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A glance at the graph provided reveals the proportion of jobless workforce rate
as well as how many people donot stay in emigrated Ireland between 1988 and
Anh sa li theo em:.Reveals/demonstrates/gives information on the
proportion of unemployed citizens of Ireland as well as the number of emigrants
C nhn anh thay cm: the proportion of unemployed citizens of Ireland=
jobless rate in Ireland cho n gin v sc tch bi v em nhn n v ca n l
% ch khng phi l s nn dng proportion th khng hp l bi n thng
dng cho lng.
Overall, it is evident that both patterns saw similar fluctuations, with a
downward trend from 1988 to 2000 and an upward tendency from that time
Reaching a peak at of just under 18 percent % in 1988, the rate of people being
out of work then fell substantially to just over 12 percent in 1900. This was
followed by an unremarkable increase by about 4 percent in 1992. After that, the
figure plunged and hit a low at of approximately 6 percent in 2000. The latter
half of the period, however, witnessed a dramatic rise, which ended with 6
percent in 2008.
Meanwhile, the number of people who left Ireland decreased slightly from
nearly 70000 in 1988 to just over 50000 before dropping sharply to less than
40000 in 1992. The following period between 1992 and 2002 saw a steady fall,
which was unconsiderable, followed by a significant increase to about 50000 in
1 s li hay sai phn part 1 cng vi cu intro ca em:
1. The bar chart displays the percentage of...
2. A glance at the bar chart provided reveals...
3. From an overall perspective, it is clear from the evidence that...
4. Looking at the pie chart, it is noticed that...
5. As can be seen, the figures show that...

im mnh bi ny l t vng kh tt, s dng t vng linh hot nn ch cn c

cht t duy phn tch l bi vit kh tt.
Li vn vn cn kh nhiu nn cn trau di l s khc phc c.

Society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves
no useful purpose, and can even be damaging. To what extent do you agree or
As we move into the twenty-first century, technology is affecting many different
areas of life and advertising is no exception. While some people maintain that it
is incentivize to prohibit all genres of advertising, I am totally against this notion
since advertising provides numerous benefits to for our life.
The main reason why I claim that advertising should not be forbidden is because
it is such a key part of modern business. Firstly, advertisments give companies a
golden chance to launch their products as well as promote their images. This is
due to the factdact that it is obviously that most people have a tendency of
making purchase decisions for goods which consist of attractive advertisements.
Another area of this is of course that consumers can easily get access to new
products or services thanks to bombardments of advertisements exposuring on a
daily basis. For example, people can search and compare the prices of goods
before shopping, so they can gain the cheapest ones of similar quality.
In addition, advertising makes a good contribution toto the society. First and
foremost, advertising is a creative industry that employs many people. Together
with cut-throat market, companies need to offer higher quality products for
customers to make a profit, which leads to the fact that they requires a big deal
of workforce. Therefore, not only does advertising provide job opportunities for
people but it also stimulates the developement of a nation, or more broadly for
the world. Furthermore, some advertisements help inform some social activities
such as blood donation and environmental protection. An example of this is that
advertisements incentivized people to raise more funds for helping homeless
people who suffered from a flood in the north of Vietnam in 2003.
In conclusion, although little does advertising harm to our life, I am on the side
of not prohibiting all genres of it. This is because advertising plays an important
role in the developement of business as well as ,and it makes so much
contribution to our life.
Nhn xt: bi c arguments r rng, trin khai kh tt v thuyt phc. Chc
iu tic nht l phn conclusion bi v logic cha n.
S dng h thng t vng, t ni, linh hot v ng php phc tp.
Mt s ch cn chnh sa li ph hp hn thi.