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season 2

The Everything Of Weddings

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Dreams, Celebration and Love is all what is

needed for the perfect knot. Bringing Behemoth
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work make knotty affairs come true.

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is going to be a firm fixture on the
Indian Wedding’s calendar.

you will surely benifit being a part of INDIAN WEDDING SHOW. bringing in more than 75 dif- frent categories. How Is INDIAN WEDDING SHOW Different INDIAN WEDDING SHOW believes in breaking norms and stereotypes also at the same time keeping in mind the traditional values of the people from diverse cultures. digital and other forms of innovative marketing channels. With an aim to educate people about the wedding industry. we are tend to reach out to both customers and clients. getting the whole represent your brand and market your product well. networking and connecting platform. print. Giving your brand or product an edge in the market. with a clear outreaching marketing strategy on every media platform i. . so both your B2C & B2B With a wide reach its clearly a no miss opportunity. where you aims are fulfilled. What Is Why Be in INDIAN WEDDING SHOW INDIAN WEDDING SHOW INDIAN WEDDING SHOW is an enormous platform which INDIAN WEDDING SHOW is a beneficial opportunity to brings together the everything of weddings.e covering social. With a reach of INDIAN WEDDING SHOW will connect with diffrent brands. INDIAN of wedding industry together under one roof where you can WEDDING SHOW is also a strategically marketing platform to aggressively showcase and market your product.companies peopple and wide on a Pan-Asian level. form. we have people and brands associated market to widen your business horizon on a Pan-Asian plat- with us across Indian & Pan-Asia. We make sure that we cover every aspect of the Wedding. its a large launch a new product in the market and to the masses.

000 sq. N W estled in the heart of New Delhi. representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.ft catering more than MANDALA THEME and giving you a exultant feeling. a variant splendid 75 exhibitor’s categories will showcase their latest and most striking creations in indian wedding show season two .00. It’s also a symbol in a dream. jawaharlal nehru stadium drenched in the variant colors of décor. Doodle Illustration of JLN Stadium Inspired From Mandala Art MANDALA A circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. ith more than 300 Stalls roped in a personifying the ambience of exhibition depicting the grandeur manner over 1.

INDIAN WEDDING SHOW is a talk shows and a power packed perfect place for the networking session. beauty wo them at the INDIAN WEDDING rkshop at INDIAN WEDDING SHOW. SHOW. there will be a relishing food court at the INDIAN WEDDING SHOW a that will represent best flavours of the wondrous wedding photo booth zone town that you will surely want to be awaits you. there for your wedding. . a and those who always prefer the media lounger will be the hub for advice from the experts. An elegant lounge with plush decor. At the INDIAIN WEDDING SHOW For all the selfie lovers and clickolics. with qwirky mandap. season two INDIAN WEDDING SHOW will be This is for all the newly weds to be having the Paparazzis all over. people to see new wedding collection this year. An exclusive sponsor lounge at the where exhibitors can connect and With ace and upcoming designers showcasing their talent and new INDIAN WEDDING SHOW for the increase B2B network with each other collection the fashion at sponsors with media sessions and comfortably.

designs and new talent to the fashion world. upcoming new fashion trends. . a treat for all the brides to be. Fashion Show at the INDIAN WEDDING SHOW showcase new trends.making it one of the key element of the event. Fashion Show At the INDIAN WEDDING SHOW adding to the glam factor are the fashion shows. Fashion show of Season 1 was hit with a full house and seeing the eminient and new designers showcasing new bridal collection.

. its a must for the ace designers to promote their new designs and connect to a wider audience. Presenting new designs and upcoming trends. the fashion show is a must attend. In Season 2 Fashion Show.With the purpose of showcasing ace designers and their new masterpieces. we ought to bring new designs and talent to the floor with also intoducing new upcoming designers with never been seen before element to the wedding and fashion world.

Sq mtr * Additional Charges and Taxes Extra as Applicable .08. Mtr Rs 48.88.000/- 4 sq.000/- table Rs 25.000/.44.000/- 6 sq. Mtr Rs 72.000/- 12 sq. Mtr Rs 2. shOw layouT AREA RATE 24 sq.000/- 9 sq. Mtr Rs 1.P.000/- Bareshell 10. Mtr Rs 1.

B2C & B2B event. Ludhiana. Calcutta Coverage on NDTV Prime and Good Times. it was a place Chandhigarh. the country and Pan-Asia. Mumbai. Radio Partner 95 Fm across Delhi & NCR PVR adverts in Delhi & NCR. targeting all the Print media with our adverts in HT City and potential wedding clients from around Delhi Times across Delhi & NCR . . SEASON ONE A one shop stop for all wedding queries. Chandhigarh. Jaipur to be if you have wedding coming for Hoardings in Delhi & NCR 2017. with wedding planners from HIGHLIGHTS INDIAN WEDDING SHOW around the country participating in the INDIAN WEDDING SHOW it was both covered on all media platforms.

Delhi and NCR . Ht-City (Delhi and NCR). N ewspaper Advertisement Jaipur times. Hindustan Times 6th February 2017. Times of India(Jaipur) 13th February 2017. Times of India 13th February 2017. Times of India. 10th February 2017. . Chandigarh.

Delhi and NCR . 27 February 2017. Delhi and NCR . ht city Delhi and NCR . Times of India. . 1st March 2017. 16th February 2017. Times of India. Delhi and NCR . ht city. Delhi and NCR . 16th February 2017. ht city. 23rd February 2017.

media coverage .


our exhibitors viva studios And Many More. ...

COM CoO pcj founder R2S EVENTS founder episode silverware fOUNDER INDICOLOUR SONAl akar khandelwal ginny kohli dr. indian wedding show season one prominent speakers Shrey Gupta SACHIN. wedwise SANGWAN Minister of State of star chef at founder adi by aditya khandelwal radisson blue faridabad manish andra photography Celebrity Nutritionist heavy Industries . ANAJALEE HOODA babul supriyo rakesh sethi manish meheta creative director ceo. ramesh kumar sharma NIMIT MEHETA Deepak Whorra Abhishek sansi founder sartojiva CEO BANDBAAJAA.

Anjalee Hooda Sangwan Neelam Pratap Rudy INDIAN WEDDING SHOW also witnessed the presence of city’s whose and who of the personality. Dr. Ginny kohli Founder & Babul Supriyo owner of WedWise and many more. Anjalee Hooda Sangwan who was also a part of the panel discussions. our very own Minister of State of heavy Industries. Ashmeen Munjal. Babul Supriyo. socialite Neelam Pratap Rudy.Sushma Khan from Lakme Saloon. the Celebrity Nutritionist Dr. Ginny Kohli Sushma Khan Ashmeen Munjal .

Moets - the new & latest trends in Indian weddings.Designer Samit Garg – Mehreen.Designer Invitation Cards Invitation Cards Social Media & Mobile Apps.Nutrition Harpreet. Vesna – Choreographer Fitness Expert . With 7000+ Wedding Vendors in 50+ Vidya Tikari Manish & – An NDTV Initiative reaches to 72 Countries. Wedding Planner Caterers JJ Vallaya . Devika Narain – Cities. Over 7+ Million Monthly Impressions on all platforms combined. Web. Aisi Taisi Democracy Photographer edding Trends. EDC – Ravish Kapoor – Rohit Bal . 20+ – Make up Photography Wedding Planner Top Designers are part of the platform. Kapil Khurana. It also host 11000+ products for sale. is a TV show which revolves around Anju Modi . reaches its customers in 72 countries via TV. It’s India’s largest wedding initiative.Anjali . Associate Sponsor Brand Partner Venue Partners Bandbaajaa. a Bandbaajaa. Vernacular Platform operates PAN India & abroad. W Dr.Designer Divya .

indian wedding show season one GALLERY .

2017 I liked the event with less crowd & could see each & every stall & their work else at times at some exhibitions it is impossible to even check out the stalls http://www. 2017 Overall it was a Good experience. Thanks.. Really enjoyed it Deepanshu Kaushik (Analyst at Income Tax Department) Mar. HILDA KATHURIA (Owner at White Lotus) Mar. Bobbie Aujla (Director at Keltik Designs LLP) Mar.. SOURCE : 10TIMES. 2017 The event was very amazing. But their is more stalls for brides rather than branding-in-the-unorganised-indian-wedding-indus- try-451609 . Pl work on it. 2017 great show with serious people for wedding business.ndtv. 2017 It was a fantastic Show n I shopped a lot and also gained insights as a o what is the latest for waddings. sachin varma (sales head at san clemente palace kempinski hotel) Mar. I enjoy and collect lots of information I like it and thanks for inviting me please inform your more event details.BravoSachin Netri Anand (Director (business) at SSAGA Workshops & Training) Mar. Lots of brands.Thanks!Mayank Bhola. 2017 It was a great event.. Hilda tanya mehra (Creative Director at Shotzzz Photography) Mar.COM INDIAN WEDDING SHOW HEAR IT FROM PEOPLE TV COVERAGE AT Mayank Bhola (Editor at Freelance) Mar. 2017 Good concept.

season two .