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EHT High-strength Torque Rod

April, 2016

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Product Overview
API sucker rod pin
EHT High-strength Torque Rod is a solid alloy steel
sucker rod designed for Progressive Cavity (PC) pump
application. It features a unique dove-tail wedge rod EHT special connection

body connection, enhanced with a special designed

coupling. The rod body is induction heat treated and Choose rod guide
case hardened. Compared to traditional PC rod, EHT size fits tubing
offers higher torsion strength, longer fatigue life and
eliminates coupling thread tripping and slipping
problem in PC pump operation.
Choose rod size fits

Design Considerations

Choose Rod Size

When design a rod string with EHT, the first decision
is on rod size. Comparing to traditional sucker rod for
PC application, EHT rod with the same diameter
offers 20-30% higher maximum torque. So a smaller
diameter rod might be suitable to replace traditional
Connection to polished rod
Use EHT crossover to connect to polished rod. The
crossover has EHT female connect at the bottom and
API sucker rod pin on the top. Use polished rod
coupling to connect the crossover to polished rod

Connection to PC pump
Use EHT crossover to connect to pump rotator. The
crossover has EHT male connect at the top and API
sucker rod pin on the bottom. Regular sucker rod
coupling can be used to connect the crossover to the

Select Rod Guide

Add rod guide to deviated section of the rod string to
reduce tubing ware. Select rod guide size to fit tubing.
For best guiding result, use Exceed Spin Guide.

EHT Product Specification 2

Maximum Torque for PCP Application

EHT Body Size Maximum Torque

7/8 22.2 mm 1254 ftlbs 1700 Nm

1 25.4 mm 1512 ftlbs 2050 Nm

1-1/8 28.58 mm 2876 ftlbs 3900 Nm

1-1/4 31.75 mm 3909 ftlbs 5300 Nm

1-1/2 38.1 mm 4647 ftlbs 6300 Nm

EHT Coupling Dimension

Outer Diameter Coupling Length

EHT Body Size
(mm) (mm)

7/8 22.2 mm 50 119

1 25.4 mm 57 124

1-1/8 28.58 mm 60 129

1-1/4 31.75 mm 63 129

Spin Guide Selection

Guide Outer
Guide Length Suitable Tubing
EHT Body Size Diameter
(mm) (mm)

7/8 22.2 mm 58 246 62 or larger

1 25.4 mm 71 246 76 or larger

1-1/8 28.58 mm 71 246 76 or larger

1-1/4 31.75 mm 71 246 76 or larger

EHT Product Specification 3