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Dual Coast Records: Outcome 2

By: Brandon Low, Daniella Timmims, Elisha Lessels & Shannon Waterston

Achievable timescales and deadlines

* Scouting and signing an artist- We spent the first three months of this project discussing
various different artists in a range of genres that we felt that we could work with. However,
we did not find an artist that we agreed on at this time. We knew that we would need to have
signed an artist by the end of January to give us enough time to record and promote the artist
effectively before our April release date. Brandon suggested a singer/songwriter he knew
called Claire and we signed her right before our deadline.

* Developing the artist - At the time we signed Claire she had an established fan base in
central Fife and a clear idea of her music and how she wanted to be presented. We put Claire
in contact with our chosen producer so they could discuss the best way to realise her creative
vision. We aim to spend the weeks leading up to the release trying to further establish Claire
in Fife and to start building a fan base in Perth and Edinburgh, this will be done through live

* Recording Due to Claire wanting to record songs that she had already completed that put
us in the position to start the recording process immediately, we aimed to have the single
recorded by the end of February but due to a misunderstanding this did not happen and we
now aim to complete recording by March 10th.

* Putting together promotional material We are currently in the process of putting together
the promotional materials for our release. We aim to have created a single cover and to have
taken additional photographs to be used for promotional purposes. We will also be creating
promotional posters to put in shops around Perth and Fife, we aim to complete this by March

* Promoting the artist and release - We will be promoting Claire mainly through social
media. We are currently in the process of creating a Facebook page, Twitter account and a
website for Claire to use for promoting herself and her music. We will be putting together a
social media schedule for Claire to follow so we can effectively

promote the release and any other projects that she is involved in. We will also be placing
promotional posters in shops around Perth and Fife.
* Single release date 14th April 2017

Resource requirements

For the record label and artist release the following resources will be used;

* Personnel;

1. Brandon- Legal/ social media

2. Shannon- Management/ artist liaison/ social media

3. Elisha- Marketing/ social media

4. Daniella- Third party coordinator/ social media

5. Producer/engineer- Ross Tyrell

6. Venue owner/staff- The Venue

7. Artist/s- Clare Houston

8. Manager/s

* Equipment/ technologies;

9. Mobile phones

10. Laptops/computers

11. Social media- Facebook, twitter

12. Website- Weebly

13. Recording equipment

14. Backline/Instruments

* Consumable resources;
15. Cash

16. Posters/flyers

17. Contracts

18. CDs

Legal Restraints and Implications DualCoastRecords LTD

Contract Example

* Separate Document


-The business has now been officially registered with HMRC. As suggested in the companies
name, DualCoastRecords is a private limited company.

Company Directors are as follows:

* Shannon Waterston

* Brandon Low

* Elisha Lessles

* Daniella Timmins

The company is shared equally among partners, however a contact explaining and detailing
as yet to be drawn and signed. In the event of a Director(s) withdrawing from the company,
the shares will be split evenly between the remaining executives.


The company will use a business bank account set up through Royal Bank of Scotland, The
account will be accessible by all directors. We will not be using PayPal.

Digital copies of income and expenditure will be kept by each Director on an excel
spreadsheet. Paper copies will be printed weekly and stored safely. Again, each Director will
have a copy.
Accounts will be monitored closely in order to keep up to date with Government Tax
obligations and to try and maintain profit where possible. It is important that these accounts
in order to examine yearly business activity and to understand how well the business is doing.


Thus far we have had no health and safety issues. We have still to receive a risk assessment
from the venue hired but no problems are expected.


No other constraints or implications have arisen throughout the project course.

We can confirm that we have all seen this and are satisfied with our efforts.

Elisha Lessels

Shannon Waterston