Acquire The Fire The ONE event we actually cancel Redefined for. It’s that good.
Acquire the Fire is a weekend event that hits dozens of cities all over the country every year. It’s a production of Teen Mania Ministries, whom we love and adore. Their mission statement: “To provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth!” Teen Mania also operates The Honor Academy (a one-year program for students between high school and college), and Global Expeditions (a global missions organizations for teenagers). Their passion for young people is unmatched, and their ministry is never anything less than excellent. The Acquire the Fire (ATF) weekend events are lifechanging. Most of the event is planned, produced, and executed by interns from The Honor Academy (read: teenagers). And every year they exceed expectations. (Last year, they spent most of the Friday night session on one huge drama that blew our minds. I would have paid twice the ticket fee just to see that production.) ATF achieves what every youth ministry dreams of: they’re fun and exciting, but also deeply spiritual. Pre-Christians will like the event because it’s fun and wildly energetic (and there is always an altar call). Bored or lukewarm Christian students will get set on fire again, and already-burning Christian teenagers will be refreshed and encouraged. We have 15 tickets for the lower bowl, right side, for $40 each. They’re on a first come (where “come” = deliver a signed permission slip and $40) first served basis, so please don’t ask if we can hold one for your student. If we have more than 15 who want to go, we can get more. They might be more than $40, and they might be in a different section (but still with a leader) but it’s worth it. Details about specific schedules and speakers and bands are not yet available, but we’ll keep everyone posted. Bullet-point form: - October 29-30. We’ll spend the night at CITW on Friday. - $40 plus two meals (packed or paid for) Permission slips on reverse side.



Acquire The Fire Redefined Student Ministry - Church in the Word - Release Form
Event: Acquire the Fire Friday, October 29 - Saturday, October 30 Name of Student: ___________________________________________

1. Student’s Declaration: I will fully cooperate with the staff, rules, schedule and any
program established for the trip so as to not discredit my parents, my church or myself. Student’s Signature: ________________________________________________

2. Parent’s Medical & Activity Release: My student will cooperate with the staff, rules,
schedule and any program established for the trip. I understand that I am responsible for my student’s actions and will be held financially accountable for any damage done by my student. I will pay for any and all repairs uncured by such damage. I acknowledge that some of the activities involved with this trip contain inherent risk of injury. I understand that my own insurance is primary; our church activities insurance is secondary. I hereby consent to my student participating in all trip activities. I consent to any treatment deemed advisable in an emergency by an EMT, nurse, medical doctor or other first-aid personnel. I also certify that my student’s immunizations are up-to-date and all allergies have been notified to the group leader. Parent/Legal Guardian Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________ Relationship to Student: _______________________________________________ Emergency Phone Number: ____________________________________________ Allergies/Current Medications: _________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________