of rotation of electric motors for hydraulic pumps verified. COMPLETED:___________________
3. External wiring completed as per control system wiring diagrams. All electrical components physically
In place and installed. COMPLETED:___________________
4. Engine/prime mover interface/control system wired, engine/prime mover operable. COMPLETED:___________________
5. Alarm and monitoring system interface wired and operable. COMPLETED:___________________
6. DP system, autopilot, track pilot, joystick system interfaces wired and operable. COMPLETED:___________________
7. Software status checked, verified and updated as reqruired COMPLETED:___________________
8. Bridge control interaface checked and fully functional COMPLETED:___________________

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Pre-comissioning Checklist Azimuth Thruster System

II - Start up and trial schedule

1. Engine start up/commissioning schedule: Planed Engine Start date: ____________________________

2. Yard Trial schedule: Planed date from to: ____________________________

3. Owners trial/official seatrial schedule: Planed date from to: ____________________________

4. Bollard Pull test: Planed date: ____________________________

5. DP/joystick trial: Planed date from to: ____________________________

Shipyard contact details:

Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Mobile phone number: __________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________

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