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TEACHER: Ricardo Alvarez

LEVEL: Primary GRADE: 2nd

Colegio New England MONTH:


-Rhyme: In My Town
-Reread the text
-Put on the places
-Write the name of the buildings
-Worksheets -Read and write
Describing a town or -Students Book Game: Riddles
community. -Whiteboard Make a
1-Mar. 1:30 Small Town Describing location. -Markers 41 Awareness: Following signs safety sign.
-Describe the poster
Asking about and -Read and label the places
describing location. -Poster 4 -Read and mark the sentences
Describing what we -Students Book -Ask and answer
can do in different -Whiteboard -Classroom map Activity Book
2-Mar. 1:30 Small Town places. -Markers 42 (page 42).
-Game: What can you do?
-Read and match
Asking about and -Look and write
describing location. -Students Book -Write what we can do
Describing what we -Whiteboard
can do in different -Markers Awareness: My Surroundings
3-Mar. 1:30 Small Town places. 43
-Listen and mark the places the
tourist asks for.
-Practice the dialogue
-Poster 4 -Role-play
-Students Book -Game: Around Town Activity Book
Asking and -Whiteboard (page 44) A
answering questions -Markers Awareness: Town and Country and B.
about location. -Speakers
6-Mar. 1:30 Small Town Describing location. -Track 26 44
7-Mar. 1:30 Small Town Asking and -Students Book 45 Game: Tic Tac Toe Worksheet
answering questions -Activity Book -Complete the leaflets (7G)
-Make a leaflet about a place in
your town.
-Present your leaflet
-My Town

Activity Book, page 45

-Complete the sentence

-White paper -Complete the missing
sheets information
about location. -Markers -Change sentences into questions
Describing location. -Colors
-Rainbow Writing
-Spelling Cards -Hidden Words
The student will be -Worksheet -Silly Sentences
able to recognize -Notebook -Backwards Words
conventional -Whiteboard -Order the words
Spelling: spelling and English -Markers -Spelling words
8-Mar. 1:30 Town sounds. - -Worksheet
-Paper (several
sheets per
group) 1. Plan the books
-Colored pencils 2. Make the books
-Stapler 3. Make signs
Project Day: Describing the town -Whiteboard 4. Put the books together
Our Town where we live. -Markers 5. Present the books
9-Mar. 1:30 Book Safety awareness. - 6. Exhibit the books.
-Game: Guess the animals
-Construction -Before reading activities
paper 1. Meaning of the title
-Paints 2. Identify the animals
-Sticks 3. Ask questions about the
-Scissors information
-Students Book -Listen and read along
-Speakers -After reading activities
Describing animals. -Whiteboard 1. Write the captions
Working Giving facts and -Markers 2. Complete the sentences
10-Mar. 1:30 Animals information. 46 3. Make a mask
13-Mar. 1:30 Working Describing animals. -Students Book 47
Animals Giving facts and -Whiteboard -Game: Scavenger Hunt
information. -Markers -Echo Read Text Worksheets
-Speakers -Read and stick (8A and 8B).
-Guess the animal
-Game: What can you remember?

Awareness: Human and Animal


-Students Book - Game: Walking Dictation

-Speakers -Listen and number
Describing -Whiteboard -Complete the sentences Activity Book
Working activities. Describing -Markers -Game: Hangman (page 48) A
14-Mar. 1:30 Animals animals. 48 -Worksheet (8C) and B.
-Rainbow Writing
-Spelling Cards -Hidden Words
-Worksheet -Silly Sentences
The student will be -Notebook -Backwards Words
able to recognize -Whiteboard -Order the words
Spelling: conventional -Markers -Spelling words
15-Mar. 1:30 Animals spelling. - -Worksheet (Health)

-Game: Dog Description

-Read and write the name of each
-Complete the sentences
-Think and Write

Activity Book (page 49)

-Join the dots and complete the
-Students Book text
Describing -Whiteboard -Draw and write about your pet
Working activities. Describing -Markers Worksheet
16-Mar. 1:30 Animals animals. -Activity Book 49 Awareness: Animal Qualities (8D and 8E)
-Photos of -Coloring worksheet: Animals
Describing animals. animals -Show and tell
Show and Describing our own -Whiteboard -Role-play
17-Mar. 1:30 Tell: My pet pet. -Markers -
-Track 29 -Reread the text
Asking for and -Students Book -Listen and match
giving facts and -Markers -Complete the questions Activity Book
Working information. -Whiteboard -Role-play an interview (page 50) A
20-Mar. 1:30 Animals Describing actions. 50 -Game: Chinese Whispers and B.
21-Mar. 1:30 Working Asking for and 51 -Game: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Worksheet
Animals giving facts and Down (8G)
-Read and answer
-Choose a pet and write a
Game: Backs to the Board

Awareness: Taking Care of


Activity Book (page 51)

-Circle the adjectives and
underline the nouns
-Complete the sentences
-Unscramble the words and write
the sentences
Describing actions. Game: Look and say
paper cut in
halves (one per
-Colored pencils
-Hole punch
-8 cm long
pieces of yarn
strips (four per
-Animal fact
books or fact 1. Gather Information
The student will be sheets from 2. Draw the animal
able to recognize internet 3. Write the information
Project Day: conventional -Whiteboard 4. Prepare the Quilt Patch
22-Mar. 1:30 Animal Facts spelling. -Markers - 5. Make the Quilt
-Track 30 -Song: The Wheels on the Bus
Describing -Speakers -Look and label the pictures
transportation. -Students Book -Mark the sentences Activity Book
Transportatio Comparing forms of -Whiteboard -Make a cutout (page 52)
23-Mar. 1:30 n transportation. -Markers 52 Game: Hot and cold Activity A.
24-Mar. 1:30 Transportatio Describing -Speakers 53 -Transportation Time
n transportation. -Song -Grade the methods of
Comparing forms of -Students Book transportation
transportation. -Activity Book -Compare your chat to a
-Whiteboard classmates.
-Markers -Make a collage
-Game: What Do I describe?

Activity Book (page 53)

-Read and match
-Complete the text
Song: The Wheels on the Bus

Awareness: Ecofriendly
-Game: Tic Tac Toe
-Worksheet (9B)
-Listen and number the pictures
-Practice Reading Worksheet
-Students Book -Complete the sentences (9C)
Describing -Track 31 -Name the transportation
transportation. -Speakers Activity Book
Transportatio Comparing forms of -Whiteboard Awareness: Transportation where (page 54) A
27-Mar. 1:30 n transportation. -Markers 54 I live and B.
-Game: Sort the Words
-Listen and Mark
-Complete the sentences
-Track 32 -Game: Making Comparisons
-Students Book Activity Book (page 55)
Describing -Activity Book -Color the form of transportation
transportation. -Markers that you like
Transportatio Comparing forms of -Whiteboard -Complete the paragraph
28-Mar. 1:30 n transportation. 55
-Rainbow Writing
-Spelling Cards -Hidden Words
-Worksheet -Silly Sentences
The student will be -Notebook -Backwards Words
Spelling: able to recognize -Whiteboard -Order the words
Transportatio conventional -Markers -Spelling words
29-Mar. 1:30 n Vocabulary spelling. - -Worksheet (Health)
-Game: Thumbs Up, Thumbs
-Track 33 -Listen and number
-Speakers -Circle the best options to Activity Book
Describing and -Students Book complete the sentences (page 56)
Transportatio comparing forms of -Whiteboard -Role-play an interview Activities A
30-Mar. 1:30 n transportation -Markers 56 -Game: Chinese Whispers and B.
-Game: Sentences
-Read and answer
-Write an advertisement for a car
of the future
-Compare your car with a
-Students Book -Class Quiz
-Activity Book Activity Book (page 57)
-Whiteboard -Comparing two things
-Markers A. Look and complete
Describing and -Paper (one
Transportatio comparing forms of sheet per Awareness: Modern
31-Mar. 1:30 n transportation student) 57 Transportation

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