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Human Interest

Historical event of swayamvar

Kamal Dave (Ahmedabad)

15th October, 2009

On 11th October, 2009 one memorable and historical event of senior citizen
swayamvar taken place on the land of Ahmedabad. Nearly 500 candidates
from across country and even abroad are expected to come to Ahmedabad
for participating in the first-ever All India Senior Citizen's Marriage Mela to
find their partner in twilight of their life be held here on Sunday.

Event organiser NG Patel of 'Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa' marriage bureau said
that nearly 500 senior citizens between 50 and 80 years of age are expected
to participate. "Senior citizens are coming from US, UK and across India,
especially Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and
Maharashtra. It will be a truly unique event where lonely senior citizens will
get a chance to find their life partners and companions for support and
company in the sunset of their lives," said Natubhai Patel.

Biggest challenge for marriage bureau this time has been to mobilise women
candidates to come forward. In India, only 10 per cent senior women apply
for marriage proposals as compared to male candidates. Till date, Vina Mulya
Amulya Sewa has 600 male candidates while just 60 female candidates. To
change this, the marriage bureau went out of the way and even offered to
pay to and fro rail, bus and even autorickshaw fare to women candidates.
Moreover, free gifts like sarees have also been offered to participants.

"Nearly 85 women candidates have applied for proposals. This is a decent

number considering that Indian women still shy from pursuing marriage
proposals in old age fearing social stigma and disapproval from their
children," said NG Patel.

On Sunday, 10 women are coming from Rajkot, 12 from Vadodara and some
even from other parts of the country. Since the number of women is less, fair
sex will get the privilege to choose. Male candidates will be introduced and
given a number which women candidates can note if they want.

"Meetings will be arranged between women and their preferred candidates,"

said Patel. He added that such a marriage mela is a positive development in
Indian society where many parents, including divorcees, widows and
widowers, are compelled to live a lonely existence bereft of any social

One of the candidate of this mela function Miss. Jyoti Patel said that she get
her life partner through this mela and she also thankful to the mela organizer
Mr. Patel. Further she added that this type of function remove the rigidity of
out social system and increase the cross culture relationship.

(Courtesy to Miss. Jyoti Patel to give the full information regarding this