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Surgard/eliminox testing using hach DEHA method 8140 2800/890/840

Dr2800 program# 180 (eliminox)

Dr2800 program# 181 (surgard)

Dr890 program# 25 surgard/eliminox

deha reagent set hach# 2446600 nalco# 001-H00454.88


A) use 25ml sample of demin (blank) 25ml boiler water (sample)

B) add 1 pillow deha 1 to each

C) add 0.5ml deha 2 to each

D) allow 10 minute reaction time (purple color will develop if scavenger is present)

E) zero on the blank, read on the sample

F) to convert to ppb eliminox mult deha by: 19.94

G) to convert ppb surgard mult deha by: 35.0