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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 5th

Colegio New England MONTH:


-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
conventional -Markers
1-Mar. 1:00 Spelling Day spelling. -Worksheets -
-Where is it?
-Read the directions and mark the
-Number the directions from 1 to
Understanding -Whiteboard 4. Activity Book
phrases for giving -Markers -Guide me! (page 40)
Dont get directions. Reading -Students Book Activities A
2-Mar. 1:00 lost! town maps. 40 Awareness: Asking for Directions and B.
-Guessing the game
-Read the directions and mark the
-Think and answer
-Where am I?

Activity Book (page 41)

-Poster -Read the text and mark the
Understanding -Students Book pictures
phrases for giving -Markers -Answer the questions
Dont get directions. Reading -Whiteboard -Game: Hangman
3-Mar. 1:00 lost! town maps. 41
6-Mar. 1:00 Dont get Using embedded 42 Activity Book
lost! questions. Asking -Track 24 (page 42) A.
-Class Discussion
-Listen and order the visitors
-Speakers destinations
-Students Book -Unscramble the words in the
-Whiteboard parentheses and write sentences
-Markers -Role-play
-Poster -Listen and swat
for and giving
-Listen and order the directions
-Draw the route on the map
-Create a map of your
-Track 25
-Speakers Activity Book (page 43)
-Students Book -Mark the places you pass on the
-Activity Book way to school
-Paper (one -Write directions from your house
Using embedded sheet per to your school and draw a map
questions. Asking student)
Dont get for and giving -Whiteboard Awareness: On the Way to School
7-Mar. 1:00 lost! directions. -Markers 43
-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
conventional -Markers
8-Mar. 1:00 Spelling Day spelling. -Worksheets -
-Game: Form a Line
-Listen, follow the route on the
map, and answer the questions
-Complete the sentences with the
Saying where things Activity Book
Dont get are. Giving written (page 44) A
9-Mar. 1:00 lost! directions. 44 and B.
10-Mar. 1:00 Dont get Saying where things 45 -Make a word web
lost! are. Giving written -Read the e-mail and answer the
-Write an e-mail
-Edit the e-mails

Activity Book (page 45)

-Look at the map and number the
directions from 1 to 4
-Write the directions in your

directions. Awareness: E-mail Etiquette

One poster
board for the
base of the town
(one per group),
boxes in
different sizes
(cereal boxes,
medicine boxes,
milk cartons,
shoe boxes,
tissue paper
cardboard, etc.),
colored 1. Plan the town
construction 2. Create the buildings
Project Day: paper, scissors, 3. Complete the town
Construct a Creating a crayons, paint, 4. Find your way around the town
13-Mar. 1:00 Town miniature town. glue, tape -

-Before reading activities

-Listen and read along
-Connect the event to the dates
on the timeline
-Reader -Mark the things mentioned on
-Track 27 the story
-Speakers -Prepare for a journey to the West
-Students Book Game: True or False
-Whiteboard Activity Book
A Journey to Understanding -Markers Awareness: Relocating (page 46) A
14-Mar. 1:00 the West historical fiction. and B.
-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
conventional -Markers
15-Mar. 1:00 Spelling Day spelling. -Worksheets -
-Question to the Answer
-Review the story
-Read the story as a class
-Look and answer
-Think and answer
-Activity Book -Write a journal entry
-Students Book -Draw your favorite scene
-Paper (one Activity Book (page 47)
sheet per -Write the major events from the
student) story in order
A Journey to Understanding -Whiteboard
16-Mar. 1:00 the West historical fiction. -Markers 47
-Game: Hangman
-Listen and number the pictures
Giving extra -Track 28 -Match the pictures
information with a -Speakers -Rewrite the sentences
relative clause. -Students Book -Arrange the sentences and retell
A Journey to Using the past -Whiteboard the story Activity Book
17-Mar. 1:00 the West passive. -Markers 48 Game: Fin the sentences (page 48) A.
-Game: Think and Change
-Read and choose the correct
form of the verbs
-Answer the questions

Giving extra -Students Book Activity Book (page 49)

information with a -Activity Book -Complete the chart
relative clause. -Whiteboard -Use your notes to write a story
A Journey to Using the past -Markers Activity Book
20-Mar. 1:00 the West passive. 49 Awareness: The Pioneering Spirit (page 48) B.
21-Mar. 1:00 A Journey to Using relative -Students Book 50 - Game: Making Sentences Activity Book
the West clauses to give extra -Whiteboard -Listen and circle the places (page 50) A
information. -Markers mentioned and B.
-Complete the sentences with the
correct relative pronoun
-Make a story
Describing historical
facts. Awareness: Expressing Your Talent
-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
Spelling Day: conventional -Markers
22-Mar. 1:00 West spelling. -Worksheets -
-Class Discussion
-Read the story
-Answer the questions in your
-Write a biography in your
-Activity Book -Role-play an interview
Using relative -Students Book
clauses to give extra -Markers Activity Book (page 51)
information. -Whiteboard -Read the story and answer the
A Journey to Describing historical -Notebook questions
23-Mar. 1:00 the West facts. 51 -Write your own story
Empty milk
cartons, colored
paper, markers, 1. Concept
Project Day: paint, compass, 2. Make the wagon
Making a Practicing relative scissors, stapler, 3. Make the cargo
24-Mar. 1:00 Wagon pronouns. and glue - 4. Present the wagon
-Game: Jobs Volleyball
-Read the passages and number
the pictures
-Think and answer
-Students Book -Game: Stop
Understanding -Whiteboard Activity Book
Community different community -Markers Awareness: Helping in the (page 52) A
27-Mar. 1:00 Helpers helpers' obligations. 52 Community and B.
28-Mar. 1:00 Community Understanding -Students Book 53 -Class discussion
Helpers different community -Activity Book -Match the people to their
-Put the jobs in order of
-Get involved!

Activity Book (page 53)

-Mark the activities mentioned in
the passage
-Answer the questions in your
-Whiteboard notebook
-Markers -Game: Think and Swat
helpers' obligations.
-Rainbow Writing
-Hidden Words
-Silly Sentences
-Backwards Words
-Order the words
The student will be -Notebook -Spelling words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Worksheet
conventional -Markers
29-Mar. 1:00 Spelling Day spelling. -Worksheets -
-Complete the poster
-Listen and underline the correct
-Complete the sentences
-Whiteboard -Role-play
-Markers -Game: Hangman
-Students Book
Reporting what was -Track 30 Awareness: Little Community
Community said. Talking about -Speakers Helpers Activity Book
30-Mar. 1:00 Helpers obligations. 54 (page 54) A.
-Class discussion
-Listen and mark
-Complete the sentences
-Track 31 -Write and Ad
-Speakers -Looking for a volunteer job
-Activity Book
Reporting what was -Students Book Activity Book (page 55)
Community said. Talking about -Whiteboard -Complete the chart Activity Book
31-Mar. 1:00 Helpers obligations. -Markers 55 -Choose a volunteer job (page 54) B
Don't just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts