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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 2nd

Colegio New England MONTH: April


1. Plan the magazine

-Paper 2. Make the magazine
-Colored pencils 3. Design the cover
Project Day: Conserving energy. -Stapler 4. Prepare the presentation
Environmenta Taking care of the -Whiteboard 5. Present the magazine
April 3rd 1:30 l Magazine environment. -Markers - 6. Hold and Exhibition
-Game: Name the seasons
-Before reading activities
1. Meaning of the title
2. Identify the animals
3. Make predictions about the
-Listen and read along
-After reading activities
1. Match the sentences to the
- Students Book pictures Activity Book
-Whiteboard 2. Complete the sentences (page 58)
Describing the -Markers Game: Pictionary Activities A
April 4th 1:30 Seasons weather. 58 and B.
-Seasons and actions
-Echo read the text
-Think and stick
-Think and answer

-Track 35 Activity Book (page 59)

-Speakers -Game: Bag of surprises
-Students Book -Read and match
-Activity Book -Mark the theme of the story
-Markers Awareness: Seasons in My
Describing the Country Worksheet
April 5th 1:30 Seasons weather. 59 (10B)
- Students Book
-Track 36
-Markers -Game: Mime the actions
-Paper (one -Match the sentences to the
sheet per pictures
student) -Listen and check
-Color pencils -Answer the question
-Crayons -Make a seasons poster Activity Book
Discussing (page 60 A
April 6th 1:30 Seasons possibilities. 60 and B).
-Game: Seasons and Activities
-Read and answer the questions

-Present your seasons poster

-Game: Hangman
-Students Book
-Seasons poster Activity Book (page 61)
-Whiteboard -Read and label the pictures
Discussing -Markers -Write about your favorite season
April 7 1:30 Seasons possibilities. 61

April 10th

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

April 14th

April 17th

April 18th

April 19th
April 20th
-Walking dictation
-Read and match
-Listen and sing Activity Book
Discussing -Students Book -Game: Backs to the board (page 62)
possibilities. Giving -Whiteboard -Worksheet (10F) Activities A
April 24th 1:30 Seasons reasons. -Markers 62 and B.
-Picture Dictation
-Look and complete the
-Write what you like to do in rainy
-Game: Chinese Whispers

Activity Book (page 63)

-Match the questions to the
-Students Book answers
-Whiteboard -Complete the questions and the
Discussing -Markers answers.
possibilities. Giving -Activity Book Worksheet
April 25th 1:30 Seasons reasons. 63 Awareness: Animals in Winter (10G)
-17 cm diameter
paper circles
-Wooden pegs
-20x20 cm
paper squares
-Butterfly clips
-Cotton balls
-Different 1. Divide the wheel
colored tissue 2. Illustrate winter
paper 3. Illustrate spring
Project Day: Describing the -Colored pencils 4. Illustrate summer
Season weather. Describing -Sand or salt 5. Illustrate Autumn
April 26th 1:30 Wheel seasonal activities. -Shells - 6. Use the wheel
-Students Book -Komodo Dragon
-Paper (one -Match the interesting facts to the
sheet per parts of the komodo dragon.
Describing animal student) -Mark the sentences. Activity Book
Amazing characteristics and -Whiteboard -Draw a picture. (page 64) A
April 27th 1:30 Animals habits. -Markers 64 -Describing words and B.

-Komodo Dragons
-Complete the sentences
-Write and illustrate two facts
about komodo dragons.
-Game: Chinese Whispers
-Students Book
-Activity Book Activity Book (page 65)
-Whiteboard -Read and write the name of each
-Paper (one animal
sheet per -Answer the questions.
Describing animal student) -Game: Hangman
characteristics and -Markers
April 28th 1:30 habits. 65 Awareness: Preserving Habitats

Don't just teach kids how to count, teach them what counts